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    YRJ , Dec 3, 2019 :

    Olà Amigos,
    How are you all? It's already December, the last month of 2019. How's the cold? :grin: How is the year treating you so far?
    If you have been following the recent contest threads you must know that almost every idea Revolves around hearing your story!
    With a community so huge and diverse, everyone has a story of their own.

    Earlier, when we asked you to share your username stories, I was amazed by the response! Who'd have ever thought that there could be so much to something as mere as a username?

    Well today, we are doing it again.... We are asking you to share your stories with us.... except that this time there are no limits, no bounds. The story you wish to share can be absolutely ANYTHING. It can be inspirational, motivational, a life event, tragedy, comedy or something you've crafted yourself! ;)
    We will accept anything provided it's your own.
    Feel free to add pictures with your story!
    We have excellent wordsmiths in the community and I'm waiting to be surprised, again.


    While you share and read the stories, forum santa, @Crystal Z. has something that will keep you cozy and warm this winter! ;) Up for grabs are Never Settle Hoodies! but in addition to that we have a very sweet surprise for the winning story. We are holding back from revealing what it is, just yet but I'm certain you'll appreciate it!

    //UPDATE - Surprise Revealed!//
    @Chris dB has revealed that the winning entry will automatically enter Addition no.2!
    More info here

    • You just need to reply to this thread with a story of your own to enter the contest.
    • No limit on the number of entries.
    • All content that you submit to this thread must be your own. If we detect Plagiarism, your content will be removed and will be warned in accordance to forum rules.
    • Your post must not contain derogatory, offensive, threatening, defamatory, disparaging, libelous or contain any content that is inappropriate, indecent, sexual, profane, tortuous, slanderous, discriminatory in any way and/or that promotes hatred or harm against any group or person, or otherwise does not comply with the theme and spirit of the Contest.

    I hope the rules are clear, if you still have any questions please drop them in this thread and I'll be happy to answer. I can't wait to read the stories :D

    Never Settle!
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    Lnicoletti , Dec 3, 2019 :
    My personal growth experience

    1 year and 5 days ago I landed in London. I was moving here to start a new life. I am a young Italian, Android Engineer who had lived in Milan, Italy for almost 2 years before making the decision to move abroad. I don't know what exactly drove this decision, it actually started as just a challenge to my self: 'Prove your self you're good enough to get jobs offers from capital cities around the world'.
    So I started sending my CV over, and after a month I had several opportunities to chose between. I ended up choosing London as I had a friend who recently (just 7 months before me) moved there.
    On the 3rd of December, exactly 1 year ago I started a new job as an Android Engineer for a new company here in London. I've always been shy and introvert so starting over in a completely new city without knowing almost anyone was a real challenge for me.

    Months went by and I made some friends out from colleagues. I started attending meetups and talking to strangers in order to make new friends/connections and/or opportunities.
    Few other months went by and I decided, out of nowhere to submit a talk to a conference, one of the most know one in the Android world: `DroidCon`. The one in Madrid, which was at its first occurrence. I got accepted and went on stage. I was feeling anxious as f**k.
    During the presentation, I was sweating as never before and the entire day long before it I was so anxious I could not attend any other talk. But I managed to do it, and I also enjoyed it. I submitted to other conferences and I, for now, spoke at 5 of them. I'm less and less anxious about speaking in public and I'm moving out of my comfort zone as much as I can in order to improve my social skills.

    I'll have the last conference of the year at the end of December and I can't wait to be on the stage again.

    Speak about 1-year transformations!
    I'm so happy I exposed my self and gave a try to such challenges during this year, I hope I'll be able to push myself even further the next year and keep doing what I'm doing right now, without going back.

    Hope you enjoyed my story! :)

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    RAKESH J R , Dec 5, 2019 :
    “The gladdest moment in human life is a departure into unknown lands.” – Sir Richard Burton

    I am Rakesh and i am from Bangalore.

    Well here is my story on how from being a first bencher who was a bookworm and never traveled turned out to be a traveler who never stays home. One reason I ask you to read the below story is that I have handpicked few of my adventure stories which were really funny and at same time a bit life threatening, every single trip has an unwanted adventure which leads us to something we never expected

    I was a guy who never used to go out and all that I wanted to do on weekends was stay home read and play computer games. And I remember my mom scolding “You sit in front that computer whole day, you know nothing about life” and my friends making fun of me, coz it was true I never knew the famous places which were just few streets away.

    The Fire Starter – This ignited the Travel lust in me




    I made my decision to travel with my school friends soon after college days we planned our first road trip. And it was a mess, young souls unplanned trip headed out with 2 bikes which weren’t even in good condition, and the place was Kerala Wayanad. All in all, the whole trip was filled with adventure.
    11.30 in the night we are stopped at check post and we never knew that bikes aren’t allowed into forest that late in the night, we requested the officers to let us go. Two of us were ready to take that risk, and the other 2 weren’t, we split up and yes what was not supposed to happen, happened. The Bike broke down in middle of dense forest and we were stranded in dark. We hear all sorts of sounds in middle of the forest (It was Muthanga forest range) I hear sounds very close to me and ask my friend to turn on his dynamo torch, and!!!! Deer just zips past us, and for a second heart skipped a beat

    Thanks to our other 2 friends who arrived a bit late along with forest dept got us help from a nearby village got it fixed it and moved to explore Wayanad and the nature consumed us.

    And this first trip inspired that traveler spirit inside of me to go explore more, there was so much that I learnt from travelling, the experience, getting to be amidst nature, doing what you like, enjoying that peace.

    The Unwanted Pre – Birthday Celebration

    [​IMG] 1575548401686.jpg




    We were just 1 day away from my birthday and my friends wanted to have a pre-birthday celebration (they coined the word ) All they wanted was a reason to head out that weekend. Plan was to head out of Bangalore and get back before night, and I guess you already know that didn’t happen.
    We left Bangalore at morning and headed to Shettihalli Lake Church (Its near Hassan ) – Famous place for photographers ,it was a cloudy day and reached there around after noon had some food from stalls nearby , just another cloudy day , Slight drizzles , endless grasslands , we just sat there thinking about our lives , our childhood days and time just zipped past us and it was already evening and it started to rain. There was no way we were getting back home, so we planned that we would go to Sakleshpur another beautiful place nearby to halt. Here starts the adventure we didn’t pack clothes nor did we carry our chargers. We all owned One plus and back at those days Type C chargers were like treasure and our phones were dead. We hadn’t even informed at home as to where we were heading. And the sad-best part was it was my Birthday!!! This was my first birthday away from family and nobody got to wish me at 12:00 AM midnight. It was just me and my friends. So the next day the travel bug in us says
    “You have come this far , why not just go a few kms explore the Bisle ghat and head back home” Yeah yeah we did that and here we ended up go into an unknown under construction road which just kept going on and on , heavy rains again and the road was so bad that we couldn’t go back – 2 hours later
    We are out on Mangalore Highway :O 350 kms away from home. We came back non-stop and at first mom was standing at door waiting to do the big pooja , I got yelled for few minutes on my birthday for the hellish thing that I did – And then there was a surprise birthday awaiting me.

    Just keep going till you run out of either time or fuel





    By now we had completed 21 trips , Exploring all places in Karnataka , One day road trips , Two day road trips , long night drives. We wanted something big, I mean something really big.

    And you know by something this big – We were aiming for something that everyone craves for – THE LEH-LADAKH road trip.

    We got all our planning done, sat weeks together planned everything, even at work I was busy planning my trip and ended up getting my manager as well to help me out . The day came and we headed Delhi, our first trip far far away from home, a new place new language it was a wonderful experience delicious food. It was all fine till we met the vendor who was supposed to hand over the bikes. We were supposed to leave at 10am and yeahh things don’t go planned – We got our bikes at 4pm, we had lost a lot of time. We reach Chandigarh on day one and make a halt. Next day we start off and nightmare begins one of the bikes isn’t fine, we have lost so much time by now and the bike stops at this time, it just refused to go ahead. All of us were frustrated, so many days of planning. So, we decide Leh isn’t happening lets just go Shimla Manali and head back home. We reach Shimla and then Manali on day 4.
    We 4 just sit there gazing at the sun setting, and one of them starts –

    “Guys, shall we do it? Let’s go Leh, we have got this far “

    We look at each other’s faces – All in one go say yes let’s do it. Next day my friend who doesn’t know even a bit of Hindi surprised us, He got us the permits and seriously till this day we don’t know how he did that. We rode endlessly skipping all our planned stop points and yes, we made it. The spirit in us didn’t fade away. Beautiful Stupas, the monasteries. We loved every single day of our trip, ever changing terrain.

    Toughest Peak – Forest fire – Go up or head down





    Soon after college days ended some of my friends went abroad of studies and it was along time since we all met. They were all coming back for a break and we had to plan something. What better thing could it be than going out climbing the mountains and pitching our own tents, gazing off at the sunset, reaching the summit, having the sense of accomplishment.
    It was Kumaraparvata that we chose. We packed our bags , tents and food and headed off to Kumaraparvata , it was a very difficult trek. I convinced all of them and took the ahead. All of them were cursing me for choosing such a tough one, all I could say was “Guys just keep pushing yourselves you gonna make it to the top and thank me later.” I just didn’t know what to say. All these years I used to go on bike trips this was something asking for fitness that none had. We were half way through the trek and we saw small patch of fire on the mountains, we thought someone might be cooking something and just ignored and moved on, Day one came to an ended and we pitched our tents facing the sunset. And that’s when my friends all came to me and said, JR this is amazing man, place is really amazing. I was happy inside phew glad they liked but the tough part was tomorrow when we had to summit. 2.30am in the night, Forest dept comes knocking – Guys there is a forest fire and you got to leave now, either head top or head down, and this patch will be burnt in next 30 mins we just looked around and there was fire, mountains are all red. We decided to go top. we packed our bags and tents and headed top. Fire was blazing just next to us. And it was all dark and steep, we had all split up. And now one of my friends confesses that the s scared of heights, we were halfway and its dark we can’t leave him there and all I could do was borrow few dialogues from Kungfu Panda and inspire him to head top. We finally made it to the top and Guess what – They all thanked me for choosing the trek.

    My first Himalayan trek with an injured knee






    This was 2 months ago (Oct 2019) I planned my first Himalayan trek – and I chose the difficult one.

    Goecha La – in search of Kanchenjunga, I had lots of things going on at this time in my life. And I am a believer in God. I don’t know how but there was voice in my head telling this to me - “Rakesh you got few goals that you need to accomplish once you get back from this trek, I say this to you. Reach the summit and pray – I will grant your wish

    I got my team of 8 ready and we headed off to Sikkim.
    Heading out to the Himalayas was no cake wake and we had a lot to do work on our physical fitness, and for some of them it was their first trek in their lives. Day 1 we reach Sikkim and meet our amazing leader Sudhanshu and our Trek Guide – The super human Buddha Daju. We started off on and I was carrying the heaviest bag in our team which was really something I shouldn’t have. On day 3 I sprain my knee and I couldn’t go ahead. One of the porters helped me reach the campsite but I was so down, I doubted myself for a second the pain was so immense that I thought I might not be able to go ahead. My trek lead told me if I don’t make It to the small summit which we had on day 4 then I was supposed to head straight back down. I spelt with that thought in my head. Next day we start off early morning at 3 and my trek leader looks at me, “Rakesh you really want to do this? you leg’s not good and there is always next time” and I say “I want to try this is important to me” We headed off to Dzongri top it was not easy I took little steps at a time , I just wanted to go witness the beauty of Kanchenjunga from far off. I really really wouldn’t have made it if it wasn’t for my friend Sachin who was with me till I reached the Summit and Shalini who helped me the previous day to get my leg feel better. And then I make to the top of Dzongri. This was the first time to saw Kanchenjunga and goosebumps all over me, I say this to myself “Kanchenjunga I will come closer and I will see you and offer my prayers”. All were surprised looking at me at top of Dzongri and another inspiration to me Kolappan, he told me this “Rakesh you made it to Dzongri Top, I am sure you will make to the Goecha La summit” his words really lit up my spirit. and I carried on each day. My friends stayed with me each day going at my pace , tolerating me and I am always grateful to them and Buddha Daju ( my Guide) there is no way I can repay him for everything he did for me and making sure that I made to the summit and back safe on my own legs. And I finally made to the top of Goecha La and I literally cried inside looking at Kanchenjunga glowing, with Sun rays falling on her. She was so beautiful. I just sat there looking at her and offered my prayers. And while descending I just kept taking stops and turned back to look at the mountains. I just didn’t want to leave the place. It was so enchanting. I told myself I will try to come back each year to witness the beauty of these mountains.
    And yes just 1 week after I was back, my prayers were answered and it was a miracle. Mountains are really magical and you can only know that once you experience it.

    I Urge you all to Travel. Go Experience the nature, she has got lots to offer. Save her.

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    RaraBunny , Dec 7, 2019 :

    Nathan Viers woke up earlier than usual that day.
    The uncompromising nature of his work schedule has trained him to adapt to such unforseen circumstances, You don't become CEO at his age by complaining about things in life.

    Nathan had it all, an illustrious MIT graduate with a knack for doing the impossible. Always smiling and contemplative, radiating confidence in every stride, it was evident to anyone at a glance that Nathan was tailor made for bigger things. Success didn't come cheaply, when others credited his unbelievable rise to everything from his intellect to pure luck, only he knew of the sleepless nights and breakneck schedules. Off lately, they've started taking their toll on him.

    Last night was probably the worst of them all. After a 12 hour long flight, the last thing you want is to find yourself begging for sleep.
    It was around 4:45 in the morning that he finally gave up, he got up, washed his face and went out for a stroll. The view was amazing, it had to be, since he was on one of the most beautiful beach resorts in the whole world.

    The sunrise was breathtaking, he wanted to take a few pics and post it to the millions who follow him on social media but on a second thought, he sat down on the beach and closed his eyes, picturing himself having closed this deal and flying back home. It didn't matter though, he neither had anyone waiting for him nor did it feel any different than a hotel room. He was in his early 30's and had it all planned out for the future, retirement by mid 40's and focusing on the less important things later on.

    It was just about then that he glanced upon a man, slightly younger than him. He stood beside a fishing boat, closed his eyes and smiled at the sea, in a swift movement, he pushed the boat towards the waves and was seen enthusiastically rowing into the sea. Nathan thought about it, he was just like this man, just battling a different set of waves. He wrote down a few more talking points for his presentation. He didn't feel like going back to the hotel room yet.
    A few more years like this and he would buy a mansion by the sea, somewhere nice and beautiful like this. Everything will make sense then, he told himself.

    As he was about to get up, he saw the man returning from the sea. He was smiling to himself, almost humming a song. He got off the boat, pulled it ashore and unloaded the day's catch. Nathan was amazed by it, surely, the man would make a great sale today. Nathan took it as a good omen and walked back to the hotel room.

    The presentation went ahead as planned, Nathan was able to give satisfactory anwers to all the questions raised by his investors. In the end, he sealed the deal and was heading back to hotel when he saw the man selling his catch to a busy crowd in the market. He could tell by the looks of it that the guy made a good profit out of his catch. Later that afternoon, Nathan cancelled all the plans for the next three days and decided to treat himself to a much needed vacation.

    He slept well that night but got up early and went to the beach hoping to meet that guy. Much to his disappointment, the man didn't show up on that day. Nathan went to the bazaar, looking for him. He was nowhere to be seen. Nathan knew that it was silly to think that his success in the presentation had anything to do with a random fisherman but he wanted to thank him for inspiring confidence inside him.

    The guy didn't turn up the next day either. Nathan wasn't impressed with this guy's work ethics. Tomorrow he'll head back to New York and get absorbed in the rat race once again. It wasn't surprising that many people didn't reach the heights that he did, he bemused, they just didn't try hard like he does.

    Nathan went to the beach one last time before heading to the airport.
    He wasn't expecting to see the guy today and to his sheer disappointment, the fisherman didn't show up. Nathan was about to leave the beach when he saw the familiar figure of the man coming back from the sea.
    Finally, the thought to himself, he could meet the guy in person.

    Nathan patiently waited for him and as soon as he finished unloading the catch Nathan approached him.

    "Hey, how are you?"

    The man looked surprised, but calm.

    "I'm good, thanks! How are you doing this fine morning?"

    Nathan was a natural when it came to breaking ice with strangers.

    "My name is Nathan, I run a company at New York, I know this sounds crazy, but you helped me close a deal couple of days ago."

    The man laughed.

    "Happy to help. My name is Jim, I'm, as you can see, a fisherman".

    "What happened to you for two days? You didn't seem to be working"

    Nathan sounded critical and not as concerned as he wanted to sound.

    "Oh, that. I only work once in every two-three days".

    Jim made it sound like it was a no-brainer. Nathan thought it was blasphemous.

    "That's not a good way to run a business, any business"

    Nathan wanted this man to genuinely understand what he is missing out on.

    "Listen, I can see that you are obviously really good at what you do. You seem to sell your product for a good price, but if you are a little more serious about this. I can tell you a way to turn this into something far bigger than your wildest dreams."

    "I'm all ears"

    Nathan knew that he had Jim's full attention, he changed his gears and got into the CEO mode.

    "Picture this. You start working five days a week instead of two. In a month, your profit would be five times what you make now. In a couple of months, you could buy a second boat. In a year you'd be having no less than ten boats. Instead of just selling fresh fish, you can also dry the surplus and sell them, or sell canned fish products. In ten years you can be the owner of a successful fishing business with your own food processing company".

    "And..?" Jim was hooked, or so Nathan thought.

    "Well, you could retire in your early fifties, buy a sea facing mansion, live the rest of your days in peace and in knowing that you've made it in life."

    "Isn't that what I'm doing right now?"

    Nathan looked puzzeld.

    "I only work when I want to, I make more than enough to feed my family and take care of any emergencies. I can see my kids grow, be a part of their lives and childhood. My family loves me, I get enough time to read my favorite poems, help my wife with daily chores, work in our garden."

    "Oh, and that sea facing mansion you talked about.. I don't live in a mansion but sure it's sea facing and I get to live there in my youth when I can appreciate it all with the people I love. I shouldn't push it to my 60's. I don't even know for sure if I'd see tomorrow's sunrise, why risk it all for something that I might get in the future for something that I can have right now? Hundred years from now, we'll be dead, give it another hundred and nobody will even remember that we existed, even if they do, we won't be here to see it. Live your life to the fullest while you still can, nobody can promise you tomorrow's sunrise."

    Nathan wanted to say something in his defense but was spell bound by what he just heard. Speechless, he walked back, unsure about everything around him but he knew what he exactly wanted henceforth-

    Living everyday instead of merely existing.
    Jim might've been just another fisherman but there was something deeply stoic about what he said.
    Nathan never had any life outside his work. His parents got to see him only once in a year for Christmas and he never had a meaningful relationship with anyone else. He wanted someone to read poems with, lie on a rooftop at 2 A.M and talk about every crazy thought he ever had. He wanted to have a daughter who'd follow him around like a lost puppy. He wanted so much more, but his goals always came first.

    Goals that never ceased to exist. Until now.


    P.S: This is my first attempt at writing, the story was told to me by my grandmother. I've made a few changes to make it more relatable for our times.

    Happy holidays everyone!


    [Image Credit: @SpiceMonk]
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    YRJ , Dec 9, 2019 :
    Hey Guys,
    We appreciate everyone sharing your stories. It's been a good week reading your posts.

    Here is something that might increase chances of your excellent literary piece being read, completely.
    We do have a TL;DR club around here, who don't quite read huge stories. :p

    What I would suggest is use different text formatting and colors to highlight the most important part/ turning points of your story. It makes it visually appealing and encourages users to read.

    Also, if you can add related image/s with your story that will further enhance your post.
    Of course, these are just tips and not necessarily a requirement.

    As for the prizes,
    The contest will run indefinitely, until we have 5 winners. So keep sharing your stories.
    The thread will be updated as and when the winners are picked.


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    Overzee , Dec 10, 2019 :
    Never settle, not even in your own life!

    This story is about a little baby boy, who was born on the 29th of August 2019. After being carried around for more than 9 months in his mothers womb, he thought that entering this world on this particular day would be best. Being the first child of these 'parents to be', it was an exiting day for all of them.

    The couple arrived in the hospital and everything started as expected. After a while it was clear that things were not progressing as planned, so a decision was made to deliver the baby by a caesarean section. As part of a standard procedure an epidural was placed as a local anesthetic. Then something happened that the mother nor the father had expected, it appeared that the local anesthetic was not successful. Unfortunately the operating team had to go for a full anesthetic.

    All this time the father has been waiting in a nearby room, watching his wife very closely. Just when he thought he could join his wife in surgery, they brought to his attention that he wasn’t allowed to go in. For a short moment he didn’t know what to say! His wife wouldn’t experience the birth of their child and he was only allowed to watch from a distance through a small glass window!? After a few short seconds, the father's conscience asked him: ”Are you really settling for this, experiencing the birth of your first child through a glass window?” Quickly, he came to his senses and started asking the right questions to the right people, and then something happened. To this day it is not known what exactly happened, but somehow, someone within the operating team turned a blind eye to the standard procedure and made sure that the father could join his wife in the operating room.

    For a moment, it was like the time stood still! Just after the father sat down aside by his wife, his son was born into this beautiful world. Instantly the father felt so small; all those people in the operating room, all doing their jobs as best as they can. But only he, the one who just became a father, was the only one who could provide his baby boy the love and affection he deserves.

    The little baby boy is my beautiful son! He was born, as mentioned before, on the 29th of August 2019 at 1:33 PM. From that moment on, I got to experience eternal and unconditional love! I know it may sound a little bit corny, but it is so true!

    Within one hour from birth, my wife and our little boy Finn got to meet each other, after my wife woke from the full anesthetic and almost everything has been bloody perfect since then!

    I think that we can all learn a little bit from this story: There will be a moment in your own life, where you don't have full control of the situation. But when a opportunity reveals itself, and if there is the slightest possibility of a positive outcome: grab that opportunity! Only than you will know you've done everything to turn the situation into something good. Never settle for less!

    Why am I sharing this story with you guys? Well…when I was in London for the OnePlus 7T launch event I was talking with @cdnfarmer about our lives and what we have experienced in the last couple of months. So I told my story about our little boy and how his birth was a bit of a rollercoaster adventure for me and my wife. I could sense that my story was touching her in some way. I think that people can only fully and/or truly react or empathies with your situation when they have children of their own. After reading about the 'Tell us your story' on the OnePlus community forum, I've decided to share my story with the rest of the community.

    I hope you liked my story and that someday, when needed, it can help you in a (difficult) life decision!

    I wish you all a merry Christmas, a splendid New Year's eve and all the best for 2020!

    Never Settle

    All the best!


    This picture was just taken 12 minutes after Finn's birth!
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    Dresa91 , Dec 3, 2019 :
    My own story. I would like to relate my actual story to this year.
    This year was all about finishing my Master's degree. And I have come quite a bit closer to it.
    I was able to print my Master's thesis this week and will hand it in next Monday.

    This will be a milestone and I have achieved my personal goal of achieving my Master's degree at the age of 30 at the latest. I am now 28 years old and have achieved that.
    Now I can look further into the future and next I can look after my own house for my wife and me:)

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    Once upon a time...

    Never mind.

    I hope you win a hoodie my boo! Good luuuuuck ლ(ꈍωꈍლ)

  16. GopalB. , via OnePlus 6T Mirror Black , Dec 3, 2019 :
    Here's something I wrote on 10th Feb 2018...

    This story is about a guy and a girl...
    So there was this guy, who once met a girl, for some reason they just hated each other since the 1st encounter... They couldn't stand each other a bit and whenever they met, they fought... He'll say something and she'll react to it and then she'll say something and he'll react to it...
    This kept on going for few years, at any friend's party, get togethers, weddings... if they see each other they'll fight for sure...
    But then the girl decided to move to another country for her education and after a month she started to remember all those fights... how and why they fought... What all things he said to her... And then she started missing all that!!!
    She tried to stay busy for few months, hoping those feelings would go away... But that never happened...
    So now she asked few of her common friends for his number...
    She calls him...
    And the number was disconnected...
    She asks others friends, even the guy's friends, but all of them had the same number...
    Now she lost all her hopes and was not able to concentrate on her studies anymore...
    It was valentine's day and the door bell rings... She was home alone as all other flat mates were out on a date... She opens the door and a postman was standing there with a letter...
    She took the letter, signed the papers and closed the door...
    It was for the same guy...
    Tears starts flowing from her eyes and she opens the letter...
    "Hi you fool,
    I was so happy when my friends told me you were leaving finally... I told myself that now I can live in peace... We had a party that night... And I got into some argument with one of my friend... But I felt I was missing something during that argument...
    I was not enjoying it like I used to enjoy our silly fights...
    And then I started crying for some reason... I was missing you on the day you left... How foolish right!!!
    I called few friends and got your address and calculated how much money would be needed to reach where you were...
    It took me few months to collect that and I flew over there to meet you...
    But you were not there... I was lost... I had little to no money... No phone...
    I was roaming around for few days... Aimlessly...
    Then I did something stupid... I asked random guys and girls for the permissions to use their phone... And got your parents number from your friends...
    I called them and asked your current address... (Don't hate me for this...)
    I wrote a letter and borrowed a post men's uniform from a post man...
    Happy Valentine's Day... "

    She ran towards the door and he was standing on the other side with tears filled eyes...
    She started crying like crazy and hugged him...

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    Starcommander , Dec 3, 2019 :
    Is it your story sloth prez?

  18. GopalB.
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    Nice story ex Prez
    Lies :rolleyes:

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    GopalB. , Dec 3, 2019 :
    Thanks... [​IMG]

    Ok, few parts of the story are inspired by true events... That's it... [​IMG]

  22. GopalB.
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    GopalB. , Dec 3, 2019 :
    I wrote that for one person... And after that person, this is the only other place I've posted this...
    It was just collecting dust... [​IMG]

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    You have guts to share.... I can't even dare to recall my past:oops:

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    G_plusone , Dec 3, 2019 :
    That's more like it :p

  25. GopalB.
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    GopalB. , Dec 3, 2019 :
    Most of that is not true tho... [​IMG]

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