[Winners Announced] OnePlus 7 Series: Review and Spread the word

  1. wadhwa.mukul
    Cupcake Jun 14, 2019

    wadhwa.mukul , Jun 14, 2019 :
    • The best part is obviously it is god damn fast.. I literally have to wait for my friends to load up their pubg while i have already started a quick match
    • Area of improvement would be the camera part. but it has improved a lot with the latest update.


  2. B1560278639360
    Cupcake Jun 14, 2019

    B1560278639360 , Jun 14, 2019 :
    the best thing about the phone is the Snapdragon 855.
    The phone works so smooth. I mostly edit videos on my phone and it has not disappointed me.

    what can be improved is the nightscape mode. for the the colour drastically changes on the image. the room has dim yellow light pic 1 shows way too much red. pic two is quite bright compared to what it should be.


  3. levipitts
    Cupcake Jun 14, 2019

    levipitts , Jun 14, 2019 :
    Going from a OnePlus 3 to the New 7 Pro with 12 Gig ram version. It's kinda like driving a Ford Pinto then upgrading to a Formula One car!
    Good Things

    Display Obvious Reasons

    Camera is a big upgrade from the 3

    Speed! ( Really noticed it after transferring all my apps from my old phone. When you get a new app it has that new blue dot beside it. For some reason that really bothers me. So I opened all the apps in a row without completely closing real fast to get rid of it and it was still blazing fast!!!)

    Various other things as well to list could really go on.

    The Bad

    Group Texting (You cannot tell who is sending the text in the app it gives no identification how who sent the text. So if you have 20 people in a group you have to guess who sent that particular text)

    The 90Hz thing is cool but not every app or thing uses it. It switches between 90 and 60 depending on what your using. They should do it where it is just 90 no matter what or 60 or where it switches.

    Audio jack adapter needs to be included just my opinion lol

    Then the last thing would be eventually get some IPX rating on the phones nothing crazy just something would be nice.

    Something I've noticed is on the Night Mode the lock screen is not enabled or effected. So at night when your normal screen is dark then you lock it. Then unlock it it's like Hi Beams straight to your eyes... feels great.

    Overall 9/10 still the best phone I've had so far.

    If y'all have any suggestions to my problems or in general let me know!

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  4. pawanchauhan075
    Cupcake Jun 14, 2019

  5. T1560489399321
    Cupcake Jun 14, 2019

    T1560489399321 , Jun 14, 2019 :
    I would say that the 3 best features for meso far are the 90hz display, the performance(speedy and fluid), and UFS 3.0 storage. The display is great forwatching YouTube videos, which I do a lot and browsing the web. The performance isgreat because I buy and sell sneakers, and having a fast phone gives me an advantage against others. The fast UFS 3.0 storagealso it's great because I transfer a lot of data from my phone to my computer forwork, and this just makes that process awhole lot easier. If I could think of one thing OnePlus can do to improve the nextphone, it would be to improve the autobrightness. It works but not as responsiveas competitors, and sometimes it gets alittle too dim in bright conditions. Lastly, if I could pic a meme to describe this phone itwould be this one, and for good reason.

  6. G_Akarsh_Agrawal_ODAV
    Gingerbread Jun 14, 2019

  7. F_Nirmaan_Shah_DYCi
    Froyo Jun 14, 2019

    F_Nirmaan_Shah_DYCi , Jun 14, 2019 :
    I have been a OnePlus crazy fan since the OnePlus One, I have been using the OnePlus 6 for a while now and recently my uncle bought the OnePlus 7, being a OnePlus fan I wanted to check out the phone and see all the minor/major upgrades done by OnePlus in the OnePlus 7 device, so I took his phone and compared it to my OnePlus 6 and the result was astonishingly great. I started with the speed test which ofcourse the Op7 won, then I went on with the new features OnePlus added in the OP7, the new feature I was fond of was the night mode 2.0, you could literally see how much efforts OnePlus put in to develop a better night mode experience, also sometimes my OnePlus 6 camera had a colour correction problem in different lighting conditions and in dj lights the camera used to get laggy, which the OnePlus 7 has gained a upper hand in, hats off to OnePlus for putting in this much efforts every year and giving the best device any other smartphone manufacturer couldn't, The only best feature I'm fond of is the 90hrdz refresh rate on the OnePlus 7 Pro, and the triple camera and the sliding camera mechanism, about that I was concerned if it broke off easily but OnePlus never forgets to surprise us, I'm never ever going to leave OnePlus.
    And oh!
    a meme by me-


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  8. kishankumar9999
    Cupcake Jun 14, 2019

    kishankumar9999 , Jun 14, 2019 :
    i have just one word for this Oneplus 7 after using since 1 week, WOWwwwwwwwwww what an amazing phone.

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  9. Arunlal_Mokeri
    Cupcake Jun 14, 2019

  10. Dikshitgehlot
    Cupcake Jun 14, 2019

    Dikshitgehlot , Jun 14, 2019 :
    most favorite feature for me would be higher refresh rate along with HDR video experience in full screen
    on the top of that Oxygen OS [e]1f60d[/e][e]1f60d[/e]

    the one suggestion I would like to Quote is redesign the back of the phone the in hand feel is awesome but just make it look more appealing just like the screen

    and the favorite section
    Meme :
    " May the Speed be with You "

  11. yashwant24
    Gingerbread Jun 14, 2019

    yashwant24 , Jun 14, 2019 :
    1. The best feeling I had till now while playing a game is on a OnePlus device. With OnePlus 7 Pro it even gets a lot better because of "fanatic mode" ,the better ram optimisation on OnePlus laboratory and also because if the powerfull processor under hood the "Snapdragon 855".
    2 . The 48mp+8mp+16mp setup makes me feel like having a tiny DSLR camera in my pocket with same quality of pictures.Its even getting a lot better with software updates.
    3 . It's not at all over without mentioning that 90Hz refresh rate . After using OnePlus 7 Pro when I turn back to my OnePlus 6 I can literally feel the difference between the 60Hz and 90Hz.
    The tag line #gobeyondspeed is perfect to such an incredible device.

    There is nothing faulty with software but instead of a pop-up camera if it was a slider it would have looked so good when we use it. As only a small part is rising it feels uncomfortable

  12. bichphuongpolycom
    Cupcake Jun 14, 2019

    bichphuongpolycom , Jun 14, 2019 :

  13. Helder_DAlmeida
    Jelly Bean Jun 14, 2019

  14. BhavyaMehta0786
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jun 14, 2019

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  15. Sunaryan
    Eclair Jun 14, 2019

    Sunaryan , Jun 14, 2019 :
    my favorite feature for OnePlus 7 pro is
    in hardware - Dolby atmos speaker , Quad hd display, haptic vibration mortor
    in software - first of all obviously oxygen os
    2nd 90hrz refesh rate
    3rd fnatic mode

    Improvements - reduce your OnePlus bullet wireless earphones price and please give headphone jack if possible in future one plus phones

    And the meme suits to OnePlus is [e]1f609[/e]

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  16. P1559762098349
    Cupcake Jun 14, 2019

  17. Lonewolf97
    Cupcake Jun 14, 2019

    Lonewolf97 , Jun 14, 2019 :
    well talking about the best flagships in my country one plus is a beast in its category the most helpful features of this phone is its camera its chip that is snapdragon 855 and along with its ui these things provide us with a great performance on a smattphone in an affordable range. talking about one plus 7 its the beast
    2. Its the camera that helps me a lot if i see a cool frame i can easily unlock the phone capture the frame instantly this is one of the major thing that i like in this phone
    3. also the gesture part is wonderful it also helps a lot to play music and stop it in a easy manner
    4. The only thing that i miss the most is the headphone jack i wish it would come back soon

  18. iam jishnu
    Cupcake Jun 14, 2019

    iam jishnu , Jun 14, 2019 :
    1. what I like sd855,those camera[e]1f60d[/e],pretty decent battery life (i'm a hardcore user)
    2. mine is op7 sooo a heat pipe would be good or at least headphone jack (it's become a trend now can't complaint about that)
    3. for memes it would definitely be about that pop-up camera on op7pro it's speed and quick response is just [e]1f60d[/e]wow[e]1f60d[/e]

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  19. HZ_ND
    Gingerbread Jun 14, 2019

    HZ_ND , Jun 14, 2019 :
    1. 90Hz screen was the best implementation in oneplus 7 pro.
    In this case the reading and scrolling effect when I switch between apps for my studies is a killer

    2.vibration motor and the haptic feedback blew me away.
    This is where in a scenario when I'm typing msg and playing games got to say extremely well vibration the best I've used so far.

    3.Stereo speaker with dolby atmos tuned gives me a sense of awesomess.
    I tried a sample video of dolby atmos trailer and some youtube and Netflix.. And the combination of that gave me eargasm.

    Never settle is all about constant pursuit of better and to be better the improvement can be done in a part we need more store to be available through all around the world. We are in need of oneplus store which I've been not seeing in my country Malaysia as we love the oneplus ecosystem we need a physical store where we can shop and spread the words.

    For meme it's gonna be


  20. SaChan2019
    Froyo Jun 14, 2019

    SaChan2019 , Jun 14, 2019 :
    Below are my experiences with One plus 7 Pro mirror grey 8 GB 256 GB rom, which I did try to explain as mentioned below..

    Q1.What are your favorite features (hardware/software, up to 3) and in which usage scenarios do they offer the best experience?
    1. Obvious answer DISPLAY ( whole world praising ) and "FEEL THAT NEVER ENDS' for me while using it, Smooth LIKE "PaadhaRassa" ( kannada word) -(Meaning One can't hold or have control of it.
    2.Software Experince - like Bungee jump (Light , Refreshing , Fluidic, Effortless , Gravity .
    3.Capabilities - Camera -Fantastic - Check my uploads in forum for samples. Highly Satisfied.
    Performance - Top notch SD 855 no complaints at all
    Battery - Full day lasting with heavy usage and charging super fast.

    Q2.Never Settle is about the constant pursuit of better. If you can only say one, which improvement should it be, and why?
    Ans: Wide Angle clarity not up to mark as compared to Competation , Potrait shots using Primary Lens - Highly Recommend

    Q3.[Bonus question] Which meme can best describe/fit this product?

    Ans : My Fav character -Captain America who never stops at anything .." Never Settle/Stop "

    Thank you