Will OnePlus and Hasselblad be seen in Nord?

  1. alextoledo
    Ice Cream Sandwich Mar 8, 2021

    alextoledo , Mar 8, 2021 :
    Hello OnePlus Community,

    After the leaks in February that OnePlus has signed a deal with Hasselblad for the 9 Series. And now confirmed in the OnePlus press release I have some doubts about the software. (OxygenOS)

    • Will this agreement be reflected in Nord at the image post-processing level?
    • Will it be an improvement that only OnePlus 9 will benefit from?

    I would like to think that this signed agreement would be beneficial for the whole OnePlus family, not remaining something exclusive to the high end, that is to say, that it would be something beneficial for the rest of the terminals (8/7/Nord/¿6?). The most important thing is that each device has its own hardware and the photo that the OnePlus 9 can take will not be comparable to, for example, the 7 or Nord.

    But it could benefit in aspects such as image processing being more faithful, knowing how to apply a more correct HDR, gaining in texture... Shortcomings that OnePlus has not yet been able to master in its photographic section.

    There are many users who would appreciate it because they would be useful and beneficial improvements for the device, I do not want to belittle any user but I think we all agree that the camera is a fairly used element and hardly receives the necessary attention in the latest updates. On the other hand there are always improvements to gain FPS in games, gamings mode, now the AOD customization mod (which is cool, they are additions that do not bother but could be prioritized in other issues).

    Do you think it will be possible? A priori it is very difficult, but not impossible. They should only apply their marketing slogan <<Never settle>> and then we would all win.

    Best regards and have a nice day.

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  2. Tobikage
    Nougat Mar 8, 2021

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  3. Bobbie63
    Marshmallow Mar 8, 2021

    Bobbie63 , Mar 8, 2021 :
    And......"a dog can't wear a suit"

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  4. YRJ
    The Lab - OnePlus 7T Reviewer; Community Hero 2020 Mar 8, 2021

    YRJ , Mar 8, 2021 :
    That seems rather unlikely, but Pete did mention a 3 year partnership and that they will be working on multiple fronts to improve the camera, so maybe they will? Only time will tell.

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  5. alextoledo
    Ice Cream Sandwich Mar 8, 2021

    alextoledo , Mar 8, 2021 :
    You're probably right that it's cheap and will never get anything (even if it's software), but it would be a really fascinating thing to at least leave that door open for them to try.

    More if we go back to the origins where it came to regain that lost throne after OnePlus One and among its features it did so with a "flagship camera" inherited from its big brother OnePlus 8.

  6. Tokolozi
    Most Original Avatar Mar 8, 2021

    Tokolozi , Mar 8, 2021 :
    Can't polish a turd?

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  7. Tobikage
    Nougat Mar 8, 2021

    Tobikage , Mar 8, 2021 :
    You can tailor one for the dog...but it's still gonna be expensive.

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  8. Tobikage
    Nougat Mar 8, 2021

    Tobikage , Mar 8, 2021 :
    Sure.....or you could also try being realistic.

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  9. Bobbie63
    Marshmallow Mar 8, 2021

    Bobbie63 , Mar 8, 2021 :


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  11. alextoledo
    Ice Cream Sandwich Mar 8, 2021

    alextoledo , Mar 8, 2021 :
    It is not a question of a logo of "x" photographic brand appearing on the device, on that we agree that its price would go up just to show off the logo.

    What I mean is that the software improvements made to the camera app with Hasselblad's support should not be limited to the OnePlus 9 and should be made available to the rest of the families so that all users can benefit from them. As you say Nord has a good camera but OnePlus processing is somewhat questionable (it's their weak point), imagine if via software thanks to Hasselblad they can make their app even better and be able to get more out of Nord, 8/PRO/T...

  12. Emanuel_S. , via OnePlus Nord Blue Marble , Mar 8, 2021 :
    Doesn't matter. Hasselblad and OnePlus have a contract. OnePlus can't just take the technology and bring it to the next Nord because Hasselblad didn't agree to this. It would mean a new contract which costs money.
    This is in the hypothesis that Nord 2 will not have this kind of camera. Also there needs to be a reason to buy a flagship device over the mid-range one. And usually the processor and camera are the ones that are better.