[Winners Announced] Spreading the Love for Valentine's Day

  1. Nathan M.
    Cupcake Feb 12, 2018

    Nathan M. , Feb 12, 2018 :
    I'm not as good with sentimental so I'll go with a funny story:

    For context, I'm a speed skater and so I'm pretty comfortable on the ice, and my girlfriend expects me to be much more comfortable on it than her so that I can catch her if she falls. She apparently expects too much, because I've fallen nearly every time we've been skating together (and elsewhere).

    One particular time that she loves to tell to people is when we were going to walk her dog one evening, with fresh snow on the ground so it was pretty slippery. The park was fine, but then in the middle of the path on the way back, where it's nice and flat, I step on some ice and fall backwards like an old cartoon character and she just laughs her head off.

    Now I have the label of the clumsy one in the relationship, and ever since, whenever it comes up that I'm a skater, she finds a way to sneak it into the conversation that I'm more prone to falling than her. Keeps me humble, and gives both of us a laugh at least.
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  2. Matthäus
    Donut Feb 12, 2018

    Matthäus , Feb 12, 2018 :
    Here is a poem I wrote 2 years ago. It's quite sad, but it's still about love. I hope this counts as an entry:


    It used to be great
    It used to mean freedom
    I used to find comfort in the lack of external attention

    Answer whenever you want
    Talk whenever you want
    Nobody cares, nobody will miss your words

    But you made me forget how the world works
    And for more than a glance, I thought it mattered
    I felt something warm in darkness

    And at some point
    I believed that you needed me
    That what came out of my mouth had an impact in someone’s life

    “God only knows how every single breath I took
    Was only another attempt to make you happy”

    But one day, you decided that it was time for me to wake up
    I had spent too many days in Ogygia
    I had forgotten how it felt to be just one

    And before I could realize what was happening
    You got distant
    You sent me away

    And as my boat floats into the mist of the world
    I think about you
    I keep you alive in my thoughts

    Feeling powerless while I watch you turn around and forget me
    knowing that when the fog completely conceal your silhouette
    It’s not you that will vanish

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  3. Harsh singh sp
    Cupcake Feb 13, 2018

    Harsh singh sp , Feb 13, 2018 :
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  4. Makara Nou
    Eclair Feb 13, 2018

    Makara Nou , Feb 13, 2018 :
    For some reason, I happened to be in the same class in college with my long lost ex from high school. I guess we were just classmates. But, we ended up learning how to love again.

  5. Ruby G.
    NA Community Manager Staff Member Feb 13, 2018

    Ruby G. , Feb 13, 2018 :
    @frag_executor Just wanted to say your post resonated so much, thank you for sharing your thoughts. Love that is not possessive, that only wants the best for the other person is true love. Wish you all the best, and that time will continue to heal the pain into sweet remembrances.

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  6. Makara Nou
    Eclair Feb 13, 2018

    Makara Nou , Feb 13, 2018 :
    It was school day love. Now we are more committed to our relationship.

  7. 01baftb
    Gingerbread Feb 13, 2018

    01baftb , Feb 13, 2018 :
    OnePlus One was my first
    But love at first sight
    OnePlus 5T Sandstone White
    Winning a OnePlus 5T Lava Red
    Will also be an amazing delight

  8. dermot33
    Ice Cream Sandwich Feb 13, 2018

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  9. SKC_10
    Cupcake Feb 13, 2018

    SKC_10 , Feb 13, 2018 :
    Oneplus is here
    Others are gone
    It will be in my hands till many dawns
    Many phones came and gone
    But oneplus is as usual from day1
    We can see many came along
    But oneplus is Standing Alone

  10. Kenahuja
    Gingerbread Feb 13, 2018

    Kenahuja , Feb 13, 2018 :
    Here's my most recent poem, not written for Valentines, but threads quite close to love.


    Let the old flame burn rough,
    The sunshine in your pocket’s buff,
    You've been there together before,
    This time you've got the power to explore

    Let your heart take over your mind,
    Turn a blind eye to wretched mankind,
    Hold his hand and take the leap,
    Let him know your faith runs deep

    You’ve looked into his eyes,
    Each time hating the goodbyes,
    Gazing beyond the surfaced darkness,
    Unearthing something not quite heartless

    Turning your days into melodies,
    Flying away like the little birdies,
    Don’t let the flame turn old again,
    Let the sunshine through without refrain

    - Ken Ahuja

    For anyone interested in poetry apart from love as well, feel free to check out my blog below :)

  11. G_sahana_gowda_OUyF
    Cupcake Feb 13, 2018

    G_sahana_gowda_OUyF , Feb 13, 2018 :
    you brought me
    roses that were on fire
    told me that love for you
    was rage
    you held my hand
    left me with bruises
    told me you didn't want to
    let me go
    i can't press your
    flowers and fire
    between these pages
    they speak of fire
    your fire will burn us
    your rage will end us
    i can't press your
    palm into mine
    and hold you there
    because you don't just
    touch me
    you drill into my skin
    i know i'm tender
    i'm soft enough
    to bruise quickly
    but i'm also
    tough enough
    to resist
    to fight back
    so you know what
    i will


    Happy valentines day all

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  12. Ayush__Saxena
    Cupcake Feb 13, 2018

    Ayush__Saxena , Feb 13, 2018 :
    I have this funny memory with my girlfriend.
    Scene 1.
    A friend of mine once called me up, asking if I could join him for a wedding, I denied because I wasn't invited to it, he kept calling me for 3-4 times and I agreed. After I entered this wedding, it turned out to be my teacher's daughter's wedding, the teacher knew I wasn't invited but she was still happy to see me. A year passed, and I again went to a wedding with another friend of mine, and it happened to be the same teacher's another daughter's wedding. She found me again.
    Scene 2.
    I have a girlfriend now, it happens to be the same teacher's 3rd daughter :tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy:
    I hope I'll be there at her wedding also but as a groom:hearteyes:
    And I would like to see the reaction on my teacher's face looking at me and she'll be like "Again :disrelieved::neutral:" (Kidding, she is very sweet).

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  13. ItzaNeedsanewphone
    Cupcake Feb 13, 2018

    ItzaNeedsanewphone , Feb 13, 2018 :
    Share an unforgettable/funny memory from your love.

    My first love was a "puppy love" : we were ten years old and he was really kind...
    I remember that he would always check if my shoelaces were undone and would kneel down to tie them for me if it wasn't the case.
    Thinking back on it now, I appreciate those little moments even more: it was so natural and innocent. It wasn't "tainted" by pride, gender roles or worries about what others' would think.

    So here is to you, first love : wherever you are now and whatever life has thrown your way, I hope your heart remains as kind as it was then.

  14. ludovicopasquale
    Cupcake Feb 13, 2018

    ludovicopasquale , Feb 13, 2018 :
    The unforgettable moments I shared with my love(lava:tearsofjoy:) are mainly two: when we kissed and when I introduced her to one plus world . :tearsofjoy::hearteyes: well, now it should be nice to add another moment to our story with one plus red lava

    Cheers from italy
    Ps, my love to you, one plus, belongs from more than 3 years:kissingheart:

  15. H1518171172433
    Cupcake Feb 13, 2018

    H1518171172433 , Feb 13, 2018 :
    Oneplus 5t in my thoughts and in my heart
    Wherever I may go;
    On Valentine's Day, I'd like to say
    I want to give this phone to my girlfriend as gift but one day I know I will gift this phone to my girlfriend ...
    thanku.oneplus _ india

  16. The_AkGupta
    Cupcake Feb 13, 2018

    The_AkGupta , Feb 13, 2018 :
    Hey there !
    My self akshat and i want to share my one of the best loving memory!!!
    One day she and I talking to each other suddenly our teacher saw us and he started to scold and going to punish me and her....
    I dont care if he scold and punish me but he also started scold and punish her than I became angry and talk to my teacher in very bold way that " There was only my fault , dont punish her otherwise you will not able to go home " I know many of you are saying what a lie i m telling but its true.... After that many teacher scold me and punishes me badly but i was happy because i save her from punishment!!
    That was my story hope u like this!!!

  17. MatDam
    Lollipop Feb 13, 2018

    MatDam , Feb 13, 2018 :
    A little poem

    Il fiore è rosa,
    il cielo è blu,
    tu sei bella,
    ti amo sempre più.

    - MatDam

  18. Devanshu Contractor
    Cupcake Feb 13, 2018

  19. Hilaal Khan
    Cupcake Feb 13, 2018

  20. Ayush_needs_oneplus_
    Cupcake Feb 13, 2018