[Winners Announced] Chat to WIN BIG! Celebrate the OnePlus 7T launch!

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  1. Xavi_Miki
    Cupcake Oct 9, 2019

    Xavi_Miki , Oct 9, 2019 :
    I have the OP 6 and honestly I can't remember being that happy with another phone before.

    Awesome contest and keep up the good work!

  2. A1568970702543
    Cupcake Oct 9, 2019

    A1568970702543 , Oct 9, 2019 :
    Awesome contest, hope your win the OnePlus 7T ! I've been looking for an upgrade for a while now !

  3. _Kailash_Mandal_
    Cupcake Oct 9, 2019

    _Kailash_Mandal_ , Oct 9, 2019 :
    This is lovely.
    Thankful to OnePlus for thinking so much of their community.

    It's been over a year now, I have been using OnePlus and just fell for it like once I have fell for my girlfriend. Girlfriend became Ex and OnePlus is my Present. Firstly I got introduced to OnePlus by one of my friend and OnePlus 6 Silk White was my first OnePlus device. Unfortunately I lost it. Since I was so used to OnePlus by then, I couldn't allow myself to switch to any other device other than OnePlus.
    Every OnePlus launch excites me so much as if a new baby is born. I had attended the OnePlus 7T event at Delhi and wish this October 10 launch should have been in Delhi as I so badly wanted to be there.

    Thank You OnePlus for Creating device of Dreams.
    A Happy OnePlus 7T Owner.

    Best wishes OnePlus.

    Thanks & Regards

    Kailash Kumar Mandal

  4. N1568889140880
    Cupcake Oct 9, 2019

    N1568889140880 , via OnePlus 7 , Oct 9, 2019 :
    I was waiting for one plus 7t cause I had my one plus x but after a long time I was thinking for a buy a one plus7t but at that time no any clear date for this, so I bought one plus 7..bn I m dam happy with it

  5. AryanHathi
    Eclair Oct 9, 2019

  6. C1570617477244
    Cupcake Oct 9, 2019

  7. E1570617924713
    Cupcake Oct 9, 2019

  8. Finn0
    Cupcake Oct 9, 2019

  9. Z1570617943158
    Cupcake Oct 9, 2019

  10. Karrax
    Cupcake Oct 9, 2019

  11. pa5t1s
    User of the Year 2014 Oct 9, 2019

    pa5t1s , Oct 9, 2019 :
    Been here for 5 years...
    Bought the 1,the 2, the 3 (both), skipped the 5s,bought the 6, skipped the 6T and 7/pro...
    Will I buy the 7T or 7T pro ?

    Tbh, i'll wait and see how balanced are the reviews/marketing BS and the real users feedbacks...

    There used to be 'chats' on here, and they were called 'threads', either regular or out-of-topic. Does that change ?
    If 'Yes', where's the fun we, old users/members/clients, used to enjoy ?

  12. FawnDawn
    Cupcake Oct 9, 2019

    FawnDawn , via OnePlus 6 , Oct 9, 2019 :
    [e]2764[/e]️OnePlus (6T) except the Gboard keyboard is not good enough and there's no keypad keyboard option which threw me for a loop.
    My birthday is on the 11th! lolz
    [e]2728[/e]Blessed Be Everyone[e]2728[/e]

  13. kenzosumi
    Cupcake Oct 9, 2019

  14. X1570618275443
    Cupcake Oct 9, 2019

  15. G_Thomas_Tressel_aNFd
    Cupcake Oct 9, 2019

  16. Kuutakmann
    Cupcake Oct 9, 2019

  17. E1529333596691
    Cupcake Oct 9, 2019

  18. S1568980117440
    Cupcake Oct 9, 2019

    S1568980117440 , Oct 9, 2019 :
    OnePlus 7 is already awesome, how could I will define the 7T afterall ?

    I will may be see even if I wish so much..

  19. H1546478303724
    Cupcake Oct 9, 2019

    H1546478303724 , Oct 9, 2019 :
    The idea itself of this community app is amazing!
    it brings all users on an app, where we can all share thoughts and ideas. Just saying, this is great

  20. Seemant08
    Donut Oct 9, 2019