Xiaomi 4 release

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    Tricky , Jul 23, 2014 :
    Corrected it for you

  4. deivid199999
    Honeycomb Jul 23, 2014

    deivid199999 , Jul 23, 2014 :
    I'd rather the OPO because of screen size and CM

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    Honeycomb Jul 23, 2014

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    dsdxdc , Jul 23, 2014 :
    couldnt agree more!

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    sniperwolf , Jul 23, 2014 :
    I myself tested a snapdragon 801 at lower cost and I dont think its actually badly build, especially phones from the 4 major chinese manufacturer. Just that its targeted local / asian buyers more over to those like in NA /EU, since users there can easily can cheap flagship through contract.

    Oneplus the other hand trying to attract international buyers with cyanogen but failed to coup with the stocks, which resulting in low availability even after few months of launch. As where its chinese variants doesnt seem to be as hot as the international version, where buyers could easily get one quite sometime ago without the need of booking/ flash sales.

    And I dont owned any iphone :p

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  11. sniperwolf
    Gingerbread Jul 23, 2014

    sniperwolf , Jul 23, 2014 :
    No worries as I personally not interested in opo at all, since it has the 3 main spots which I dislike most, non removable battery, no sd support and on screen captive button. Besides I dont actually need the international version if I want an opo, since the chinese version can be obtain easily without any trouble which work well in where I am, and I hardly travel to NA countries too. Besides 3g is also usable in NA even if I am having a trip there.

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  12. sniperwolf
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    sniperwolf , Jul 23, 2014 :
    Even with limited stocks availability during launch, the amount will definitely more than opo, with stocks easily around 50k to 100k units. You could refer to some other chinese phone for sales figure, like Honor 6 with 150k of phones only during launch due to some circumstances, else would be more, and nubia z7 series with bout 110k of phones in 1st batch and 2nd batch sales is just a week later, which is this week.

    Not 100 million, just 1 million as claimed by Xiaomi. Even their best selling hongmi only reach 18 millions sales record only.

  13. sniperwolf
    Gingerbread Jul 23, 2014

    sniperwolf , Jul 23, 2014 :
    An interesting wearable at superb low cost, will grab one when available. Just not sure on the compatibility with other phones beside those from xiaomi

  14. maclag
    Froyo Jul 23, 2014

    maclag , Jul 23, 2014 :
    Part of the answer is in the strategy. Xiaomi has a different business model compared to large regular player. From the mouth of their CEO: hardware should be sold with 0 margin (well, let's say the cost will still include warranties issues, etc. but you got my point).
    So how does Xiaomi make money?
    Very much in the same way laptop maker do:
    All the installed crapware are pre-installed because the editors will pay for every unit shipped with their!
    Eventually, you may see some Xiaomi proprietary services (I don't have one, so I can't check if it's not already the case). Every Xiaomi phone will by default use Xiaomi services. Millions phones sold, millions users!
    Services can make a LOT of money. Ask Google, they kind of agree...

    Samsung, for example, used (still does??) to have a very different approach and very "luxurious" way of developing phones. Years back, they were trying to recruit basically any key engineer in the field to make sure their competitors could not build a skilled team (!!). That didn't last that long.
    But with all this manpower, they could develop plenty of phones in no time and put their teams in competition: 1 phone to the market out of 5 in the lab (and 1 team gets the bonus, to press the other ones to do better next time).
    So yes, they used to have a very expensive development process, a very expensive marketing, and their plan is to make money on the hardware.
    I believe their strategy has shifted or will shift soon. Consumers look at the price, all the NSA shit didn't change much people's habits. So expect Tizen to bring a new way for Samsung to make money through services.

    Small companies do not have the luxury to develop N phones and pick one for release, not even make much exotic developments. So they try to make it right at once by not doing any revolution.
    OP has picked the "availability" path: pick the same parts that are already in large volume. The similarity of the One BOM to the Find7's BOM is a rational choice: make the development cheaper, the supplying chain easier because already existing, and they share the production line.
    If you look at Jolla, for example, they tried to make their own hardware by hacking Nokia's legacy, and their phone ends up having a way higher cost/hardware ratio.

    If the Find7 was not existing, the 1+1 would be significantly more expensive (and delayed).

    Now, all this said, keep in mind that Samsung has been in the field for quite some time, and they may be aware of long run costs that younger companies didn't anticipate.

    So let's just see how things evolve in the future!

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  15. maclag
    Froyo Jul 23, 2014

    maclag , Jul 23, 2014 :
    When you say "subsidy", you of course realize than the phone is not subsidized but you get a credit which cost is hidden inside your plan, do you?
    In Canada, for example, bringing your own phone will give you access to a discount on the plan (they can hardly be more explicit about the "subsidy").
    As for the crapware, I don't know what you get in the US, but that may actually be subsidized by the editors: I'll pay you to put my crapware in every single phone you sell!
    This system has been running for decades on PC having Windows pre-installed.

    It's actually fun that France had the same "subsidy" system, then a new operator came in and was not offering any phone. Getting the same plan with them and buying your phone yourself happened to be way cheaper than getting any subsidized phone with the historic operators.

    You've never ever paid 100 or 200$ for your phones. You've most likely paid more than anyone in countries not having that system.

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    Donut Jul 23, 2014

  19. mkernbach
    KitKat Jul 23, 2014

    mkernbach , Jul 23, 2014 :
    Haha, maybe you can buy and get the "not yet released" M4 sooner than OP will give you a ****'n invite for the OPO (looser company)
    It looks pretty nice, I got my Xperia Z2 some days ago but... wanna have this M4 for fun

  20. rizz
    Jelly Bean Jul 23, 2014

    rizz , Jul 23, 2014 :
    Bel dispositivo nulla da dire.. ma manca la vendita internazionale per ora..