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  1. Kate A.
    OnePlus UK Team Staff Member Mar 26, 2021

    Kate A. , Mar 26, 2021 :
    Hi Friends,

    So by now I think you might have heard of our OnePlus 9 Series co-developed with Hasselblad, and how it takes wonderful natural color photos? Brilliant!

    Do you want a chance to win one? Of course you do!

    We're excited to announce the #TrueColors World Experience - a global competition where six lucky entrants will win the opportunity to discover the world’s #TrueColors.

    Armed with a OnePlus 9 Series co-developed with Hasselblad, each winner will get to explore the authentic side of their continent; not just what’s in the travel guides.

    For your chance to win, all you have to do is share a photo on Instagram using #TrueColors. For full T&Cs, see our website.

    Show us what #TrueColors means to you; we'll be sharing our favorites as we go.

    To get you started, here are some we have shot over the last couple of weeks on the OnePlus 9 Pro.

    What was the first thing I was going to photograph? Obviously my True Love - Lula. #NoFilter. For anyone who knows me, I never go anywhere without my trusty shadow - just look at that face :)

    IMG_20210316_102934_Bokeh (1).jpg

    This one was shot by Kenneth in our Denmark Team. A moment to breathe and reflect on the way back from work after a busy launch day. Check out that ultra wide-angle!

    WeChat Image_20210317193025.jpg

    This one was shot by Joss on the shoot with Julius, our Hasselblad photographer - check it out on Instagram to see the video. Shoots are always an intense experience and you make good friends with all the crew as it bonds you together. This is the moment when they have just got the perfect shot and can relax and enjoy the sunset.
    Before I forget, you can enter as many times as you like (but you have to post a different photo each time). And, to be clear, you don’t have to have a OnePlus 9 Series to enter.

    Join us on Instagram for the latest as we explore #TrueColors and what that means to you.

    Global: https://www.instagram.com/oneplus/
    US: https://www.instagram.com/oneplus_usa/
    India: https://www.instagram.com/oneplus_india/
    UK: https://www.instagram.com/oneplusunitedkingdom/
    France: https://www.instagram.com/oneplus_fr/
    Germany: https://www.instagram.com/oneplus_de/
    Denmark: https://www.instagram.com/oneplus_dk/
    Finland: https://www.instagram.com/oneplussuomi/
    Belgium-Netherlands: https://www.instagram.com/oneplus_bnl/
    Poland: https://www.instagram.com/oneplus_polska/
    Sweden: https://www.instagram.com/oneplus_se/
    Romania: https://www.instagram.com/oneplus_romania/

    Good luck and of course, Never Settle,

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  2. ShreyasPatil_
    Jelly Bean Mar 29, 2021

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  3. Gio567full
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  4. YRJ
    The Lab - OnePlus 7T Reviewer; Community Hero 2020 Mar 29, 2021

    YRJ , Mar 29, 2021 :
    This is a great opportunity for the community to show how capable the cameras on the OnePlus 9Pro are!

    Looking forward to the entries and eventually the photos from the winners :cool:

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  5. Drasm19
    Ice Cream Sandwich Mar 29, 2021

    Drasm19 , Mar 29, 2021 :
    I understand that as a brand you have to promote yourself but self-deception is a flowery path that leads to mediocrity.

    OnePlus 9 pro has just some color tuning and branding from Hasselblad.

    No actual hardware or dedicated software at this point. Photos taken from 9pro, according to industry experts are just above 'meh', it's nowhere near to the likes of Apple and Samsung.

    At 1100$, Vivo X60 Pro Plus has a better camera performance than 9pro in every aspect, that's surprisingly bad, as vivo is also owned & managed by BBK and has no Hasselblad shenanigans attached to it. OnePlus hasn't been reluctant to use Vivo/oppo tech in the past, so why now?

    Make some real world changes in your Camera before hyping it up.

    Most of the tech reviewers agree that Oneplus 9pro has premium midrange cameras and a Hasselblad branding- Nothing we haven't seen before.

    I wish you spent more time in R&D and software support than marketing at this point.

    OnePlus 9 series has been a huge let down.

    I hope OnePlus takes a step back and understands that it's days of infancy and terrible excuses are long gone, either step up, or watch others take your game away.
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  6. Cakepips
    User of the Year 2020 Mar 29, 2021

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  14. G_Aman_Chabukswar
    Cupcake Mar 30, 2021

    G_Aman_Chabukswar , Mar 30, 2021 :
    Why only photographer has to win everytime. Bruh my camera is lens damaged come to home I'll show you my pro phone. Where it's charging discharge in half hour of usage. :/ I'm out

  15. Iamhasannaqvi
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  17. srini0301
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    srini0301 , Mar 30, 2021 :
    This for real @Pete don't forget your earlier devices OP X ,OP 2 and I feel the same here . Being a fan I opted out my interest in buying one from 9 series . I feel vivo x60 pro is performing much better than 9 pro . Come up with dedicated hardware as the hasselblad contract is for three years , don't ruin with over hyped publicity stunts .

  18. L1577108191379
    Cupcake Mar 30, 2021

    L1577108191379 , via OnePlus 6T , Mar 30, 2021 :
    Though what you said is agreeable vivo has their Collab with Zeiss regards the same and they have the few changes hardware wise from Zeiss and maybe the future models of OnePlus could have hardware changes as well but yea this op was overhyped which ended up being a let down

  19. Marco_Erre
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