Would waiting for the Nexus 6 be worth it?

  1. Alessio.de
    Froyo Aug 6, 2014

    Alessio.de , Aug 6, 2014 :
    The Oneplus One is one of the best, if not the best phone on the market right now.
    But around October the Google Nexus 6 will probably be released. The rumors are all different, some saying it will be a 5.9" phablet, some saying it will be a 5.5" like the opo. Overall, it sounds like a great phone to be released.

    My question now is if I should wait for the nexus 6, or buying the One when getting a chance to.
    I love the One and especially the aspect that it comes with Cyanogen Mod. But you could easily put it on the Nexus too.

  2. Mariusz.czaja
    Honeycomb Aug 6, 2014

  3. MarshallaMan
    Eclair Aug 6, 2014

    MarshallaMan , Aug 6, 2014 :
    If you can get your hands on an OPO you should buy it because N6 is not going to be a big upgrade from an OPO (It's proably similar to the difference between OPO and N5) . Otherwise I suggest you wait for the Nexus.

  4. matanp
    Gingerbread Aug 6, 2014

    matanp , Aug 6, 2014 :
    1. i think that there will 2 kinds of nexus 6, one normal and the second is phablet. because you don't change the classification in a series like there are to series for samsung: the flag ship - galaxy, and the phablet - note.
    2. i have a nexus 4, and i'm a nexus fan. for me it will probably always be nexus (i want to buy OPO to my brother), and the nexus like always comes with a bit less advanced hardware then the newest phones so we will have the wait and see what they have to offer this year.
    3. the nexus 5 is already with snapdragon 800 so i think it will be weird that there won't be a bigger improvement in the processor although i haven't heard about something newer then then the 805
    4. i really hope they will improve the camera. the nexus 5 is 8MP and the standard today is at least 13 MP
    5. and of course nexus has pure android which is better then all roms, from my opnion.