[Winners Announced] OnePlus 7 Series: Review and Spread the word

  1. GopalB.
    Nougat Jun 13, 2019

    GopalB. , Jun 13, 2019 :
    My life is a joke, if you missed that... :rolleyes:

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  2. Abhishek Sunil Kumar
    Eclair Jun 13, 2019

    Abhishek Sunil Kumar , Jun 13, 2019 :
    I have been using OnePlus 7 Pro now for 15 days. There are lot of advantages and less disadvantages which I would like to mention.
    1) The OnePlus 7 Pro's 90Hz display is amazing. We can feel the difference by comparing with any other Smartphones. The animations are butter Smooth.
    2) Build quality is off the charts. The phone does not heat while playing games or when charging. And Last but not the least, Alert Slider. A much needed option for Smartphone
    3) Oxygen OS is by far the best I have used till date. I am a fan of stock Android and OnePlus has made sure just the same, with useful tweaks like gesture's, Reading mode, Fnatic mode etc., list goes on. One addition that I liked is the New ZenMode. If we have a habit of peeking phone now and then, just the activation of this is enough.
    A disadvantage that I have felt till now is that the potrait mode uses the telephoto lens, So it zooms up the object soo much that we have a hard time using it. But still the picture quality is great. These kind of minor issues can be addressed by OnePlus by their REGULAR SOFTWARE UPDATES.


    This phone goes from zero to Hundred in no time. Even if the phone has only 1% and we plug it for 20 mins, it goes to 50%, which is Mind blowing. Warp Charge is awesomeness overloaded.

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  3. Ovais011
    Froyo Jun 13, 2019

    Ovais011 , Jun 13, 2019 :
    Hey peeps, hope everyone is doing great.

    ✓ There r numerous feature I can speak about OnePlus7 I am using from the realsed date but lemme go with some most amazing features.
    1. The most important feature which makes OnePlus7 best in the market is Latest software Snapdragon 855. It is immensely quick and smooth like fur.
    2. The gaming mode/ fnatic mode - this had been my top feature in OnePlus7. This allows us to save battery and keep focus on the game.
    3 . The parallel apps feature is also amazing which is not available in evry phone in the market. This helped me personally in many ways. This feature is on the top 3 for me.
    ✓ Improvement :-
    I am glad I am using a company's phone which always give priority to the customer feedbacks and suggestions.
    As far as I have used Oneus7 I have got all under my hand thankfully. The slight improvement I will ask for the Gallery App structure. Though its in good shape but I will want some tools to be added there like if we watch vidoe in gallery it should allow in volume up down option through display I know there are side volume buttons but I will wish to have that option.
    ✓ For me the meme which best describes OnePlus is [e]1f60d[/e]. This meme because OnePlus is eye pleasing, attractive, sexy with Red color which I am using.

  4. G_plusone
    Marshmallow Jun 13, 2019

    G_plusone , Jun 13, 2019 :
    Write a 6T review pretend it is 7 review :smilingimp:

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  5. A1560445030260
    Cupcake Jun 13, 2019

  6. U1560351170652
    Cupcake Jun 13, 2019

    U1560351170652 , Jun 13, 2019 :
    Hi, I am so impressed with my one plus 7. I have never heard of this phone as it was not sold in the USA until a few weeks ago. I was hesitant at first, but I am so glad I went with the purchase. The phone camera is amazing! The refresh speed is so good as well. I am just learning all the great features to this phone. looking forward to being a one plus customer for years to come. Here is my happy emoji..[e]1f4aa[/e][e]1f44d[/e]

  7. GopalB.
    Nougat Jun 13, 2019

    GopalB. , Jun 13, 2019 :
    Deja vu... :p


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  8. Deagle311
    Donut Jun 13, 2019

    Deagle311 , Jun 13, 2019 :

    1. Display: The most used feature or a hardware component of a mobile phone is the Screen. Without out knowledge, we use the phone’s screen the most. In today’s market, Display technology is dominated by Samsung and Apple. They make the best displays in the market, Hands Down. But In my opinion, 7 pro has a better display because of its 90HZ refresh rate and the software tweaking features that One Plus gives. I have used S7, S8 and note 8 earlier. Even though they are vibrant than 7 Pro, they lack the smoothness which OnePlus provides. Also, In addition, I prefer the color temperature to be little cooler than usual and OnePlus got me covered there as well.

    2. Software: The Oxygen OS is highly optimized. I feel, it has all essential features on top of Vanilla Android. It is superfast, superfluid and superbuttery. OnePlus is constantly working on improving it and also has a good relationship with google, which will help in getting faster updates.

    3. Design: The phone Is well designed and engineered. I like the curved edges and rounded corners. The back feels premium and on par with 1000 USD devices.

    Never Settle on:

    There is only one and that is the Image Processing Software (Note : Not the camera). The Hardware is the same sensor found on all other flagships. However, The software doesn’t do justice to the hardware. The focus is painfully slow. I don’t feel confident when I take photos. I always have to use a image processing software In order to make it usable. Also. Please include RAW mode. Its a software improvement and can be done over time and I will NEVER SETTLE.

  9. _Prem_Reddy
    Cupcake Jun 13, 2019

  10. Deagle311
    Donut Jun 13, 2019

    Deagle311 , Jun 13, 2019 :
    Okay, I have seen a lot of people talking about battery issues. But I see it differently. For me a good battery is one day with medium usage and I get that. I charge in the morning When I leave to work and I have about 25% remaining with about 4 to 5 hrs of SOT which is what I want. Why do you think your battery is poor ?

  11. CosyChaos
    Donut Jun 13, 2019

    CosyChaos , Jun 13, 2019 :
    Love the device and here's why:

    •Snap Dragon 855 + 12GB of ram - Buttery smooth device interactions and app use.

    •Device screen to body ratio - The best picture viewing experience by far!

    •Tripple camera lens set up - Awesome pictures and picture quality in auto or pro modes. Capture your experience everywhere!

    Improvements - Sound quality & support for high-res audio, LDAC codec etc. The device needs a high end sound to become perfect for everyone.

    OnePlus 7 Pro gif - https://www.evomontreal.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/unlimited-power.gif

  12. Nicolae Arhip
    Cupcake Jun 13, 2019

    Nicolae Arhip , Jun 13, 2019 :
    Best features:
    1) I love the curved screen. I underestimated at the beginning how cool is it and how fun is it to use. It gives a premium fell to the phone. I like scrolling through my Facebook feed and see how the image is going through curve edges.

    2) The speed of Warp Charing is awesome. Now i changed my habit to a phone. Rather than charging it over night, i charge it in the morning, and i am ready to go.

    3) The speed of the soft. The fact that the skin is light and without useless animation, make the phone to fell really smooth. I experience every day, at every touch of the phone, how smooth it is.

    4) I would like to have a bigger battery, because even if the 90Hz display is awesome, it drains the battery really fast.

  13. Bhargav khakhkhar
    Eclair Jun 13, 2019

    Bhargav khakhkhar , Jun 13, 2019 :
    1. - Most favorite thing in OnePlus is it's oxygen OS which makes the UI quite simple and clean. Its addictive and the efforts are emphasized on the need of user rather than non useful features.
    - Next favorite thing is its combination of all high end features. The ram, battery life, processor and wrap charge, it all adds up to give user a perfect smooth experience. Ram management and Ram boost features does its work when you don't see a single lag through out the day.
    - Third favorite thing is quite not a smartphone feature but a company feature. They do listen. I mean they made the brand with people for the people. Regular updates and adding feature which user "needs" rather than "wants". I mean common which brand has ever understood the need of feature according to region. cricket in India is kind of religion and adding score card in shelf is like company worshipping our religion. They know their user and thats the best about OnePlus.

    2. If OnePlus has to improve something that should be its camera. Its way better but we all know thats the area where they still need to expertise. No doubt its way better than some of its competitive brands but it can always improve and I thing that's OnePlus is all about, getting Better and "NEVER


  14. SGx_1
    Cupcake Jun 13, 2019

    SGx_1 , Jun 13, 2019 :
    Best feature(s) of the OnePlus 7pro is it's cool design and it's incredible display!! also the oxygen os is much better in 7pro!
    The feature that should never settle is the camera and the speakers. they should also be converted into flagship ones!

  15. meatandy
    Oreo Jun 13, 2019

    meatandy , Jun 13, 2019 :
    Sorry , No phone , No words.:unamused: phones are not offered on the referral program .

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  16. priyanshuranjan3
    Cupcake Jun 13, 2019

    priyanshuranjan3 , Jun 13, 2019 :
    OnePlus 7 pro has the best display, amazing stereo speaker, superb software (oxygen os ) with a mind-blowing fluid user experience, excellent notice to minor details in software and most important of keeping things simple in user experience.
    OnePlus has to really work on nightscape mode and should bring feature of recording video through wide angle mode. But overall OnePlus 7 pro is a [e]1f44d[/e]

  17. jainmickey
    Cupcake Jun 13, 2019

    jainmickey , Jun 13, 2019 :
    The best feature is the display. I usually watch series, videos, lectures on my laptop but since I bought this phone its so good to watch on this display. Its clear and stereo speakers are bonus of that!!

    The camera quality improved a lot from last devices but still its not comparable to other flagship devices. So, for me Never Settle feature would be camera.

  18. rkgautm
    Cupcake Jun 13, 2019

    rkgautm , Jun 13, 2019 :
    I like most in OnePlus is Gaming mode. Never settle describe keep growing, improving, innovation (there is always something which is waiting to be invented).Like in OnePlus 7 provides top line specifications in the reasonable price segment. And Now OnePlus is one step ahead of the tag Flagship killers . There is a scope of implementation in OnePlus which is Artificial Intelligence in every feature that can be better perform better with AI. And only OnePlus can do and utilise AI in better way. AI is a game changer in near future and OnePlus definately on top like always. I wish I win and gift this to my mom. ( It capture smile
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  19. Jasonstark
    Cupcake Jun 13, 2019

  20. MichAssel92
    Gingerbread Jun 13, 2019

    MichAssel92 , Jun 13, 2019 :
    The OnePlus 7 Pro, the best phone on the market right now. You're wanting to know what is my thinking of this device? Don't worry, one phrase will answer all your questions: It's the best phone ever. Here's why ↓

    1. The screen

    With is borderless display without any notch, the OP7 Pro completely hypnotized. That's when I knew I had to sell my 6t for buying this beast. With a refresh rate of 90hz, gaming is pushed into the next level. The colors are blowing my face and the adaptative display is very helpful.


    2. The cameras

    You were wondering the time when OnePlus will improve significantly the cameras of their devices. Finally, that time has come. The OP 7 Pro has a triple camera setup with a main camera of 48 megapixels, a telephoto lens of 8 megapixels and a ultra wide angle lens of 16 megapixels. That's the best setup OnePlus ever made! It's not just that. The front camera has a pop-up technology which can hide the camera behind the screen. Incredible. It comes at 16 mpx. This pop-up can also be retracted if you drop your big monster.




    3. The performances

    Are you a true gamer? If yes, that's the best phone you can get. This device comes with a Snapdragon 855 which is the best processor in the market. It can also gets up to 12gb of ram. No games can slow down your phone. If you're a YouTuber or just a person who wants to share what he is seeing, the screen screen capture tool will be helpful. And with the Warp Charge technology, you will not be disturbed while you're gaming with the Fnatic gaming mode activated. Not enough? Don't worry. The phone has a water cooling system which will freeze your hands. And with the Dolby Atmos stereo speakers, you can know where does the ennemies are coming from in COD Mobile.





    Here's my bonus :


    Good luck to everyone!

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