Work-Life Balance: Making my daily job easier and more productive using the OnePlus 7 Pro

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    keithnyc, Jul 23, 2019 :
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    Hey guys, this is KeithNYC (US Brand Ambassador and OnePlus devotee for over 5 years). Although some of what I’m pointing out here pertains to many Android phones (and much of it might seem obvious), there are some really cool features specific to OnePlus that make this phone an outstanding organizational workhorse, and which help me maintain that all important work-life balance.….
    1. First and foremost, I want ONE phone for use at both my day job and home. The OnePlus 7 Pro’s OxygenOS software (unique to OnePlus) has a hidden shelf feature which allows me to share my phone at work, but keep sensitive data and applications safe and secure from unauthorized or accidental viewing, and it can be easily activated with one a simple swipe gesture.
    2. Warp Charge has changed the way I use my phone. Before OnePlus introduced this feature, I would either have to carry an extra charger or figure out where I’d be able to plug in my phone for a few hours in order to keep my charge at over 70% (my personal sweet spot). I would also keep my phone plugged in overnight to ensure I had enough juice to start my day. With Warp Charge, this is no longer necessary. Anytime I have 15 minutes to spare, I quickly top off my phone and run through the rest of the day. I no longer need to carry around a bulky power bank or plug my phone in overnight. When I have longer trips, I pack the tiny warp charger in my bag, and I’m good to go.
    3. While not specific to the OnePlus 7 Pro, another amazing feature specific to OnePlus is the customizable normal-vibrate-sleep slider switch. When I go to a meeting requiring my phone to stay silent, I no longer need to first turn on the phone and fumble through settings…I simply set the alert slider to vibrate only or fully silent (this is also customizable as well). I use this feature DAILY.
    4. Although my OnePlus 7 Pro doesn’t replace my Pixelbook, the full-size screen of the Pro does allow me to easily jot down notes in meetings for transfer later on to the laptop. I don’t even need a third-party notes application; I simply use the 7 Pro’s shelf feature….one swipe to the left and I can add and edit notes. And if I need to draw a diagram, I use Google Keep.
    5. Speaking of Google, one of the really nice features of the OnePlus 7 Pro and its OxygenOS software is its close, nearly seamless integration with all of my Google applications and Android OS. Remember your first OnePlus device that ran on something called CyanogenMod? The thing that made that OS so great was that it was the closest operating system to pure Android with two additional features: it had no bloatware and it was highly customizable. Well OnePlus stayed true to its promise to always deliver a clean, pure, bloatware-free OS, and today’s Oxygen maintains that commitment. Although OnePlus is constantly improving its OS, it will only add a feature or modify OxygenOS if it’s something that can be done better or cleaner than pure Android OS, and only if it adds real value for the OnePlus customer.
    6. Dark mode! OnePlus is adding this feature to more and more of their internal apps, and I love it. Easier on the eyes and saves the battery.
    7. The 90Hz refresh rate on the OnePlus 7 Pro is stunning to observe…animation, visual effects and my silly YouTube videos are smooth and seamless. And the OnePlus 7 Pro’s 12GB of RAM allows me to have several applications open at once with no slowdown or crashing. Given that I’m doing a lot of different things on my phone all at the same time (i.e., opening a spreadsheet, working in Slack, reading the OnePlus Community app, chatting in Google Messenger or Whatsapp, and because I have NO sense of direction, using Google Maps), I can’t afford to have any of it crash or get lost during an app freeze.
    Well, these are my top favorite features, though there are probably quite a few others I’m forgetting because they’ve become so integrated into my daily routine. That said, I’d really appreciate hearing back from you guys about some clever ways you use your 7 Pro throughout the day. Thanks for reading.

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    Love Oxygen, but can't stand Netflix refusing to get uninstalled. That counts as bloat, OP.

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    what about OnePlus 7 , everyone encouraging 7pro only , I felt sad bcz I bought 7 recently , I put a lot of money for it... it's not for free,mind it. keep focus on OnePlus 7 right now. people are complaining against OnePlus because they are forgot OnePlus 7 is also launched. camera improvement is needed especially in OnePlus 7, tq all

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    Just because somebody praises their phone doesn't mean that the phone has become the company's only priority. Yes, the writer is a OnePlus ambassador, that doesn't mean that you can start whining about your whims and fancies anywhere you like. You want something to be fixed, try reporting it in the feedback section of the forums.

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    Because it is posted in a region where oneplus does not sell OP7.
    Just because someone doesn't make a thread praising your phone doesn't make your phone lesser than what it is :rolleyes:

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    Without the warp charger I would be dead, due to less battery backup about half a day in moderate usage from OnePlus 7 pro! and the missing of headphone jack adapter well makes your productivity less.

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    To be honest, you get what you paid for. Oneplus 7 is indeed a good mobile. So sit back, relax and enjoy. Updates will reach you when its ready.

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    yeah bro , tq for a honest reply

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    You touched on everything I love about my new phone as a new Oneplus user. Thanks for the read!

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