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  1. Dandersson
    Eclair Dec 5, 2019

    Dandersson , Dec 5, 2019 :
    its was summer 2019, i went to army because every man older than 18 must, my plan was to stay for 165 day so i could get back and live my own life as fast as possible, after few months they told us what we will become in army and my "job" was 165 days so i was happy, at this point its kinda decided already but our captain told me that i have to be here for a year because the lag of peoples in this "job" and ofc i dont have any power in army so year it is, my mind literally exploded and i became mad af, after few days i kinda accepted it, its only year.

    Guys, dont get depressed for little things, **** happens to everyone.

    Gingerbread Dec 5, 2019

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    RAKESH J R , Dec 5, 2019 :
    “The gladdest moment in human life is a departure into unknown lands.” – Sir Richard Burton

    I am Rakesh and i am from Bangalore.

    Well here is my story on how from being a first bencher who was a bookworm and never traveled turned out to be a traveler who never stays home. One reason I ask you to read the below story is that I have handpicked few of my adventure stories which were really funny and at same time a bit life threatening, every single trip has an unwanted adventure which leads us to something we never expected

    I was a guy who never used to go out and all that I wanted to do on weekends was stay home read and play computer games. And I remember my mom scolding “You sit in front that computer whole day, you know nothing about life” and my friends making fun of me, coz it was true I never knew the famous places which were just few streets away.

    The Fire Starter – This ignited the Travel lust in me




    I made my decision to travel with my school friends soon after college days we planned our first road trip. And it was a mess, young souls unplanned trip headed out with 2 bikes which weren’t even in good condition, and the place was Kerala Wayanad. All in all, the whole trip was filled with adventure.
    11.30 in the night we are stopped at check post and we never knew that bikes aren’t allowed into forest that late in the night, we requested the officers to let us go. Two of us were ready to take that risk, and the other 2 weren’t, we split up and yes what was not supposed to happen, happened. The Bike broke down in middle of dense forest and we were stranded in dark. We hear all sorts of sounds in middle of the forest (It was Muthanga forest range) I hear sounds very close to me and ask my friend to turn on his dynamo torch, and!!!! Deer just zips past us, and for a second heart skipped a beat

    Thanks to our other 2 friends who arrived a bit late along with forest dept got us help from a nearby village got it fixed it and moved to explore Wayanad and the nature consumed us.

    And this first trip inspired that traveler spirit inside of me to go explore more, there was so much that I learnt from travelling, the experience, getting to be amidst nature, doing what you like, enjoying that peace.

    The Unwanted Pre – Birthday Celebration

    [​IMG] 1575548401686.jpg




    We were just 1 day away from my birthday and my friends wanted to have a pre-birthday celebration (they coined the word ) All they wanted was a reason to head out that weekend. Plan was to head out of Bangalore and get back before night, and I guess you already know that didn’t happen.
    We left Bangalore at morning and headed to Shettihalli Lake Church (Its near Hassan ) – Famous place for photographers ,it was a cloudy day and reached there around after noon had some food from stalls nearby , just another cloudy day , Slight drizzles , endless grasslands , we just sat there thinking about our lives , our childhood days and time just zipped past us and it was already evening and it started to rain. There was no way we were getting back home, so we planned that we would go to Sakleshpur another beautiful place nearby to halt. Here starts the adventure we didn’t pack clothes nor did we carry our chargers. We all owned One plus and back at those days Type C chargers were like treasure and our phones were dead. We hadn’t even informed at home as to where we were heading. And the sad-best part was it was my Birthday!!! This was my first birthday away from family and nobody got to wish me at 12:00 AM midnight. It was just me and my friends. So the next day the travel bug in us says
    “You have come this far , why not just go a few kms explore the Bisle ghat and head back home” Yeah yeah we did that and here we ended up go into an unknown under construction road which just kept going on and on , heavy rains again and the road was so bad that we couldn’t go back – 2 hours later
    We are out on Mangalore Highway :O 350 kms away from home. We came back non-stop and at first mom was standing at door waiting to do the big pooja , I got yelled for few minutes on my birthday for the hellish thing that I did – And then there was a surprise birthday awaiting me.

    Just keep going till you run out of either time or fuel





    By now we had completed 21 trips , Exploring all places in Karnataka , One day road trips , Two day road trips , long night drives. We wanted something big, I mean something really big.

    And you know by something this big – We were aiming for something that everyone craves for – THE LEH-LADAKH road trip.

    We got all our planning done, sat weeks together planned everything, even at work I was busy planning my trip and ended up getting my manager as well to help me out . The day came and we headed Delhi, our first trip far far away from home, a new place new language it was a wonderful experience delicious food. It was all fine till we met the vendor who was supposed to hand over the bikes. We were supposed to leave at 10am and yeahh things don’t go planned – We got our bikes at 4pm, we had lost a lot of time. We reach Chandigarh on day one and make a halt. Next day we start off and nightmare begins one of the bikes isn’t fine, we have lost so much time by now and the bike stops at this time, it just refused to go ahead. All of us were frustrated, so many days of planning. So, we decide Leh isn’t happening lets just go Shimla Manali and head back home. We reach Shimla and then Manali on day 4.
    We 4 just sit there gazing at the sun setting, and one of them starts –

    “Guys, shall we do it? Let’s go Leh, we have got this far “

    We look at each other’s faces – All in one go say yes let’s do it. Next day my friend who doesn’t know even a bit of Hindi surprised us, He got us the permits and seriously till this day we don’t know how he did that. We rode endlessly skipping all our planned stop points and yes, we made it. The spirit in us didn’t fade away. Beautiful Stupas, the monasteries. We loved every single day of our trip, ever changing terrain.

    Toughest Peak – Forest fire – Go up or head down





    Soon after college days ended some of my friends went abroad of studies and it was along time since we all met. They were all coming back for a break and we had to plan something. What better thing could it be than going out climbing the mountains and pitching our own tents, gazing off at the sunset, reaching the summit, having the sense of accomplishment.
    It was Kumaraparvata that we chose. We packed our bags , tents and food and headed off to Kumaraparvata , it was a very difficult trek. I convinced all of them and took the ahead. All of them were cursing me for choosing such a tough one, all I could say was “Guys just keep pushing yourselves you gonna make it to the top and thank me later.” I just didn’t know what to say. All these years I used to go on bike trips this was something asking for fitness that none had. We were half way through the trek and we saw small patch of fire on the mountains, we thought someone might be cooking something and just ignored and moved on, Day one came to an ended and we pitched our tents facing the sunset. And that’s when my friends all came to me and said, JR this is amazing man, place is really amazing. I was happy inside phew glad they liked but the tough part was tomorrow when we had to summit. 2.30am in the night, Forest dept comes knocking – Guys there is a forest fire and you got to leave now, either head top or head down, and this patch will be burnt in next 30 mins we just looked around and there was fire, mountains are all red. We decided to go top. we packed our bags and tents and headed top. Fire was blazing just next to us. And it was all dark and steep, we had all split up. And now one of my friends confesses that the s scared of heights, we were halfway and its dark we can’t leave him there and all I could do was borrow few dialogues from Kungfu Panda and inspire him to head top. We finally made it to the top and Guess what – They all thanked me for choosing the trek.

    My first Himalayan trek with an injured knee






    This was 2 months ago (Oct 2019) I planned my first Himalayan trek – and I chose the difficult one.

    Goecha La – in search of Kanchenjunga, I had lots of things going on at this time in my life. And I am a believer in God. I don’t know how but there was voice in my head telling this to me - “Rakesh you got few goals that you need to accomplish once you get back from this trek, I say this to you. Reach the summit and pray – I will grant your wish

    I got my team of 8 ready and we headed off to Sikkim.
    Heading out to the Himalayas was no cake wake and we had a lot to do work on our physical fitness, and for some of them it was their first trek in their lives. Day 1 we reach Sikkim and meet our amazing leader Sudhanshu and our Trek Guide – The super human Buddha Daju. We started off on and I was carrying the heaviest bag in our team which was really something I shouldn’t have. On day 3 I sprain my knee and I couldn’t go ahead. One of the porters helped me reach the campsite but I was so down, I doubted myself for a second the pain was so immense that I thought I might not be able to go ahead. My trek lead told me if I don’t make It to the small summit which we had on day 4 then I was supposed to head straight back down. I spelt with that thought in my head. Next day we start off early morning at 3 and my trek leader looks at me, “Rakesh you really want to do this? you leg’s not good and there is always next time” and I say “I want to try this is important to me” We headed off to Dzongri top it was not easy I took little steps at a time , I just wanted to go witness the beauty of Kanchenjunga from far off. I really really wouldn’t have made it if it wasn’t for my friend Sachin who was with me till I reached the Summit and Shalini who helped me the previous day to get my leg feel better. And then I make to the top of Dzongri. This was the first time to saw Kanchenjunga and goosebumps all over me, I say this to myself “Kanchenjunga I will come closer and I will see you and offer my prayers”. All were surprised looking at me at top of Dzongri and another inspiration to me Kolappan, he told me this “Rakesh you made it to Dzongri Top, I am sure you will make to the Goecha La summit” his words really lit up my spirit. and I carried on each day. My friends stayed with me each day going at my pace , tolerating me and I am always grateful to them and Buddha Daju ( my Guide) there is no way I can repay him for everything he did for me and making sure that I made to the summit and back safe on my own legs. And I finally made to the top of Goecha La and I literally cried inside looking at Kanchenjunga glowing, with Sun rays falling on her. She was so beautiful. I just sat there looking at her and offered my prayers. And while descending I just kept taking stops and turned back to look at the mountains. I just didn’t want to leave the place. It was so enchanting. I told myself I will try to come back each year to witness the beauty of these mountains.
    And yes just 1 week after I was back, my prayers were answered and it was a miracle. Mountains are really magical and you can only know that once you experience it.

    I Urge you all to Travel. Go Experience the nature, she has got lots to offer. Save her.

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  3. B.I.T.S.
    User of the Year 2019 Dec 5, 2019

    B.I.T.S. , Dec 5, 2019 :
    Anyone was missing me? No? Nevermind, I'm here anyway. How was I gonna miss this... :rolleyes:

    I've been thinking, planning, digging in my archive... And found the perfect match to this thread. A series of short fiction stories (there will be some real ones hidden in between), that were written to exist holding hands with a photo. I have... Well, too many. I'll select the best ones and I'll try not to spam too much :innocent:
    This first one is probably the longest one... Next ones will be shorter :D


    Captura de pantalla 2019-12-05 a las 17.55.25.png

    I remember my 5th birthday. As a tradition in my family, my parents organized a big party in the woods near our city. It doesn't seem too big now, but as a small child, it was a perfect huge place for playing hide and seek with my cousins.

    I was an expert in hiding, I would always find the perfect place where no one was able to detect me. However, that day I did too good that I wasn't even able to find myself. I lost track of everyone, stopped hearing their voices... I couldn't find the way back.

    Wandering around, I ended up in a glade where a boy, that might have been my age, was sitting. I ran desperately to him and asked if he knew the way back. As soon as I said that I wondered how he would know it since he didn't know who I was or where I wanted to go, although he raised his hand and pointed a direction, which I followed immediately not asking him or myself any question. In a matter of seconds, I found everyone and to my disappointment, no one was concerned about me.

    Some years later, following the tradition, I went to that same place to celebrate my son's 5th birthday. Like it was another tradition he got lost too. But that's not everything. The same boy who helped me on my birthday, helped him to find the way back.

  4. TibiTibi
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    TibiTibi , Dec 5, 2019 :
    Nice trek and story


    Nice and funny

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  6. Prakhar Shukla 915
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    Prakhar Shukla 915 , Dec 5, 2019 :
    @Crystal Z. I would like to share my story to the people that is related to my placement in a MNC and how my OnePlus6 helped me in my Interview.

    I am a student of Bachelor's of Technology in the stream of computer science and engineering, currently living in India.
    Being in the final year we are exposed to company recruitments and so was i. All the preparations and the hardwork were at stake because this was the time when both have to be rewarded.
    Before the companies started to come in the college, our sixth semester results were announced by the University and unfortunately i got backlog in one subject of my sixth semester. I was totally distressed and disheartened because now i were to miss all the golden opportunities of getting placed in Creame companies. This was the worst thing that happened to me this year. I have never had any backlog till date in any semester. I was also worried but equally calm.
    Finally i decided to fill the challange evaluation for that subject.
    Companies started to come and i was watching them find and go. At the same time i was also preparing for my dream company, thinking of the best that maybe my back would get cleared before my dream company arrives in college, as i was sure that i would get my back cleared.
    So, on September 21st my dream company Capgemini was to come for recruitment and was losing all hope in everything. It was a very bad phase for me. Then the blessings of God bestowed upon me and in the evening of September 20, my challange result canned and my back got cleared. I just into tears of happiness. Now i had only 5 hours to prepare for the test and interview. I was thankful to myself that i was already preparing from earlier with full positivity. Finally that optimism brought me back into the life and the race. I cleared the written test, also cleared the technical interview and went for the HR round.
    Now i was giving my interview's last round and the HR was asking personal questions. She asked me which phone do you use and what made you by that phone.
    I gently answered: " I have a handset of OnePlus 6 and i simply love that phone " I described all the specs i knew about it. To my luck she also had the same one plus phone. Now the connection between us became more stronger. She was impressed by my knowledge about the phone and the company. Being a tech geek i also made a comparison of my phone with the Apple devices and made her agree that Oneplus devices are better than Apple phones.
    In the end finally i for selected in my dream company and after completing my last semester i will join the company.
    That's how OnePlus and my mighty luck helped me getting into my dream company.

  7. otto2
    Photography Expert Dec 5, 2019

    otto2 , Dec 5, 2019 :
    Great pictures, great story.

    Feel free to repost it in the travel photography thread.



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  8. nagarjun2901
    Froyo Dec 6, 2019

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  9. Bacon Man
    Donut Dec 6, 2019

    Bacon Man , via OnePlus 7 Pro 5G , Dec 6, 2019 :

    so before I was born my foot got stuck in mom's pelvis (the little circle in the hips) so when I was born I had a minor club foot because it formed weirdly. so I had to go as an infant to Hawaii where there was the only doctor who could tell if we needed an operation. he said that I had two choices one get surgery or I had a chance to grow out of it. The latter was chosen. however through the years it only got worse and worse I became overweight and for those that may remember on the Wii fit board it always went straight to "obese". and every time I did a sport my foot would throb and start to turn inward kinda hurt not gonna lie. but flash forward 16 years and my foot was getting really bad so I agreed to get surgery on it.

    and that was the greatest decision that I made. shure it sucked when I jamed my toe with my cast but the knee scouters 10/10.

    what I guess my life story's message is life is full of choices and it's better to just go for it. like asking out your crush or wearing a suit of armor. live your best life. and make it your life. waiting just prolongs the pain


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  10. suhantm
    Ice Cream Sandwich Dec 6, 2019

    suhantm , via OnePlus 7 Pro Mirror Gray , Dec 6, 2019 :
    ~epic story is here~

    This is my story of Wonderfruit.

    What is Wonderfruit? No, unfortunately it’s not a magical fruit that shows you all that you desire. Wonderfruit however IS a magical music festival that takes place every year in Thailand and I recently had the pleasure of experiencing it after years of not being able to go. (Note: I have lived in Thailand for most of my life and consider it a second home!)

    It was 4 days before the festival when I got offered a ticket to go, so it all happened very suddenly. The tickets aren’t cheap, 18K INR or 250 USD on average, so I was very very lucky to get a complementary ticket from one by the mysterious initials of CM.

    Since it was in a different city, a little planning was necessary for things like accommodation, clothing, etc. I was only attending for the last two days of the festival because… work. It’s an insane 4-day festival that runs non-stop, and even though I was only there for two days I chose to not book accommodation for the first night just because I thought sleep is a concept I need to forget to have a good time! So ready to go on a Saturday afternoon; I packed a few pairs of clothes, a metal bottle, a tripod with a smartphone mount but most importantly, a charger and powerbank to keep my camera, the OnePlus 7 Pro, ready to capture all the epic moments. So, I got on a minivan and headed to the festival, ready to experience the first night/day!

    I’ll try keep this short for the TLDR peeps here, but it was incredible. There’s this acronym that various music communities use which is ‘PLUR’ which stands for ‘Peace Love Unity and Respect’. Now not to sound like a hippie or anything but I truly felt all of those in the first night/day at the festival. There was so much positivity and sense of community amongst everyone over just the love of the music, art and other experiences there. It was one of those days where I didn’t have a single negative interaction or thought, which is getting kinda difficult these days with all the negative news floating around! I only did music on the first night/day: I attended the sets of Chromeo, Breakbot, Viken Arman and this guy called Acid Pauli which was the DJ that played the sunrise set (Panorama attached below). All were amazing in their own way, but the sunrise set was the most memorable. Hoards of people joined throughout the 4-hour set from 4 am to 8 am and just had a ball listening to the gold pouring out of the speakers at the Solar Stage. The sense of PLUR peaked right as the set ended and everyone dispersed to recover and comeback a few hours later for Day 2.

    Day 2 was chilled. Just did a workshop to learn to play the Hangdrum (have a listen here), made a bowl out of recycled plastics and enjoyed a music set or two more before heading back the following day to get back to the daily grind.

    I could go on and on about the experience, but as I said earlier it was just incredible. I’ve shared a few pictures below that probably speak for themselves. The 7 Pro did a fantastic job at capturing the moments there and I've really lost the urge to use my DSLR now just because of the convenience of having a really great camera that fits in my pocket.

    One thing I just wanted to end on was that attending this music festival brought about similar positivity that I have gotten from attending a bunch of OnePlus events now. The power of community is incredible and just adds a little human-ness to the digital world we live in!

    IMG_20191215_042914.jpg IMG_20191215_071345.jpg IMG_20191215_170613.jpg IMG_20191215_173528.jpg IMG_20191214_202906.jpg

    Thanks for hosting this awesome contest @YRJ!

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  12. Starcommander
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    Starcommander , Dec 6, 2019 :
    Dude..... I just completed sem 5 and I hope that when I get placed same question should be given to me! I would have told my entire oneplus story 😍😍

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  13. G_karanvir_singh_mvAc , via OnePlus Community App , Dec 6, 2019 :

  14. B.I.T.S.
    User of the Year 2019 Dec 6, 2019

    B.I.T.S. , Dec 6, 2019 :
    Captura de pantalla 2019-12-06 a las 11.36.20.png

    C. couldn't believe that her first novel was finally ready. After revisions and revisions, it was perfect according to her own requirement level. Over six thousand coffees counted and made note of, it was done. She never believed what everyone was telling her before starting that adventure, everyone was able to see what was hiding inside her brain. But herself. And there it was, the last dot and the first step of her new life as a novelist. C. stared at the blinking cursor near that dot, she was so released that unconsciously her eyes started to close and not even after two seconds, she was snoring over the keyboard...
    When she woke up, the next morning the screen was white. Completely white. Not a dot. Not a single copy of all the work. Nothing. Everything was gone.

  15. Cyanideß
    Donut Dec 6, 2019

    Cyanideß , Dec 6, 2019 :
    I will tell my story in form of a short poem! Its about my brother, he got released on probation in Sept this year after a decade. The downside is, he's finding extremely hard time fitting into normal life that he has kind of created his own strange world— within his head.

    All liquids have boiling points,
    Man got a boiling and a breaking point.
    Unspoken words soaring into space penetrating through thick walls
    Got him in a state close to madness, nerves stretched to a breaking point.

    Mans lost control over his emotions
    They are allover the place like in Brownian motion.
    His eternally unsatisfied hunger got no companion
    Except the windblown trees with which he holds conversations.

    Looks to the sky and in pairs tears start to slide
    Uncontrollably like a glacier down a mountain glides
    Just a man living outside the mainstream of life
    Lost in the mist at the edge of the riverside.

    No more round of applause, No more sound of jubilation
    Its prison bars up close, it ain't freedom if he's on probation.
    They said they saved him by giving him the freedom he never asked for!!
    Living in a world of misery got his brain into turmoil.
    Feels like he can't stop falling endlessly into a mystery blackhole.

    High over the dark past his future under scrutiny
    Down under the stars, he's communicating with his destiny
    Regrets all around his head, he's swirling in a galaxy
    Till he goes to bed in a state of intoxicated ecstasy.

    For now he's trapped like a cunning mouse
    last seen standing on the roof of a burning house!!!

  16. Nipun Chowdhury , via OnePlus 7 Pro , Dec 6, 2019 :
    honestly speaking....I hated one plus. I was a damn samsung user for almost 5-6 years. Suddenly, samsung smartphone are not up to the mark and started having various issues like hanging was the main issue. So, it's time to switch but to whom. so many options are available in the market. Though I hated one plus, I thought why should I give a damn try to this one plus and test it. on 2019, I brought one plus 7 pro...my first one plus device. You guys are really really amazing and I was so stupid that I hated it. The one plus 7 pro such a great device that I forgot thinking about all smartphone available in the market. Now I thought, those who buy samsung , iphone or other brands are very very stupid. That they are not thinking to buy this great one plus 7 pro device. NOW I FINALLY ....PROUD TO OWN THIS ONE PLUS 7 PRO. THANK YOU once again.

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  17. DeoreDX
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    DeoreDX , Dec 6, 2019 :
    August 14th 2014. 5 years 3 months and 15 days ago. That was the day I received my invitation to buy my Oneplus One. Had I received it on August 15th I probably wouldn't have joined the Oneplus family but as fate would have it...

    My wife wanted a new phone. She was using some type of Samsung galaxy at the time. I had just bought the new HTC One M8 using my "upgrade" and she really liked my phone and wanted one of her own. She didn't "need" a new phone and her time to upgrade wasn't to arrive for several months so she would have to wait. What transpired just a few hours after this new phone conversation cannot be verified by this author as he was not there to witness these events. But the event as told to me unfolded like this:

    A "GIANT" bug of some type quite possibly a disease carrying venomous and carnivorous species landed on my wife's arm. She is not a fan of bugs in general and attempts to swat the bug away with her right hand which happens to be hand holding her phone. Because of the speed and violence with which this supposed swat occurred her phone slips from her hand and goes flying across the room where the screen is irreparably damaged upon contact with the floor.

    I boot up the computer to shop for possible replacement phones when I see in my inbox my invitation to purchase a Oneplus One. I graciously offered my wife my new HTC One M8 so she wouldn't be without a phone and I would buy myself "Some cheap phone to get by with" [insert evil grin]. If I had received my invitation even a day after that we probably would have already bought my wife a new phone and I couldn't have justified buying one. Still to this day I consider my 1+1 my favorite phone of all time.

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  18. B.I.T.S.
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    B.I.T.S. , Dec 6, 2019 :
    Captura de pantalla 2019-12-06 a las 17.31.12.png

    I don't wanna be a pigeon anymore. I wanna be a kid! They have so much fun playing with other kids, running, jumping, acting, pretending to be superstars, laughing, chasing each other and also trying to chase me and my family. It's really annoying when we are searching for food and this little humans run towards us, trying to catch us to do whatever nasty things they intend. Luckily we are especially fast and it's easy to avoid them. But now I'm training, I'm observing them, imitating them, soon I'll be able to make that ugly sounds they produce. Yes, me, I'll be the first pigeon turning into a kid. You'll see.

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