[Winners Announced] Spreading the Love for Valentine's Day

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    Cupcake Feb 23, 2021 at 12:19 PM

    W1614080529977 , via OnePlus Community App , Feb 23, 2021 at 12:19 PM :
    I know what u mean. I'm married to a woman who is an angel by anybody's standards. But she chosee I'd gladly die for her and kill the world over her if need be and never leave se a second sleep. She stood beside me after her dad had me put vked up for 4 yrs but the last 6 my ntyes she started called my me pathetic etc. I found myself crying like a baby in a room full 🌝 f gangsters. Bad look to say the least. So good nstead of commission Ng home to her I went to a previous love. I never leave intended to stay but I had to show her a was far from pehetic. . So needless to stay I let out 4 yrs of pent up aggression into my twin flame every witch way but loose. We had a great time. After a week I was ready to call me home. She was hurt but understood at first. We got married best thing that ever happened to me. She never got over my escapade before coming home. Even tho i loved here dearly she kept pushing me back to this other woman 🛴 n me out etc. Naturally I went when I had enough. Same as before great sex freaky nasty loving with a woman who took my breath the first time I saw her. My wife would say hateful shit and she'd b there to pull me out of the grave I'd dug listened Ng to the hullshit. Half witch half hippie rockstar. Bit nothing could make me take the step to commute. She was 40 o miles away from my family also. When she picked me up one thing to this and that and we would have the best phone sex texting pics dn near better then actually being with my wife. Iv send e gtton off drugs all the way but then I hadn't. We'll have d pass out and the wife found movies pis text. Things that would have drove me so mad me or the other man wouldn't have made it. But she stuck by me. I left ol girl alone got clean bust my *** to make special days better. I'm so in love I can't see strait. So much I haven't texted talked sexted anyone. I have no one on the sides waiting even for fun. God I try to b a good husband. Heartbreaking tho. Regardless what it is my wife and I r almost over. I'm dying inside. Iv done it changed my whole life cut everyone out. And she talks to me in the worst possible way. I split wood with an ax and splitting mall v day for a nice one. She was pissed over triveal shit and the night of as I worked on the dishwasher she stood over me and told me my work was trash I was trash no woman would ever want me get out of her and the kids life. Her son wasn't mine anymore I discuss her. I tried letting it roll off but I'm devastated. I can picture life without her in it. It holds no appeal for me without her and I know in my heart she doesn't live me anymore. I'd bet my life she's found someone else. I keep trying but like she says it's a bandaid. All I want is my penutbutter back. That's her I'm jelly. Lmao. But she's gone just hasn't left yet. I don't want anyone else. Just her. I'm sick spiritually mentally all ways. I can't pull myself to try and find another woman. Hell I can maststerbate fr. That's bad. What am I gonna do? I work hard I try to spoil her. Is it fixable? Advise anyone? Ima damn good man no doubt about it. Not consited but I am. But I'm lost and torn.if anyone is smart enough to come up with an answer to this plz fill fill me in. If we don't do something quick it is over bc it's getting toxic. But I do not want to lose my angel. I'm not scared of shit but the thought of losing here terrifies me. Someone plz help me. If not it's back to meaningless sex with random women for who knows how long bc I don't think I'll ever feel this way again. I know to some dude I sound like a buster or trick to u I say uv never found what I have or if know. Ladies any ideas?

    Signed sad in st louis. ******* [personal information removed by moderator]
    Hot me up if u think of something to save my life and sanity. Thanks to talk for listening
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    KitKat Feb 23, 2021 at 12:32 PM

    McJader , Feb 23, 2021 at 12:32 PM :
    why all this on a tech forum?