[Winners Announced] OnePlus 7 Series: Review and Spread the word

  1. iLonty Froyo Jul 15, 2019

    iLonty, Jul 15, 2019 :
    I have suggestion for new 7 Pro
    new version
    and suggestion app modification
    where can i go about this?

  2. rohan91bose Donut Jul 15, 2019

    rohan91bose, Jul 15, 2019 :
    please give option to block Advertising for all Google play store app and jionews app . it's very irritating to use app with full screen advertisement

  3. I1562329020223 Cupcake Jul 15, 2019

    I1562329020223, Jul 15, 2019 :
    One pluse Community.1st off all i'm Big Fan of your Mobiles. One Pluse all Phones Perfomance Is Awesome. Basiclly I'm a gamer and we have buy a that type of phone whos proccser, Screen resolution all things best of best . and I think One pluse is a single Mobile Phone who give me all of things. when i was buy One Pluse 6T My game play extremly Change . His game Rendering speed. His proccser . i had never seen any type of issue like Lagging, Phone heating or chopy Game . And his display resolution make me every time crazzzy. The RAM Giving in onepluse alwayes soo High Campare then Other mobile devices and the phone Looking is soo sexy. If i buy a another new phone I'm Damm sure its ONE PLUSE. :kissingheart::kissingheart:

  4. leeroyJenkins Eclair Jul 15, 2019

    leeroyJenkins, Jul 15, 2019 :
    What are your favorite features (hardware/software, up to 3) and in which usage scenarios do they offer the best experience?
    The screen - the difference of 90hz is unreal, makes the phone seem "faster" with just general use. My friends can't quite pin why the screen is so smooth until I explain it. The edge display is amazing, and for someone like me, who never takes selfies, not having some ugly notch is nice, and you never really have to worry about someone hacking your front camera when its inside of the body of the phone!

    The Battery - so far I can almost hit 2 days without throwing it on the charger. Which is unheard of especially with the size of the screen. It's also a good thing, because I moved a few days after purchasing this thing and I can't find my warp charging block :eek:

    USB-C Video Output - You would not believe how few phones actually support this currently, which is mind boggling!? Most folks may not care, but with Android Q's desktop mode coming, I am working on building some apps to take advantage of the sheer capability this unlocks. Being able to plus my phone into a dock and turn it into a full blow desktop PC is why I bought this device! Can't wait to check it out when Android Q is stable

    Never Settle is about the constant pursuit of better. If you can only say one, which improvement should it be, and why?
    My only complaint thus far with using this device is that I miss the Google feed in the left launcher screen. I know I can get it on my phone, but I'm giving Oxygen OS a shot and its been appealing thus far!

    [Bonus question] Which meme can best describe/fit this product?

    Every time I turn this thing on think to myself:

  5. SnapDragon01 Ice Cream Sandwich Jul 15, 2019

    SnapDragon01, Jul 15, 2019 :

    Siamo giunti alle settima serie di smartphone, e Oneplus continua a confermarsi una azienda top per quanto riguarda accuratezza nei dettagli e supporto alla grandissima community che la circonda.


    1-More details…<Triple Camera>


    Quest'anno Oneplus ha voluto dare un'innovazione anche al reparto fotografico, con l'aggiunta di ben 3 sensori. Le novità che mi hanno colpito di più sono due una hardware e una software, l'arrivo della lente ultra wide che ci permette di cattura scatti con angolo di visione di ben 176° e la modalità "Nightscape" che grazie al grandissimo lavoro svolto sul lato software ci permette di cattura immagini notturne perfette anche con condizioni di luce non ottimale. Un piccolo omaggio qui sotto
    2- Expand your vision… <Fluid AMOLED Display>


    Finalmente un Display totalmente immersivo. Qualità del display davvero TOP, grazie alla tecnologia AMOLED che offre colori spettacolari e alla risoluzione QHD+ potrete godervi un immersione visiva senza paragoni. Il display rende molto nella visione di app di streaming (NETFLIX) grazie al supporto del HDR+, nella vita quotidiana di ogni gamers grazie ad una visione a tutto schermo.

    -Never Settle, our philosophy...

    Non fermarsi mai è la filosofia che distingue questa azienda sin dall'inizio. Avrei una mia opinione su un punto che vorrei migliorasse nei successivi smartphone, la qualità nella cattura dell'audio da parte dei microfoni, che ancora oggi fanno fatica a mantenere una qualità constante anche in ambienti con livelli sonori moderati.

    -Now let's have fun...

    MEME OP7.png

    Good luck everyone!!!


  6. Yuki T Donut Jul 15, 2019

    Yuki T, Jul 15, 2019 :
    I just bought a One Plus 7 Pro 2 days ago and so far I love the screen. I enjoy the big, beautiful, and sharp screen, that made watching Netflix and Hulu a wonderful experience. Also like the simplicity of the operating system, making the interface looking clean and easy for usage. Although the camera still need a lot of improvement a in term of contrast and color saturation, I do enjoy surprise people with my pop up camera and spread the word for the innovation. I think that for the price and awesome hardware this phone come with, the camera need to be on par with other flagships to push the products forward to even more customers.

  7. Lee_Thompson Cupcake Jul 15, 2019

  8. Rendell2496 Donut Jul 16, 2019

    Rendell2496, Jul 16, 2019 :
    1)Amazing 90hz display, watching movies and playing games on the device looks awesome.
    2) Uses telephoto lense in Portrait mode, Great pictures in Portrait mode (The focal length is just perfect)

    I used the headphone jack on the OnePlus 5, would be happier if I would have gotten the C-type to headphone jack connector in the box itself.

    Bonus Meme

  9. X1561440487382 Cupcake Jul 16, 2019

  10. A1561084493674 Donut Jul 18, 2019

    A1561084493674, Jul 18, 2019 :
    I can see that OnePlus 7Pro.. the sleep time whenever I set to 5 mins is going back to 30sec by itself...is it a bug or something @David.Y

  11. onerv Cupcake Jul 18, 2019

  12. anishkumar250290 Donut Jul 19, 2019

    anishkumar250290, Jul 19, 2019 :
    really I m getting irritation from OnePlus as when I m putting phone in my pocket it automatically went to airplane mode.i don't know why ?

    someone told because your phone doesn't have pocket mode.

  13. fenilmodi Cupcake Jul 19, 2019

    fenilmodi, Jul 19, 2019 :
    for me oneplus 7 is my first premium phone it has smooth ui without bloatware. A camera hadware with its camera software make the phone best in it class and last best thing is software update on monthly basis.

  14. Aditya_L Eclair Jul 19, 2019

    Aditya_L, Jul 19, 2019 :
    [e]1f602[/e] Sorry. I can't be the only one who finds "someone's" advice hilarious!

  15. P1563561949654 Cupcake Jul 19, 2019

    P1563561949654, Jul 19, 2019 :
    Hello Team

    You guys have done such an amazing job. This is not just a phone it is actually phone which you will not find I. the whole world. I spread the word today and my friends ordered too.

    so good so pro so premium


    Harshit Jain

  16. P1563561949654 Cupcake Jul 19, 2019

    P1563561949654, Jul 19, 2019 :
    if you have some problem while putting in pocket you can disable double tap option from setting also wake up phone settings. I'm sure you will not face problem like this again.

  17. N1562416493812 Eclair Jul 21, 2019

  18. X1561440487382 Cupcake Jul 23, 2019

    X1561440487382, Jul 23, 2019 :
    In my new OnePlus 7, there are two speakers at the bottom and only one works. Is it like that or should I replace the phone? plz clarify me.

  19. rohan91bose Donut Jul 23, 2019

    rohan91bose, Jul 23, 2019 :
    Right side speaker is microphone

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  20. X1561440487382 Cupcake Jul 23, 2019