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    dnagpaldg , Nov 13, 2020 :
    What makes Android great?

    Is it the UI? Is it the widgets? Is it the fact that Android has proper notification management? Or Is it the way YouTube shows us two ads before playing the video?


    I think it’s the apps.

    The Google Play Store boasts of over 3 million apps, and there are some real gems out there. Unfortunately, a lot of them are tucked into remote corners with very little downloads, and most of us might never come across them. And to that I ask, what good is that Snapdragon processor if you’re using it to run instagram?

    Over the course of a month, I came across some apps and websites, and I wanted to share them with you. Let's dive right in!

    Disclaimer: These are personal opinions. I do not know the developers of these apps and I am not being paid by anyone for including them here.

    Flutter - Movie Ratings For Netflix

    When you’re planning to device what to watch on Netflix, this app may come in handy. It automatically pulls the IMDB rating for the movie you’re currently about to play, and shows it in a floating bar on top of the app. It also works for some other apps, like Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Hotstar. If you frequently binge watch on your phone (which you should - the HDR10+ panels are stunning) then this might be a helpful companion tool.


    Zen Mode is great to plug out of your phone, but YourHour puts a floating per-app timer on your phone. It lets you see the amount of time you’ve been using that app today. This counter single-handedly halved my phone usage in a week. And trust me, it's a big deal for someone addicted to Instagram and tech sites.

    Look at the indicator on my homescreen - it's a per app indicator. This app is a solid recommendation from my side.

    [​IMG] WhatsApp Image 2020-10-25 at 2.53.09 AM.jpeg


    Simply the best systemwide ad-blocker there is. Best part, it does not need root. Highly customisable, it works by setting itself up as a VPN (don’t worry, it's not actually sending your data anywhere) and thus letting you not see ads anywhere - in games, chrome, apps, etc. Native ads are still there, though - so you’ll see ads in Instagram or Spotify.


    YouTube Vanced

    Because Spotify ads suck. This lets you play Youtube in the background, and also removes ads. Even better, the dark mode on Vanced is pure black, not “dark” like default YouTube. What’s not to like?
    Github link in case you want to see the source code - https://github.com/YTVanced/VancedManager

    upload_2020-10-25_2-47-45.jpeg [​IMG]


    This is how gesture-based navigation should have been implemented in Android. If you remove everything that takes up static, unnecessary space, what you get is a truly immersive experience. This app uses ADB to set universal immersive mode. This means, no notification bar across the UI. Might not be the best on punch-hole displays, but it makes using the 7 Pro so much more amazing.

    [​IMG] ------> [​IMG]
    Pic on left is before, pic on right is after.

    Slick Inbox

    There are always some newsletters worth subscribing to - like product hunt, your book club, that data science guy who you’re following, etc. They’re fun to read, informative even, but the amount of spam in your inbox is massive. In comes Slick - Slick is like an email client that gives you a unique email address so you can subscribe to personal newsletters, and manage your emails. Basically, it helps you segregate long form reading from your other emails. Quite useful, if you're into it.


    The app is in early testing right now, so if you do end up installing it, don't shy away from giving feedback to the developer!


    Ever had to transfer a file from your laptop to the phone, or vice versa? Finding a cable is too messy, and emailing it to yourself works… but it is very inelegant. This is where PushBullet comes in. Even though it came out back in 2014, nobody has solved the core problem better than PushBullet. Just set up the app in your desktop and your phone, and then drag and drop files into pushbullet. That's it. Simple, and elegant. As a bonus, it also syncs notifications and lets you reply to them.


    Metropolis - Live Wallpapers

    Live wallpapers can probably take up a bit more battery, but they've started becoming cool as hell. Google implemented a live wallpaper of the rotating earth in its Pixels, and Xiaomi came up with the "Super Wallpaper". Metropolis has aerial views of 100+ locations on earth, all of them large buildings. And it looks absolutely stunning. This makes opening up the phone such a joy for me, and sometimes I just spend some time playing around on the homescreen. Even if it uses up some of my battery, I don't really care - I have dash charge and more importantly, I'm working from home! Do try it out!

    These are my picks for this edition of the app recommendation thread. Let me know in the comments about apps or websites that you can’t live without.

    Do you know about some good apps or websites? Let us know below!

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    MosheG1 , via OnePlus 7 Pro , Nov 13, 2020 :
    Some of my favorites and, less known, are

    1) AllTrails

    A great hiking app that shows you all nearby places to hike with difficulty ratings. Some are as easy as a walk through nature so don't get discouraged!

    You have the ability to record your hikes too if you want!

    (I don't know if it works out of the united states)

    And 2) Splitwise!

    Have you ever had the headache of trying to figure out who was who in a group expense, well the headache is gone due to splitwise! it'll factor in who owes who for everything and makes tallying everything up a cinch! You get a little notification of who owes who in the end and that is it. I highly recommend this.

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    MosheG1 , via OnePlus 7 Pro , Nov 13, 2020 :
    Yeah, don't know who though, I have the app.

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    RoyDecoy , via OnePlus 7 , Nov 13, 2020 :
    That moment when highlight of a cricketing shot lasting 30s makes you watch 2 ads for 20s.


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