Will U.S Amazon sell Nexus 6P?

  1. zhaogeorge3
    Jelly Bean Oct 1, 2015

  2. Pop_Culture
    Gingerbread Oct 1, 2015

    Pop_Culture , Oct 1, 2015 :
    I've read rumors that carriers might carry them but not on release. No idea on Amazon though. I would imagine it will show up at some point since past Nexus devices have done so but not on release

  3. san_+1_phone
    Froyo Oct 1, 2015

    san_+1_phone , Oct 1, 2015 :
    They mentioned in the press event that will be sold only at google store. None of U.S. Carriers or any other retailers will have them. At least for some time though.

  4. kappatau808
    Gingerbread Oct 1, 2015

    kappatau808 , Oct 1, 2015 :
    speaking of deal breakers. i kinda want the 6p, i just to want to spend $638 in less than 10 minutes (tried to preorder lol) so i was hoping for paypal to show up on checkout since its like 6 maybe 12 months no interest? heck yea. but no paypal. even the huawei doesnt have paypal option. but it does have that affirm credit option i have never heard of that lets you pay montly if you get approved i guess. so my last hope is maybe they add paypal option or hoping for amazon. i just dont feel the need to spend all that at one time so i would love the no interest credit option.
    yup thats pretty much is what is helping me to decide if i buy or not

  5. Mr. Pei
    Cupcake Oct 1, 2015

  6. Namelessghoul
    Honeycomb Oct 1, 2015

    Namelessghoul , Oct 1, 2015 :
    Rumor via twit.tv say Amazon will .

  7. zhaogeorge3
    Jelly Bean Oct 3, 2015

    zhaogeorge3 , Oct 3, 2015 :
    Do you have a link? Thanks

  8. oneplusonedollarbillyall
    KitKat Oct 3, 2015

    oneplusonedollarbillyall , Oct 3, 2015 :
    I think eventually amazon will carry it but it's going to be a little while. I think for the near future huawei and google are going to have exclusitivity for selling the nexus devices.

  9. veratoloz2005
    Lollipop Oct 3, 2015

  10. veratoloz2005
    Lollipop Oct 3, 2015

    veratoloz2005 , Oct 3, 2015 :
    Go to Huaweiusa website and find out the options.

  11. veratoloz2005
    Lollipop Oct 3, 2015

    veratoloz2005 , Oct 3, 2015 :
    Huaweiusa already takes preorders. So, it does not matter whether Amazon sells it or not as the device is already sold on two sites (no exclusivity).

  12. kappatau808
    Gingerbread Oct 3, 2015

    kappatau808 , Oct 3, 2015 :
    yea ive seen huawei site, its either full price or there is an option to apply for affirm credit i think its called. i need to replace my s6 now lol.. useless taking videos, sometimes there just so much high pitch noise

  13. zhaogeorge3
    Jelly Bean Oct 12, 2015

    zhaogeorge3 , Oct 12, 2015 :
    Yeah but I'd rather buy it on Amazon way better return policy I have prime and no taxes