[Winner announced] Shot on OnePlus: Part 6 – Best Slo-mo Video / Animal Photos

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  1. Sushobhit11
    Donut Aug 2, 2018

    Sushobhit11 , Aug 2, 2018 :

    Here's My SloMo video
    Used One Plus music (edit)
    Shot at my Home's rooftop

  2. Jonas Vargas
    Donut Aug 3, 2018

  3. Pratik_Unde
    Cupcake Aug 3, 2018

    Pratik_Unde , Aug 3, 2018 :
    Lucky (Pic 2 &3) and Mocha (pic 1).
    I have found that when you are deeply troubled, there are things you get from the silent devoted companionship of a dog that you can get from no other source. They are the most amazing creatures that gives unconditional love. For me, they are the role model for being alive.
    Pic 1 :-

    Device :- OnePlus 6
    Editing app :- Snapseed
    Third party lens :- NO
    Pic 2 :-

    Device :- OnePlus 6
    Editing app :- Snapseed
    Third party lens :- NO
    Pic 3 :-

    Device :- OnePlus 6
    Editing app :- Snapseed
    Third party lens :- NO
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  4. Chandan.Jaiswal
    Cupcake Aug 3, 2018

  5. UDS_6667_Captain
    Eclair Aug 3, 2018

    UDS_6667_Captain , Aug 3, 2018 :


    Look at those beautiful photos I took with my OnePlus 5 ! The first one is a dog of which I was captivated by his look, with the bokeh effect all around, it accentuate this impression. I really like this photo

    The next is a parrot shot in the Parc des Oiseaux in France. During a show, I was lucky he was standing right next to me for a beautiful shot! Look at his colors, it's incredible!

    And the last with the bongo was taken in the museum of Confluences in Lyon.

    I didn't use any editing software or third party lens for those photos.
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  6. Mike_1
    Froyo Aug 3, 2018

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  7. dejan.jandric
    Eclair Aug 3, 2018

    dejan.jandric , Aug 3, 2018 :

    Here you see my cat called Mitcha(In Balkan countries its pronounce Mica). At first he was only a strange cat from other side of the village. Later as I fed him, he became part of our family. Nowdays he is with us evertyime me and my family go up to village to take care of plants, vegetables and house. His special abilities are chasing one part of wood for like hours and hours and he never gets tired and eating whatever he finds on the ground.



    Slow Mo : Summer vibes
    Device name : OnePlus 6
    Editing software : None
    3rd party Lens : None

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  8. O1532980781685
    Cupcake Aug 4, 2018

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  9. Amey_chopdekar110
    Cupcake Aug 4, 2018

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  10. vaidsandeep80
    Cupcake Aug 4, 2018

    vaidsandeep80 , Aug 4, 2018 :
    Shot on OnePlus6
    No X'tra Lens used, No Pix. editor used.
    New Life, New Hopes
    Tortoise making space in the Lap of the Earth in Hope to Preserve her Young Ones, in an effort to see our Generation this Lovely Species.
    Worth Watching!!

  11. abhishekjais
    Donut Aug 4, 2018

  12. Absin05
    Gingerbread Aug 4, 2018

    Absin05 , Aug 4, 2018 :
    Two days ago,new members in the family were added with glimpses and joy.These guinea pigs are too young but are very active.
    The two of them finding find slot on their first pillow trip.
    This one in action mode,seems capturing a real Pokemon.

    The little one get attracted to some another thing(green grass).


  13. Gaurav Chin
    Cupcake Aug 4, 2018

    Gaurav Chin , Aug 4, 2018 :
    Shot on OnePlus 6.
    No extra lens used. No editing software/app used.


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  14. Nirmaljr
    Cupcake Aug 4, 2018

    Nirmaljr , Aug 4, 2018 :
    *mobile : Shot on ONEPLUS 6.
    *editing : SNAPSEED.
    *location : This pic was taken at MASINAGUDI near OOTY.
    *description !!
    Not only the big cats speak about SURVIVAL...Sometimes our pet cat's eye too speak about SURVIVAL....

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  15. J1532867955627
    Cupcake Aug 4, 2018

    J1532867955627 , Aug 4, 2018 :


    Device name : One plus 6
    Editing software: Google Photos

    This is my golden retriever, Aana. This was the first time I had discovered that she gave such nice shots...
    This evening she was not the Aana that I knew...
    She was calm and still, behaving like an angel....

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  16. Prathamesh_2K
    Gingerbread Aug 4, 2018

    Prathamesh_2K , Aug 4, 2018 :

    This Slow Mo video was captured on OnePlus 5 and I have just done minor trims and edit to upload it on Youtube.

    Basically, we were playing with balloons on the occasion of Holi and thought of capturing it.

    Hope you all like it;)

    P.S: No advertisement of Tata Sky intended:p:D

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  17. Eliott_Thomas
    Cupcake Aug 4, 2018

    Eliott_Thomas , Aug 4, 2018 :
    I've been walking for some time until I found this insect !
    For those two butterfly, I took a picture of them in my garden , just in front of my house

    For those 3 pictures I used the pro mode of my OnePlus 6 and used "macro" at its maximum :)

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  18. Dipendra Singh Parmar
    Cupcake Aug 4, 2018

  19. adphilp
    Cupcake Aug 4, 2018

  20. eye842
    Lollipop Aug 4, 2018

    eye842 , Aug 4, 2018 :
    Nice competition and some great posts by a lot you people, the rest needs to go back to school and learn to read ;)

    All pictures are from OP2 stock cam, no edits.

    On the road to church one evening at our holiday home, I just looked up and there he was waiting for someone to come home.

    If you ever are in Copenhagen don't cheat yourself from a great visit to Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, if you are into classic art that is.
    There's a small pond in the winter garden.

    It's ladybug season and they like to take a stroll across our balcony living ljfe dangerously from being trampled under foot.
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