[Winners Announced] Tell us your story, we'll shout it to the world!

  1. Prabahan_Boruah
    Cupcake Dec 4, 2019

  2. I1575372694015
    Cupcake Dec 4, 2019

  3. YRJ
    The Lab - OnePlus 7T Reviewer; Community Hero 2020 Dec 4, 2019

    YRJ , Dec 4, 2019 :
    Is that your story?
    Uhmm... I doubt that would get you a hoodie :rolleyes:

  4. Anshu3110
    Ice Cream Sandwich Dec 4, 2019

    Anshu3110 , Dec 4, 2019 :
    This is so beautiful! In what alternate universe does such things happen ...

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  5. GopalB.
    Nougat Dec 4, 2019

    GopalB. , Dec 4, 2019 :
    *it's all in the fictional world that the writers create just as an escape from the non fictional reality... (´ ∀ ` *)

    PS: Thanks... :)

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  6. Anshu3110
    Ice Cream Sandwich Dec 4, 2019

  7. A_rose_by_any_other_name
    Gingerbread Dec 4, 2019

    A_rose_by_any_other_name , Dec 4, 2019 :
    A couple years ago after working for a company for over 10 years, my whole working life, and asking for a raise as I was still on minimum wage, the company said they evaluate wages regularly and basically I wasn't worth any more money. That day I went home feeling really low and useless. I'd spent my whole working life slaving for this company, working more hours than I was paid for and helping out others even though it wasn't part of my job description, but that didn't care, to them I was worthless. This was the culmination of many years of feeling excluded by the company, not fitting in with their clique. For example, when I got married I didn't even get a verbal congratulations, yet the rest of the company got cards, presents and parties etc for any reason possible (and yes I chipped in for everyone one of those). When I went on holiday I bought little gifts back for the others, when they went on holiday everyone got a gift but me. I decided there and then that I needed to leave that toxic environment so started applying for other jobs. I ended up with 2 companies fighting over me and getting a 50% raise compared to what I was paid with the previous company, and then a year into working with them they said they wanted to give me a further raise as they really appreciated all my hard work, and in the meantime I heard my old company was going through struggles as they hadn't realised until I left how much I did for them quietly without any fuss and things were now in disarray. The people I work with now are inclusive to all regardless of colour, nationality, religion or sexual orientation and make sure to treat all as equals. The lesson I try to show others, because of these events, is not to let anyone dictate your value. Work your socks off and if you're underappreciated move on, as there will be people out there who will show you how much they value your work, and will lift you up rather than tear you down. I'm now in a position where I'm truly happy and we all work together in harmony, so if you're in the same position, change your situation and hopefully you'll also be able to leave work each day with a sense of satisfaction, not trepidation of having to go back the next day

  8. pvdscheer
    Eclair Dec 4, 2019

    pvdscheer , Dec 4, 2019 :
    I have raised a support request last week as the screen of my OnePlus 6t is broken. However until now and after sending multiple emails, no feedback from OnePlus support to help me. Been loyal to OnePlus for years and owned the 1, the 2, the 3, the 5 and now the 6T. Please OnePlus, help me get my phone fixed!!!

  9. YRJ
    The Lab - OnePlus 7T Reviewer; Community Hero 2020 Dec 4, 2019

    YRJ , Dec 4, 2019 :
    That's a powerful message right there. Thanks for sharing your story and I'm glad to hear that your present work environment is much better than before. :)

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  10. PruthviDanyamraj
    Cupcake Dec 4, 2019

    PruthviDanyamraj , Dec 4, 2019 :
    This photograph was clicked on oneplus 7pro and i wanted to submit it to the oneplus website and I'm not able to find the process to upload the picture in website.
    please look into this !!!

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  11. Starcommander
    OnePlus Accessory Tester Dec 4, 2019

    Starcommander , Dec 4, 2019 :
    Is that a story?

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  12. aolirl
    Honeycomb Dec 4, 2019

    aolirl , Dec 4, 2019 :
    it's a story with a request I suppose ...

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  13. aolirl
    Honeycomb Dec 4, 2019

    aolirl , Dec 4, 2019 :
    just goes to show that a lot of the time the grass is really greener on the other side!

    well done for realising your own value and congratulations on your change of employers!
    sounds like the previous gang were stuck in the dark ages and haven't moved with the times.

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  14. IamMitesh
    Gingerbread Dec 5, 2019

    IamMitesh , via OnePlus 7 , Dec 5, 2019 :
    So this year give me a change with rigid iPhone User to become ANDROID user.
    I was using iPhone Since last 8 years! and First time i switched into OnePlus ...
    its a great feeling now to have a limitless experience with OxygenOS.. not all android smoother like OxygenOS, just fall in love with oxygenOS!

    Thanks OnePlus team!

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  15. YRJ
    The Lab - OnePlus 7T Reviewer; Community Hero 2020 Dec 5, 2019

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  16. PruthviDanyamraj
    Cupcake Dec 5, 2019

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  17. Abhishek654
    Ice Cream Sandwich Dec 5, 2019

    Abhishek654 , Dec 5, 2019 :
    This is my story .
    My name is Abhishek. I come from Delhi, India. I completed my Graduation there itself. after finishing my college life, my parents gave me the Oneplus 5 which is the flagship device at that time ,i'm totally obsessed with the device.then I started the Masters in computer application in 2017 .That presented an entire different picture to me. It so hard to concentrate on studies during my university career. I have had some minor problems to concentrate in the learning and writing programs , since I'm not so motivated on all of the courses. But with the help of zen mode, I have been able to efficiently concentrate on the my MCA
    Now I've just completed my masters and got a job as a web developer and buy upgrade my oneplus 5 to oneplus 7t with my first salary .It felt so good to buy something from own hard earn money which is totally worth it..
    just brought
    Oneplus 7t
    Oneplus wireless bullets 2
    Sandstone back cover
    That it is my short and simple with my career and oneplus

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  18. nagarjun2901
    Froyo Dec 5, 2019

    nagarjun2901 , via OnePlus 7 Pro , Dec 5, 2019 :
    Hey guys,

    I would like to share a story of my recent trek to Goecha La pass, Sikkim, Himalayas, India.

    The mountains are calling and I must go!

    After having done around 19 treks in the Western Ghats of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala, I thought it was a high time to enter the Himalayan venture. My first Himalayan trek was Kedarkantha (altitude of 12500 ft) , Uttarakhand in March. It was an easy to moderate trek where I had a thrilling experience. But after that I wanted to go for a trek with a higher difficult level and a longer one and that's when I chose Goecha La Pass trek in Sikkim. The main reason to choose this trek was to experience the views of Mt Kanchenjunga (3rd highest peak in the world at an altitude of 8586 m), Mt Pandim (6691 m), Mt Kabru (7412 m), Mt Rathong (6400 m), the Kanchenjunga ranges and the beautiful forest trails and meadows in the trek.

    Campsites of the trek: Yuksom - Sachen - Tshoka - Dzongri - Thansing - Lamuney - Goecha La pass.
    We get another campsite called Kockchurang while descending. The climb from Tshoka to Dzongri top was challenging as it was steep, but the views on Dzongri top were magnificent. Arguably the best view in the entire trek. I got see the spectacular views of Mt Kanchenjunga, Mt Pandim, Mt Kabru, Mt Rathong and the sleeping buddha (the entire Kanchenjunga range). On one side there were clouds and on the other side it was all mountains. It was magic to my eyes.

    The trek is a strenuous one with a distance of 90 kms. It is a 10 day trek which starts from Yuksom which is the base camp. The trek was in the month of October 2019. The best time to visit the trek in in April, May and October, November period. The weather forecast didn't look great and it showed heavy rainfall. I could only pray to the mountain and sun gods and hope for a good weather. In the initial days of the trek, there was rain, the trail was slushy with leeches. Once we started reaching higher altitudes, the weather started to favor us and I was extremely lucky to have the best views from all the view points. Mountains can be humble and devastating at the same time, but what I saw in this trek was something beyond beautiful, inexplicable.

    Throughout the entire trek I chanted Om Ma Ni Padme Hum (holy chant in the mountains of Sikkim) for good weather conditions and the mountain gods heard me. There's a window on the mountains where we get to see clear views. I got so see amazing views as we reached on the right time and it was a indeed a perfect window. I call it the window of Gods. The Thansing campsite deserves a mention. The staggering views of Mt Pandim at Thansing from close and meadows were something I couldn't take my eyes off (again thanks to the window as most of the time it was cloudy). We camped near river Prek Chu at Lamuney which was our final campsite before summit and it was super fun. Then comes the final summit day where everybody is eager and pumped up. I also got a chance to take some brilliant pics of the night sky - astro photography. The final day of our climb to an altitude of 15100 ft had arrived. We started our final ascent around 2 am, it was biting cold. Finally around 4.30 am, we reached the summit - Goecha La pass (15100 ft). I was panting and I could sense that achievement and hard work. I hugged each and everyone of my fellow trekkers on the summit and congratulated them. What a feat it was!

    I sat down on the summit alone, the silence was beautiful. Everyone were waiting for the dawn and the sunrise to view the mighty Mt Kanchenjunga from close. Mt Pandim was at touching distance from the summit that I could literally throw a stone at it! I took out my mobile tripod to capture a time lapse video. The views in the dawn and that of sunrise are highly unforgettable. The moment when the golden sun rays kissed Mt Kanchenjunga and its adjacent peaks, tears started rolling down my cheeks. It was tears of joy. I had my special moment. It was such a privilege that the weather cleared out and I got to see the best views of Mt Kanchenjunga, Mt Kabru, Mt Pandim from so close. I mean these are some of the biggest mountains in the world and it was a feeling of sheer goosebumps. I literally bowed down to the mighty Mt Kanchenjunga.

    We spent around one hour on the summit, clicked some amazing pics and started the descent.

    While descending, we got to witness a high altitude alpine lake, lake Samiti. It was beautiful and I could see the reflection of the snow capped mountains on the water, the water was crystal clear! I met a lot of amazing folks in this trek and I will cherish this lifetime. Each and everyone in the trek loves adventure, mountains and meeting like minded people is always special. Every time I go to the mountains, I always experience and learn something new, but what I experienced in this trek is inexplicable. This trek will reverberate in my mind forever. Mountains have a special place in my heart.

    Here are few pics I'd like to share
    Hope you enjoy it.

    Waking up to this spectacular view at Tshoka campsite

    Beautiful mountain ranges

    Mt Kanchenjunga from Dzongri top
    View attachment 1195901

    Sleeping buddha as seen from Dzongri top (starting from left - Mt Rathong (the one after the extreme left peak), Mt Black Kabru, Mt Kabru, Mt Kanchenjunga))

    Mt Pandim from Dzongri top

    Mt Pandim as seen from Thansing campsite
    View attachment 1195899


    River Prek Chu at Lamuney Campsite

    The view of Mt Kanchenjunga before sunrise from the summit

    Golden rays kissing Mt Kanchenjunga (tears of joy moment)



    The golden cap


    A proud moment!



    Beautiful meadows


    Lake Samiti while descending - The beautiful reflection of the snow capped mountains on the lake



    Some night sky photos shot on OnePlus 7 Pro. Edited with Adobe Lightroom


    I would like to sign off by stating one of my favorite quote below:

    "The mountains were his masters. They rimmed in life. They were the cup of reality, beyond growth, beyond struggle and death. They were his absolute unity in the midst of eternal change." ― Thomas Wolfe

    Nature has so much to give us, plethora of emotions.

    Thank you so much for taking time to read this.

    All my pics have been shot from my OnePlus 7 Pro, hands down to the camera and a big shout out to OnePlus. Never Settle. Go Beyond Speed. Thank you!


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  19. The Earl of Twatshire
    KitKat Dec 5, 2019

    The Earl of Twatshire , Dec 5, 2019 :
    A story,

    Well dear reader you have come to the right place.

    I'm sure those of you who remember me will remember that I am the purveyor of gibberish, nonsense and other forms of irrelevant entertainment.

    So with that in mind, let me tell you a tale.

    Which happened only last night.

    So there I was, standing on the back lawn of my country estate, my imaginary butler and I were performing an ancient Twatsharian sport of drinking alcohol with only four-letters in its name.

    We had worked on the Port, finished the Quzo and were onto the Sake.

    It was at that point I heard what can only be described as the sound of bells ringing in the air.

    "Jingle bells" I announced. My imaginary butler winced as he knew what that meant. My old and hated nemesis Santa Claus. His face darkened as he realised that the only thing that will happen will be an argument and possibly a fistfight.

    I scanned the skies, looking for the man, the man in red.

    "Ho Ho Ho Earl it is me Santa Claus!" his cheery voice echoed around the skies. My blood ran cold, I knew what this hoodlum in red wanted and it was never nice, He either came for insults, violence or in some occasions, both.

    I looked up and say the familiar sight of Santa, sleigh, and reindeer, which circled above me and came in to land on my lawn. As it landed the reindeer relaxed, sat down on their hindquarters and lit up cigarettes.

    "Earl, it is I, Santa" the fat red-dressed fool announced.

    "I know, I recognised your bells, stupid red suit and hat" I announced. I'd not forgotten what this red faced jolly fool had done to me. I loathed the man, the crime which he did to me was beyond compare.

    Dracula had tried to kill me, not at bad as what Santa did

    Baron IronFistMcDeath had attempted to pull my bottom lip over the top of my head, not as bad as what Santa did.

    Captain Death-Pants-Doom had tried to demolish my country estate with me inside, not as bad as what Santa did.

    "Oh come Earl, you still can't be angry about that, that was over sixty years ago." Santa exclaimed, his face showed the suprise that I still held this grudge. I furrowed my brow as I looked at the man. Years of fine living and using his elves as slaves had lead to him being massively fat. His red suit was straining at the seams as I stared at his sherry and mince pie fed form.

    "I'll never forgive you" I replied. I stared at him, the bad memories returning to my mind, the years of tears, the years of teasing and the abuse.

    "Look let's be friends, I'm here to offer the hand of friendship" With that, he extended a hand. I looked down it was encrusted with mince pie crumbs and the residue of carrots. I looked down slowly at his hand then to his face. I knew that this was some form of evil ploy, the monster was trying to lull me into a false sense of security to allow him to take advantage of me.

    I did the only thing a rational man could do. I attacked.

    The first blow hit him square in the face, compressing his magnificent beard into his chin. The second hit him in the stomach. I backed off awaiting the counter attack, Santa did not disappoint.

    Santa backflipped and as he did struck me under the chin with a flying kick. I reeled backward and pressed the issue. I leaped at the man and landed a dropkick square onto his chest. He fell backward into the reindeer who had been watching and making bets on who would win the fight.

    Rudolph decided he would get involved, he launched himself at me, antlers first.

    Alas, the Earl is too fast, I grabbed the red-nosed buffoon by the antlers and picked him up, I then used the Rednosed little brown noser as a weapon and struck him directly into the face of Santa. I struck him again and again, using Rudolph.

    Santa wailed that he submitted, his hands furiously signaling that he had received a beating that was too much for him to bear.

    "What did I ever do to you?" he screamed. My blood boiled, how could he have forgotten, how could he have forgotten how much pain and trauma he had caused me

    "It was a bicycle!" I shrieked at him. "All I wanted was a bicycle!"

    "But you were a naughty boy!" he cried back.

    I thought long and hard about the year, I asked for the bicycle, had I been a naughty boy? I searched my memories. All I had done was set a few fires, plot the downfall of western capitalism and slap a few old people. Hmm, maybe he had a point.

    I reached down, offering the hand of friendship to Santa, he accepted with a smile.

    I lifted him up from the ground and offered him a glass of the finest Sake. He accepted this with a smile and motioned to his sleigh. Inside was the exact bicycle I asked for when I was a child.

    "I was here to drop this off to you, I felt bad about not giving it you all those years ago"

    I looked at him, and then the bicycle. I then asked the question that I needed to ask.

    "Where's my OnePlus 7t that I asked for?"

    "Well... you've been a naughty boy...."


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  20. pvdscheer
    Eclair Dec 5, 2019

    pvdscheer , Dec 5, 2019 :
    Today I chatted with the support desk and I found out that there was something wrong with my emailadres. That is why the emails from oneplus never reached me. Johan from support helped me solving the issue and the phone will be on its way for repair still today. Thanks OnePlus and Johan!

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