Xiaomi MI6 will be hard to beat in the bang for buck stakes

  1. youbi Portuguese POC Assistant Head Moderator Apr 21, 2017

    youbi, Apr 21, 2017 :
    I was just trying to understand what that pic was about. ;) And since Malidan shared it and you liked it I thought it was something special between you two. :)

    I don't need to try anything, you are doing a great job by yourself. ;) With logic like the one you showed, we just need to let you talk about it and try to justify it over again.

    Yeah, you didn't talked about the price, when you say the phone A costs x and that is 150€ cheaper then the Phone B there is no price there, since it involves some math, and only advanced mathematicians can find out that value. :rolleyes:

    In what way I gave you that impression? I'm just a forum user user like you with a some extra powers to help organizing the forum, nothing more then that, and in no way there was any moderation involved here on this thread so far.

    Or you are saying that we as mods can't reply to other users and share our personal opinions? :neutral:

    Why do you have to see everything like some sort of war? :confused: It seems that for you its always a fight and there are soldiers involved. :tearsofjoy: People can't talk about stuff and exchange their opinions?

    Why would we want to close the thread? :confused: Maybe you should go easy on the conspiracy theories and remove your tin foil hat. :p

    Yeah, on his head and every other one that can do a simple math.

    You seem that you took lots of info from my reply. :confused: Who did I insult and in what manner? I just made a simple question to try to understand what that picture was about, and why they liked it. Nothing more then that.

  2. malidan Lollipop Apr 21, 2017

    malidan, Apr 21, 2017 :
    I'm glad you agree.
    That's the difference between you and me you imply, I just say:tearsofjoy:

  3. theshinybeast Lollipop Apr 21, 2017

    theshinybeast, Apr 21, 2017 :
    True that, albeit in a convoluted, argumentative for arguments sake, nit picking, being right above all even if you contridict yourself, trollish way, which, surprisingly folks are still falling for.:rolleyes:

    MI6 is still, meh, though.:p

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  4. Dunnow Lollipop Apr 21, 2017

    Dunnow, Apr 21, 2017 :
    Curious then how I've been given points for way less "obvious" things than that, yet, you always get to walk out of it without any kind of issues... ;)

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  5. Dunnow Lollipop Apr 21, 2017

  6. jizang KitKat Apr 21, 2017

    jizang, Apr 21, 2017 :
    but its pretty cool to say you have a MI6 phone...pretend to be a british spook and impress the lasses ;)

  7. gusuraman Global Head Moderator Apr 21, 2017

    gusuraman, Apr 21, 2017 :
    Don't waste it for me. Fix it for OnePlus and you'd make more people happy :p

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  8. malidan Lollipop Apr 21, 2017

    malidan, Apr 21, 2017 :
    The mods are here trying to defend their friend lies. As per usual the word imply and their personal bias are being applied to come up what they thought was said. It is also the usual attempt to totally derail the thread so they can close it. They have done this time and time again
    They imply that I posted a price for the OP3T like their mate did.
    Can someone confirm if they can see
    Or some of the highly inflated prices others have paid Posted my self.

    It would seem I am responsible for there mental facilities and made them see a price or do the maths.
    Last edited: Apr 21, 2017

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  9. youbi Portuguese POC Assistant Head Moderator Apr 21, 2017

    youbi, Apr 21, 2017 :
    This isn't exactly the place for it, but like it as always been said, if you feel some warning wasn't fair or that some post deserves an warning, please use the report button and someone will take a look at it.

  10. theshinybeast Lollipop Apr 21, 2017

    theshinybeast, Apr 21, 2017 :
    Not where I'm from:p

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  11. elanglois KitKat Apr 21, 2017

    elanglois, Apr 21, 2017 :
    I looked this thing up. There are 2. Regular and Plus, and the specs sheets vary from site to site. Apparently, this thing is vaporware.

    To compare to my 3T, the base MI6 will have a smaller screen, and only IPS which means a backlight sucking down a battery that is slightly smaller than the 3T. 1080p so no change there. Base models may be only 32GB (or 64, depends on the source) with 4GB of RAM (again, some sources say 6). It's also running Marshmallow. The OP2 users should buy one! *ducks* Camera also varies. Single, dual, 12 or 21MP, likely no OIS/EIS.

    The CPU is faster. GPU as well if I'm not mistaken. I dont have any apps that need more of any of that. No word on build quality unless I missed it (I like my machined aluminum as I worry about it bending in my back pocket less than if it were plastic).

    I'd pay the extra for the 3T or 5. And it seems the 5 will need to have a bigger screen to fit more battery than we already have. We'll see.

  12. youbi Portuguese POC Assistant Head Moderator Apr 21, 2017

    youbi, Apr 21, 2017 :
    Ok, you win. :confused: After all logic is overrated, we don't really need that around here. :rolleyes:


  13. dsmonteiro The Lab - OnePlus 5T Reviewer Community Expert Apr 21, 2017

    dsmonteiro, Apr 21, 2017 :
    Ok, since I saved myself from seeing the posts of a certain delusional someone, can anyone help me and see if I get any of these right?

    a) He's saying that there's a conspiracy between me and the mods or that they are helping me make him look bad (or other nuances of this)
    b) He's saying that everyone is twisting his words.
    c) He still hasn't provided a link for a store selling the phone at $360.
    d) He still isn't admitting that he's comparing the UK price of the OP3T (first post) with the Chinese price of the Mi6.
    e) He still doesn't admit that he bashed the OPO for not having QHD back in 2014 (a phone that was cheaper than the Mi 6 is still today) but he's perfectly fine with the Mi6 not having it.
    f) All of the above.

  14. pa5t1s Marshmallow Apr 21, 2017

    pa5t1s, Apr 21, 2017 :
    Indeed! Refer to SuperDupond instead!

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  15. gusuraman Global Head Moderator Apr 21, 2017

    gusuraman, Apr 21, 2017 :
    I'm lost. So I'll start from scratch
    Here we have a price in dollars for a specific version of something. The sentence says that those dollars are less than op3 costs.
    This seems to refer to the mi6 price as its implied by the title. Since the mi6 is officially sold only in China it's safe to assume it's the Chinese price, therefore the comparison should be with the Chinese price of op3.

    But there's a lot of assumptions there. He doesn't imply things, so we must stick with the written info. So, we don't know if those dollars are American, Australian, Canadian or whatever. We can't know if that price refers to the MI6 or something else (for example a SD cards kit).
    It's less than how much op3 costs, but we don't know which country reference price he's talking about.

    We might think that he's comparing the mi6 price in uk with OP3T in uk. But that's an assumption. We must take it for what it is... Something is xxx£ cheaper than OP3T in uk.

    "The thing" should be the mi6 considering that the thread title says so (but it could also be a member of the fantastic 4). From there's written we only know that It's cheaper than the honor 8.

    There is an handsome device which is not a patch on the s8. I guess he's comparing the mi6 with the Samsung s8. But I'm just assuming here, s8 can be anything and the device as well.

    These seem the official MI6 specs announced, but there isn't the source, so I'm just assuming. They can be some speculative specs sorted totally invented.

    I tried to think here. But apparently my thought are full of assumptions, so I will go straight basing only on what it's written.

    I think this thread makes no sense.
    It's not clear what device is compared to what. The price comparisons are vague and it's not clear what market and currency has been used.

    There is a list of specs which source is unknown making them useless for any certain thought.

    Without admitting implications and without assuming from the context this thread and any discussion within is pointless

  16. pa5t1s Marshmallow Apr 21, 2017

    pa5t1s, Apr 21, 2017 :
    MI 6 has been announced on April 19th, and will be 'available to buy' on 28th or so. I guess that online resellers are not clearly informed so far. That said, official Xiaomi site has all specs (unless they change them meanwhile [​IMG] )
    MI 6 Plus is yet to be announced, and every information posted here and there is pure leak, as they say.

  17. pa5t1s Marshmallow Apr 21, 2017

    pa5t1s, Apr 21, 2017 :
    Definitely agree. But these are rumors or leaks too, so far...

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  18. pa5t1s Marshmallow Apr 21, 2017

    pa5t1s, Apr 21, 2017 :

    There are no 'serious' sites with a serious price so far...simply because the device is not ready to be sold.
    As you may know, many Chinese sites have fancy prices in RMB converted to $US and then to €... and that doesn't make any sense.
    For sure, it won't be $360 in 2017... maybe next year, with discount or flash sales...
    Everything else is purely rhetorical, and that's why we (sorry, I) love @malidan controversial threads! ;)

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  19. pa5t1s Marshmallow Apr 21, 2017

    pa5t1s, Apr 21, 2017 :
    Manufacturer's specs are here
    @malidan 's specs are actually a (badly formatted) table comparing Mi6 and Mi6+: I saw it somewhere too, but don't ask me where... ;)

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  20. G_Suffraz_Alam_suIP Cupcake Apr 21, 2017

    G_Suffraz_Alam_suIP, Apr 21, 2017 :
    yup and I think it will be around 25k in India that too the base model also the glossy finish is not preferred by everyone