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  1. neilnapier
    Donut Oct 10, 2019

    neilnapier , Oct 10, 2019 :
    Why on earth is this dude explaining the concept of refresh rate? Literally anyone watching this launch event will have an understanding of that.

  2. F_Mégane_Marchal_Fernand
    Donut Oct 10, 2019

  3. C1570606421621
    Gingerbread Oct 10, 2019

  4. EdwardFlaherty97
    Donut Oct 10, 2019

    EdwardFlaherty97 , via OnePlus 6 , Oct 10, 2019 :
    Not necessarily, they're promoting it a lot on Twitter and some people may be new to OnePlus and not understand the benefits or realise how big a difference it makes

  5. jasveen.singh
    Froyo Oct 10, 2019

    jasveen.singh , Oct 10, 2019 :
    What do you want from a smartphone ?

    The answer is pretty simple...

    1. Good Camera
    2. Superb Display
    3. Long Lasting Battery
    4. Fast Charge
    5. Decent RAM
    6. Extra Storage
    7. Mind Blowing Software
    8. Speedy Software Updates

    I have been a fan of OnePlus since 3T made a debut to the market. Everywhere you go, you could only listen "A Day's Power In Half An Hour". Listening to this, I thought if this is really possible. Being an Electronics Engineer I knew the answer already..... See the idea is you need to achieve more within the same dimensions and this could only be made possible if you NEVER SETTLE and look out for more and more opportunities. I have seen OnePlus phones evolve over time. I proudly say that I'm a OnePlus 5 owner. Camera is good, Display is awesome, I have the power of Dash charge, Battery life is mind blowing, who could think of 6GB RAM when the world revolves around 2 Gigs, 64 GB ROM was a major upgrade for me @2017 and last but not the least....OXYGEN OS has been the highlight of OnePlus. OnePlus has surpassed Google over software. Such optimization and variety of functionalities that you wish existed in a single ROM was made possible by OnePlus engineers. Such wide variety of functionalities could only be found in a Custom ROM when OnePlus launched and at that point of time if OnePlus itself settled for something less...The world of smartphones would not have been a better place that it is today.

    Thank you @OnePlus and @OnePlus_India...Keep Rocking and most importantly NEVER SETTLE...

    Love from India !!!

    Instagram: @e.i.g.e.n.v.e.c.t.o.r

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  6. Darksky1985
    Eclair Oct 10, 2019

  7. Sai KrishnaD
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  8. Jammey
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  9. kieranjl
    Cupcake Oct 10, 2019

  10. T1570708708521
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  12. crimtann
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  13. reche12
    Donut Oct 10, 2019

  14. Jessie Michaelis
    Froyo Oct 10, 2019

  15. neilnapier
    Donut Oct 10, 2019

    neilnapier , Oct 10, 2019 :
    I don't know. Like I've got mad hype and have been waiting for this launch for a while now, but I can't imagine anyone who doesn't already have at least a general interest in phone tech to be able to sit through more than a minute or two of this launch. It's not like it's a super exciting watch. It's all quite dry stuff.

  16. F_Mégane_Marchal_Fernand
    Donut Oct 10, 2019

  17. sanki_man
    Ice Cream Sandwich Oct 10, 2019

  18. Pizzini
    Jelly Bean Oct 10, 2019

  19. C1570606421621
    Gingerbread Oct 10, 2019

  20. Pizzini
    Jelly Bean Oct 10, 2019

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