[winners announced]Shot on OnePlus: Part 7 – Your Favorite Travel Photography!

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  1. Apoorvtrikha
    Cupcake Oct 1, 2018

  2. Vinayak K S
    Eclair Oct 1, 2018

    Vinayak K S , Oct 1, 2018 :
    Location :- marrine drive,kochi, ernakulam.
    Device :-oneplus6 built in camera with pro mode
    Story behind this picture:- when I went to marrine drive with my friends in the eve i just take my phone and hold it to take a picture of this boat. but I liked the scenery when I turned on the camera.

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  3. kaneshi
    Cupcake Oct 1, 2018

    kaneshi , Oct 1, 2018 :
    Location: surkhet Nepal
    Device: oneplus5t
    Editing software: Snapseed
    I was just going for my evening walk i got chance to capture this beautiful photo.

  4. prakashmizar
    Eclair Oct 1, 2018

    prakashmizar , Oct 1, 2018 :
    Device : Oneplus 5
    Location.: Trashiyangtse, Bhutan
    Edited using snapseed
    Sunday hiking and exploring the enchanted mountains

  5. Vargax
    Cupcake Oct 1, 2018

    Vargax , Oct 1, 2018 :


    Oneplus 5T;
    Frade e a freira - Rio de Janeiro(Photo 1), Terceira Ponte - Espírito Santo(Photo 2), Canal(Praia da Costa) - Vila Velha(Photo 3);
    Lightroom CC.

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  6. SanDaDdiO
    Eclair Oct 1, 2018

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  7. Reo D Omkar
    Eclair Oct 1, 2018

    Reo D Omkar , Oct 1, 2018 :
    -captured at Bangalore airport

    -captured at baiyappanahalli metro station, Bangalore

    the pictures show that there are too many tracks in life,it depends on you which track you choose.
    captured at baiyappanahalli metro station, Bangalore
    device-oneplus 6
    editing software used- No
    3rd party lens used- No

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  8. ippiero
    Gingerbread Oct 1, 2018

    ippiero , Oct 1, 2018 :
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] All three pics shot on Oneplus 3t, no external lenses, just some few edits on the google photos app. The first one is in Tokyo, the Ueno zoo. I took it because I was caught by the contrast between the modernity of the city and the simplicity of the nature.
    The second one was shot in Kyoto, this summer. The building was the world famous Kinkakuji, the golden temple.
    Finally the third one, Rome, the eternal city, covered by a record breaking snowfall this winter, which seemed to freeze the city in its beauty.

  9. JoltBorsch
    Cupcake Oct 1, 2018

  10. iam_theabhilash
    Donut Oct 1, 2018

    iam_theabhilash , Oct 1, 2018 :
    device name:- oneplus 6
    landscape location:- marine drive,mumbai
    editing software:- snapseed
    third party lens :- none

    story:- This is the first time i went to mumbai and this is first photo captured by me.
    This view was so beautiful,that i took my phone out and start taking random picture.
    This is one of random click and it is so beautiful.

    device name:- oneplus 6
    landscape location:- mumbai
    editing software:- snapseed
    third party lens :- none
    story:-I was standing far away from this place and enjoying rain with my friends then i saw people making noise to make pigeon fly.
    After watching this i went there and took this picture with my oneplus 6
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  11. mohanishnm
    Cupcake Oct 1, 2018

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  12. chichi_chem
    Donut Oct 1, 2018

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  13. Aldupuy
    Froyo Oct 1, 2018

  14. kennedynyaga
    Cupcake Oct 1, 2018

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  15. Zaque yetra
    Cupcake Oct 1, 2018

    Zaque yetra , Oct 1, 2018 :
    kodaikanal,Tamil Nadu.
    one plus 6
    no editing software
    no external lens

    I was on a tour to kodai and this beautiful evening caught my eyes.

    munnar, Kerala.
    one plus 6
    no editing software
    no external lens

    It was pouring that night and this lightning won't stop
    it took many attempts to get the perfect picture.

    kotagiri, Tamil Nadu.
    one plus 6
    no editing software
    no external lens

    It was a normal morning... when I had this awesome Nilgiri tea which I wanted to share to everyone and this picture is an attempt to show taste through picture.
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  16. pradeepsoni5226
    Froyo Oct 1, 2018

  17. Tharun_das
    Cupcake Oct 1, 2018

    Tharun_das , Oct 1, 2018 :
    taken from the oneplus 5t
    no editing or other app used.
    location: Taliparamba,kannur ,kerala.

    Was out with my friends when i saw this view.
    taken from the oneplus 5t
    no edits.
    location: chal beach, kannur, kerala

    Had gone to the beach to play football when i came across this beautiful sunset.

  18. SacredTrust
    Cupcake Oct 1, 2018

    SacredTrust , Oct 1, 2018 :



    Device: Oneplus 5t
    Photos were taken in the mediterranean sea and in barcelona.
    All images are stock from the camera and cut with snapseed.

    At my first cruise i had the chance to take awsome photos in so many different countries and of course on the ship itself.

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  19. nyage
    Cupcake Oct 1, 2018

  20. Y1532257355592
    Cupcake Oct 1, 2018

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