[winners announced]Shot on OnePlus: Part 7 – Your Favorite Travel Photography!

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  1. vvkgoyal
    Cupcake Oct 15, 2018

    vvkgoyal , Oct 15, 2018 :
    oneplus 6
    oneplus 6 Inbuilt editing
    IBS campus, Hyderabad
    Getting back to the place from where you belong always makes you happy. A full day journey came to an end with the beautiful view of the sun going down.

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  2. Raghav taparia
    Cupcake Oct 15, 2018

    Raghav taparia , Oct 15, 2018 :
    Place : Kolkata (India)
    Shot on Oneplus 5
    Original Picture

    Place : Jodhpur (India)
    Shot on Oneplus 5
    Original Picture
    Place : Jaipur (India)
    Shot on Oneplus 5
    Original Picture
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  3. Dhruvdawar2800
    Cupcake Oct 15, 2018

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  4. Vishnu3373
    Cupcake Oct 15, 2018

    Vishnu3373 , Oct 15, 2018 :
    'Bodufinolhu' is one of the beautiful uninhabited Islands in Maldives.
    Perfect Evening at island beach.
    This is the sunny side of Maldives [e]2764[/e]️

    Device : OnePlus 6
    Location : Maldives
    Editing S/W : Snapseed
    Lens : No

    These are some of the best pictures I took from my island life. I am an Indian Expatriate teacher working in Maldives. When I see this pics I feel I am lucky to have a job in such a wonderful place .

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  5. G_Karthik_K_Janardhanan_
    Froyo Oct 16, 2018

    G_Karthik_K_Janardhanan_ , Oct 16, 2018 :
    Location : Kanyakumari
    Device : One plus 6
    App : Snapseed

    Kanyakumari a tourist spot, tip of Indian continent where 2 seas and Indian Ocean meet. Any awesome place with scenic beauty. You get to see sun rise and sunset from the horizon.



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  6. K.Akki
    Cupcake Oct 16, 2018

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  7. joeycious
    Cupcake Oct 16, 2018

    joeycious , Oct 16, 2018 :
    Location : Dipor Bil, Guwahati, Assam, India. Device : OnePlus 6 App: Built-in Camera

    The story behind - I went on a trip with my family members to the countryside and on our way back home we made a stop at the lake as I was very much eager to visit it. I had always loved this place and as I was away from home for 4 years, I had to grab the chance to visit it that time!

    Location: Rushikonda, New Vizag, India Device: OnePlus 5t App: Built-in camera

    The story behind - It was the view from my friend's apartment while I was on a trip to Vizag. Waking up in the morning to this was such bliss.

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  8. H1539190438948
    Cupcake Oct 16, 2018

  9. Redzuan_Sharuddin
    Cupcake Oct 16, 2018

    Redzuan_Sharuddin , Oct 16, 2018 :
    Device : One Plus 5T
    Location : Penang 2nd Bridge, Malaysia
    Software : Lightroom

    This picture I took when on vacation at Penang. On the way to the island & the sunset look so good. Why I like it because I love the sunset & it's so beautiful place to take a good picture with my lovely One Plus 5T.

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  10. P1538335359753
    Cupcake Oct 16, 2018

    P1538335359753 , Oct 16, 2018 :

    Device: Oneplus 6, no edit

    Location: Hirekolale Lake, Chikamagalur India

    Water greenery and the mountains , song birds and cool wind. A treat to the senses


    Device: Oneplus 6, no edit

    Location: Jog falls, Shivamogga India

    Water trickling down the cloud kissed mountains


    Device: Oneplus 6, no edit

    Location: Jog falls, Shivamogga India

    Sunrise in an unusual place. Simple yet mesmerising

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  11. L1533623285432
    Cupcake Oct 16, 2018

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  12. L1533623285432
    Cupcake Oct 16, 2018

    L1533623285432 , Oct 16, 2018 :
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    1.device - one plus 6.
    location - pullivasal munnar kerala
    editing software - adobe light room
    peculiarity - my one of the first click while travelling in a ksrtc bus.shot while bus is moving.nature was ready for a rain in the mansoon
    2. same as pic one
    3. device - one plus 6
    location - near chalakkudy highway..thrissur..kerala
    editing software - adobe light room
    peculiarity - i am sitting in front of a ksrtc bus..evening 6.30..bus was moving..mansoon rain started..colours of mansoon in kerala.its through less clean glass of ksrtc bus
    4. device - one plus 6
    location - kodaikanal..tamil nadu
    editing software - adobe light room
    peculiarity- a leisure trip with tenth class friends after 16 years.we were on blast mood.campfire was set..then power gone.it was very cool there.we were sitting beside of camp fire.i had a vision of colour variation.without flash i took one picture..i had saw a firey ghost on the picture.
    5.device- one plus 6
    location- chinnar wild life sanctury road..munnar..kerala
    editing software- adobe light room
    peculiarity- escaping from flood calamities at the time of heavy kerala flood from munnar to home.at the boarder bus stopped for checking..suddenly a parent monkey climbed to bus in search of food for her babies.its face was calm like a monk.
    6. device- one plus 6
    location- teacounty resorts..ktdc resort..munnar kerala
    editing not done just cropped
    peculiarity- its morning 7.after wake up went for a walk..sunlight was just coming.take this pic in 5 seconds

  13. O1539709966007
    Cupcake Oct 16, 2018

    O1539709966007 , Oct 16, 2018 :



    Device name : OnePlus 6
    Landscape location: Varkala beach,Kerala,India
    Editing software used: Photo director
    3rd party lens used: None

    Story: What's the background? Why do you like it ?
    I am hardcore fan of beaches.Loves to spend all my free time in beaches.These snaps were taken last week, when me and my friends visited the Varkala beach,Kerala. These are some of the pics I like a lot, because all these were taken with my new one plus 6 :) . All these pics makes me to love learning photography. :p :)

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  14. 1234bharath
    Cupcake Oct 16, 2018

    1234bharath , Oct 16, 2018 :
    location :it was shot when I am simply sitting in our home garden
    app: internal camera
    phone:OnePlus 5

  15. carlosfanini
    Gingerbread Oct 16, 2018

    carlosfanini , Oct 16, 2018 :

    Location: Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic.
    Device: One Plus 6
    No editing

    I took this shot on the last day of my vacation last September. I had this awesome phone and was amazed of the camera and the pictures I was taking. I can actually say this phone made my vacation worth remembering because of all the cool moments I was capturing. Thanks to everyone on the One plus Team for making affordable phones like this one with such great features.

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  16. happiy91m
    Eclair Oct 16, 2018

    happiy91m , Oct 16, 2018 :



    Picture Details :

    All of the pictures were clicked using automatic mode on Oneplus 6 and edited using Snapseed. No lenses used.

    Locations :

    Image 1 : Western Ghats on way to Goa, India
    Image 2 : Calangute Beach, Goa, India
    Image 3 : Vila Goesa Resort, Goa, India

    Stories behind the pics:

    Image 1 : We were on our way to Goa, which got possible after years of planning. (Indians might understand, how tough it is to get a plan to goa finalized ). Me with my 5 other friends took our vehicle and left from Pune, India for our wonderful journey. we left around 10pm in the night because we heard about the view that we get to see during morning on those western ghats that will fall on our way.

    So we were very excited to see the scenery and had scheduled our journey accordingly. Took a couple of tea breaks on our way. (Now again, indians know how important tea is to us ).
    Reached there on time enjoying our long journey and chats.
    We all had been chatting all the night and when we reached here,none of us speak a word, as the scenery was just too beautiful. Pictures can do justice to the view. The clouds that were sailing on top mountains and the greenery.

    After enjoying this view from sometime, we left for our journey further, with such a beautiful sight in our minds. Can still recall the experience we had there.

    Image 2 : We reached goa in another 3 hours. Got to our resort and took a rest for few hours as we were too tired driving whole night. Woke up and had our lunch little late and then went on to have a walk at beach side. Our resort was a beach side property so it took us just 5 mins to reach as it had this wonderful garden and walk through it to the beach (Image 3).
    We stayed on our beach side beds enjoying our beers and the soulful sound of waves touching the shore. We then went on to get our feet wet and enjoy the waves.

    We were just enjoying the experience and just in few minutes clouds started gathering and all of a sudden it got dark. And just after that it started drizzling.
    The clouds were too dark and had that curly structure. It looked very beautiful. Just took out my phone without worrying about the drizzle as Oneplus 6 being splash proof and got this picture of the clouds. (Note : as I took my phone it stopped drizzling, as if God didn't know I had OP6 )

    Image 3 : We then were returning back to our resort and the weather was so good that the area (can say garden) between the beach and our resort looked so beautiful because of the greenery it had. Calm and peaceful.

    We then reached our resort, chilled for sometime in the small pool we had and then went back to our rooms to sleep and we wanted to Enjoy the nightlife of Goa, which it is famous for.

    Stayed there for 3 days and came back to Pune with bag full of memories and beautiful sceneries. Memories, which we will be cherishing throughout our lives.

    Few things that I learnt :

    "Its not destination, that matters, its the journey, the experience."

    "Travel is better with friends"

    (P.S. : Please excuse me for the grammatical mistakes that I may have made. )
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  17. sarath.karakatil
    Donut Oct 16, 2018

  18. G_christophe_deneau_Qucx
    Cupcake Oct 16, 2018

  19. GiacoFlo
    Cupcake Oct 16, 2018

    GiacoFlo , Oct 16, 2018 :



    1) OnePlus 6. Montecatini Terme (Italy). No editing software or third party lens was used.

    2) OnePlus 6. Firenze (Italy). No editing software or third party lens was used.

    3) OnePlus 6. Lucca (Italy). No editing software or third party lens was used.

    The common thread of these photos is my long distance relationship. When my girlfriend and I meet we take trips to nearby cities, so that we live happy moments we can remember as we both like travelling.

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  20. tintz74
    Cupcake Oct 16, 2018

    tintz74 , Oct 16, 2018 :
    One plus 5
    Not edited or altered at all - au natural
    Taken at Loch Fascally in Perthshire Scotland

    Started kayaking recently and have visited some beautiful parts of the country but nothing beats Perthshire in the autumn.

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