Worst Video Call quality in Oneplus 8 pro [Bonus - My Personal Experience with Oneplus]

  1. shubham_117
    Froyo Aug 13, 2020

    shubham_117 , Aug 13, 2020 :
    I am experiencing very bad video call quality on Whatsapp and Duo. Video is pixelated and you can also see black crush issue in low light conditions. Also I even see some kind of blue colour blinking on my face while on a video call. Oneplus I did not spend my 55k into a phone just to look like an alien on a video call. So this is what you call a flagship experience ? Even a cheap 10-15k phone is producing good video call quality, I have tested that personally.

    I was already compromising on previous display issues (black banding , black crush , capping low brightness level ) on my Oneplus 8 pro and was hoping to get an OTA update to get these issues fixed instead I discovered a new one today. Oneplus, your customer care guys told me that all these display issues has been reported by many users and OUR TEAM IS ALREADY WORKING ON THIS AND THESE ISSUES WILL GET FIXED VIA OTA UPDATE. I have got 3 OTA updates after that and none of them included these display issues fixes. So would like to know why Oneplus is not saying anything officially on these issues and why they are choosing to remain silent on this ? I feel cheated because if I get to know that these issues will be going to stay for a long time then I should have gone for a complete refund and now my when my return window is closed. I am stuck using this phone with all the display issues and there is no update from Oneplus when these issues will get fixed.


    Now when I will post this thread, I am expecting some random personal message from someone who claims to be Oneplus forum bug hunter. They will send you some complex steps to perform to generate the error logs and ask to submit to them. Once that is done, they will say please wait for an OTA Update and when you get another OTA update and find out that these issues are still not fixed , They will again send you the same steps to perform to generate the error logs, If you will ask that I have already provided that, they will tell you that the error log you shared with us was of the previous Oxygen OS version now to report the same error you have to submit the logs again with the newer version because that older versions errors logs are of no use for the developer team. And this cycles continues........I have personally experienced all this with one of the Oneplus Bug Hunter

    A message to the bug hunters : Guys we are customers, and not all customers are technical and know all the stuff how to generate the error logs. Instead of asking with customers , tell Oneplus that this is the job of the testing team in Oneplus not of the customers, If many customers are facing the same issue then its the duty of the testing team to generate the error logs and debug the issue. And if you guys want that customers should debug the issue and provide you the logs then we should also get some part of the testing team salary!!. Because we as a customer are also investing our time in reporting all these issues and providing you the with logs everytime when there is a new update of the Oxygen Os version and helping the developer team. Correct ?