Would you recommend the OPX, if..


Would you recommend the OPX ***FOR THE USE LISTED BELOW***?

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  1. Selphie
    Eclair Mar 29, 2016

    Selphie , Mar 29, 2016 :
    .. it was used as a "Business Phone"?

    I keep seeing so many complaints about freezing, crashing and whatnot, yet I'm not sure whether these are due to heavy usage (video/gaming), or whether these just happen no matter what you're doing.

    What I'd be using my phone for / looking for in a phone are basically these 7 things:

    - reliable dual sim (I am constantly using 2 sims, and need to be available on both)
    - checking/sending mails (reliable data/wifi connectivity)
    - calls (good mic/speaker quality - FOR CALLS - don't care about music!)
    - texting (good touchscreen response)
    - quick online research (if I'm out of the office - thus, browsing shouldn't be toooooo slow)
    - as small in size as possible (oh, you tiny, tiny hands)
    - not too short battery life (if in use for the points listed above - like, 1 recharge/day AT MOST)

    What I'm not going to use this phone for (please consider this for your comments/critique):

    - games
    - video/youtube
    - music


    Given you own a OPX - what are your experiences, when it comes to the points listed above?
    As a lot of the complaints I read were related to gaming/video streaming, I do hope to find some people who do not just play on their phones all day :D

    Thank you for taking your time to reply :)

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  2. Deactivated User
    Mar 29, 2016

  3. kshiteejnaik
    Honeycomb Mar 29, 2016

    kshiteejnaik , Mar 29, 2016 :
    I haven't used the dual sim, but for everything else that you mentioned, I can say the phone is pretty good. Hope that helps!

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  4. matskb
    Honeycomb Mar 29, 2016

    matskb , Mar 29, 2016 :
    I'm using the OPX as a business phone, and I'm happy with it. Therefore a "yes" vote from me.
    However keep in mind that it's not perfect. If you're looking for a perfect phone and costs don't matter to you (e.g. the company will pay for it), then I can think of a few double-priced alternatives that may suit you better (be sure to buy the Asian types however for dual-sim support).

    A few comments on each of the points raised by you:
    - reliable dual sim (I am constantly using 2 sims, and need to be available on both)
    * keep in mind that the phone is passive dual sim (as most dual sim phones are), so if you are calling on SIM 1 you won't be reachable on SIM 2. BTW, this can partly be fixed by setting up call forwarding (from SIM 2 to SIM 1 if unavailable and the other way around).
    - checking/sending mails (reliable data/wifi connectivity)
    * works completely fine. If you have to use certain secured e-mail apps make sure to check whether they support OxygenOS (e.g. GOOD has problems with that, but BES12 works fine)
    - calls (good mic/speaker quality - FOR CALLS - don't care about music!)
    * good, only comment is that call volume could be a bit louder (sometimes hard to understand if you are in a loud environment). However if you call often, then you will probably use a headset anyway, those work perfectly well.
    - texting (good touchscreen response)
    * is as good as it could/should be.
    - quick online research (if I'm out of the office - thus, browsing shouldn't be toooooo slow)
    * browsing is snappy using Chrome on LTE/4G. Actually so snappy, that I start to find browsing on wifi annoyingly slow (and that's because of the speed limitations of wifi in a busy city, not because of the phone!). Only time I ever noticed a lag caused by the phone was with 10+ tabs open and while loading a page full of GIFs and videos. Probably not relevant for work-related purposes.
    - as small in size as possible (oh, you tiny, tiny hands)
    * well its bezels are small and the side is grippy with the 'grill' metal. I like the OPX's size better than the OP1 (which is 5.5 inch) because I can operate it fairly well with 1 hand.
    - not too short battery life (if in use for the points listed above - like, 1 recharge/day AT MOST)
    * whether or not you are going to make this, really depends on how frequently you use the phone. If you are on your phone non-stop (6+ hours/day of active use) with 2 SIMs connected, don't count on getting a full day of battery life (that's more or less what I get from a half-year old OPX). Of course this is also impacted by your behaviour (e.g. when travelling at higher speeds the battery drains a lot faster, especially when combined with data usage).
    If you are a non-stop phone user, then there are alternative few phones with more emphasis on battery that may get you 8+ hours of active use (so may still not be sufficient for a day of heavy use). Or simply consider carrying a small 5,000mAh powerbank in your bag as a lot more cost-friendly alternative.

    Let me know if you have further questions/thoughts, happy to help!

  5. matskb
    Honeycomb Mar 29, 2016

    matskb , Mar 29, 2016 :
    Probably because these are the Oneplus Forums, she may well have posted the same question on other forums of other brands as well?

    Valid point on the customer support though - it's only possible to get repairs by mailing the phone, so you would have to be a few weeks without a phone. That's different from e.g. Samsung where a lot of repairs can be done on the same day by official repair centers nearby you. If non-stop availability of your new phone is crucial (and if you prefer using official repair solutions only, because quite a lot is possible via repair shops unofficially) then definitely weigh this in your choice.

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  6. christiankorean
    Honeycomb Mar 29, 2016

    christiankorean , Mar 29, 2016 :
    Are u here to hate or to help? Because when you are here to hate you can GTFO

  7. Selphie
    Eclair Mar 29, 2016

    Selphie , Mar 29, 2016 :
    It does indeed - thank you :)!

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  8. Selphie
    Eclair Mar 29, 2016

    Selphie , Mar 29, 2016 :
    Thank you SO much for such detailed insights! :eek: This is more than I ever expected, haha :)
    What you say does sound good to me, and the power bank is indeed something to keep in mind. Since it's basically my own business, money does matter ;) That's also one of the reasons why I stumbled upon the OPX during my research.

    The support issues though give me a bit of a headache. Not sure if I want to rely on luck when it comes to business availability. :)

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  9. matskb
    Honeycomb Mar 29, 2016

    matskb , Mar 29, 2016 :
    Most welcome!

    You should of course always hope not to need support. If you currently have an Android phone that still works (probably you will), you could keep it as a back-up phone for your peace of mind.
    Alternatively, indeed consider one of the more main-stream brands with an official service point near your home. There the question remains how much you are willing to pay extra for that peace of mind (and where you live, because in Europe almost no main-stream brand officially releases dual-sim versions, so you would need to check if the repair shops would also support the Asian dual-sim versions of the brand).
    If I recall correctly, LG recently released a phone with dual-sim support and a rather large battery (but also a rather large display from my recollection). You could consider checking that out as well (if you didn't already).

    Oh and one point to note about the battery life I mentioned, I do use the dark theme and automatic display brightness just above minimum level. It is perfectly visible for me, but I know some people prefer a very bright (from my perspective: blinding) display with a white theme. Both would probably negatively impact battery life on an AMOLED display, I wouldn't know by how much exactly however.

    Good luck in deciding!

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  10. Scherpenseel
    KitKat Mar 29, 2016

    Scherpenseel , Mar 29, 2016 :
    Keep in mind that people that are happy with something mostly don't start a topic about it... It's always the people that are unhappy that will write something about a product or service. There are many people who are happy with their device and imo its a very good overall phone. I

    f you're looking for an alternative maybe take a look at the Xiaomi Redmi 3 (5"), the newest version released last friday also has fingerprint (on the back) and 3gb of ram. or if you want a bigger version go for the Redmi 3 Note (5,5").

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  11. Joshua_B
    Ice Cream Sandwich Mar 29, 2016

    Joshua_B , Mar 29, 2016 :
    I recommended a Oneplus X to a friend purely for the price he received and apparently loves it. He hasn't had any problems with it yet, he is a regular user who doesn't do much gaming and just uses is for phone/messaging and online browsing. It also just looks beautiful, screen is punchy and responsive and design is really nice.

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  12. Deactivated User
    Mar 29, 2016

  13. gringoboy
    Lollipop Mar 29, 2016

    gringoboy , Mar 29, 2016 :
    Again Chucky, can you read? It's good English. Do you need a translation?

  14. ndahe
    Cupcake Mar 29, 2016

    ndahe , Mar 29, 2016 :
    Hi my need for a smart phone are very similar to yours and I have been using the one plus X for 5 months now and would definitely recommend it. I have used the dual sim for a month now and there is apparently no issue with that either.

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  15. Abhie
    Honeycomb Mar 29, 2016

    Abhie , Mar 29, 2016 :

    The OnePlus X is not suitable to be used as a business phone for the following reasons.

    1. It was envisioned with a specific target group in mind and not business users.
    ( the target group are folks who value aesthetics over reliability. Like artists, students etc )

    2. The build quality is not so good, compared to other phones in the market.

    3. The software bugs and other issues can turn out to be a major headache.

    4. Support is slow and unreliable.

    I would recommend a trouble free device such as a Moto G, Moto X Play ( if you can afford it, it has the best battery around 36 hours on average use.).

    **EDIT *** Not a hater. I use OPO and OPT as personal phones. I am on 24/7 call standby for work and all hell would break loose if i even had to restart my business phone during the day. So i dont use an OP product for Business. Better safe than sorry.
    Last edited: Mar 29, 2016

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  16. Ceasedd
    Marshmallow Mar 29, 2016

    Ceasedd , Mar 29, 2016 :
    Absolutely. I use mine for work.

  17. Selphie
    Eclair Mar 29, 2016

    Selphie , Mar 29, 2016 :
    Thank you both for sharing your experiences ! :)

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  18. Selphie
    Eclair Mar 29, 2016

    Selphie , Mar 29, 2016 :
    Thank you too for sharing your thoughts on this :)

    ad 1) & 2): Not sure whether I get your point here: How could the focus be on aesthetics, while not having a good build quality? Are you talking about the technical engineering in point 2?

    ad 3) Are the bugs and issues you mention limited to the OPX? Wouldn't software issues affect all Android users, regardless of the phone?

    ad 4) So many people are pointing this out. Might be due to the low price perhaps. More money > more capacities for stocking up support. Nevertheless, it feels risky.

    Thank you also for your suggestions. I've come accross these, but I'd rather go OPX or smaller size-wise, than bigger :(

  19. X waiting
    Gingerbread Mar 29, 2016

    X waiting , Mar 29, 2016 :
    matskb has given you sage advice there selphie 100% agree with everything he says as for build quality there are many tear down videos (videos which pull apart the phone and check for durability and repairability) and the conclusion was that it was very good quality build wise. Looks are subjective but since your asking about the assume you like the looks (as do many others). As for software many android phones run a skin over the top of android which in turn changes the look and operation of the phone sometime minimally, sometimes dramatically. Some will give you different functions, others less but all will operate more or less the same. As for the OPX it has a light skin over the top meaning it is close to stock andoid meaning should perform better in theory. Because of these skins they can cause issues in just about any phone if the software is corrupted somehow. That is what Abhie is referring to I think. My experience has been a very good one, was very undecided like yourself but was glad to see that my unit suffered not such issues and you will probably neither will you. Oneplus has been good with updating issues since the phone came out. One issue that pretty much affects all OPX users is the Bluetooth in car. Will you be using phone in your car hands free a lot? There is a workaround for this issue download from the play store a app called Bluetooth phone book and this fixes the issue. Oneplus have not come through yet with that fix yet. Other than that great phone. Goodluck P.S buy the app don't get the free version

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  20. Selphie
    Eclair Mar 29, 2016

    Selphie , Mar 29, 2016 :
    Thank you so much! :)
    Well, while I do enjoy a nice looking phone, I'd still rather have a working one. So aesthetics are really not my main focus. :) As for the car, I am found in public transport mainly, as I can work while travel there. So that issue should not affect me at all - but thank you SO much for your concern :)