xnf9xbs28k OTA updates?

  1. ShadowCodeGaming Gingerbread Jun 9, 2015

    ShadowCodeGaming, Jun 9, 2015 :
    Hey guys,

    Just got my OnePlus on monday, and noticed it's not getting the OTA update to Lollipop. It's running build xnf9xbs28k. Any help? Phone is stock, never had any updates.

    Edit: Here's my fix for anyone who has this issue:

    So, I received a OnePlus stuck on build xnf9xbs28k, which means it doesn't get OTA updates. This sucks because build xnf9xbs28k was installed from the factory. So, here's how to downgrade back to 05Q without losing your data!

    1. Download this zip file: https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=95747613655046106 and name it 1.zip
    2. Download this zip file: https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=95747613655044298 and name it 2.zip
    3. Download this zip file: https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=95784891001607927 and name it 3.zip
    4. Finally, download this zip file: https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=95916177934526373 and name it 4.zip
    5. Copy all these zip files over to a folder on your OnePlus One
    6. Shut down your phone.
    7. Boot into recovery mode by holding Volume Down & Power
    8. Select 'Apply Update'
    9. Select 'Choose from internal storage'
    10. Select '0'
    11. Select the folder you placed the zip files in.
    12. Select zip 1.zip to start the process.
    13. Repeat steps 8,9,10,11,12 for each zip file (without rebooting)
    14. Now select Wipe Cache
    15. Finally, click reboot system now.
    And there you go. Takes about 5 minutes.
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  2. leemartin Lollipop Jun 9, 2015

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  3. Adrián Daraš Ice Cream Sandwich Jun 9, 2015

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  4. ShadowCodeGaming Gingerbread Jun 9, 2015

    ShadowCodeGaming, Jun 9, 2015 :
    Yes, It's kitkat 4.4.4. I read online that it is only intended for software engineers, but my phone came installed with it out of the box?

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  5. Takendown Jelly Bean Jun 9, 2015

  6. ShadowCodeGaming Gingerbread Jun 9, 2015

    ShadowCodeGaming, Jun 9, 2015 :
    OnePlus.net, during the flash sales.

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  7. Takendown Jelly Bean Jun 9, 2015

    Takendown, Jun 9, 2015 :
    I see. I suspect you'll see the updates soon.

    I ask because those who purchased it from a store other than OnePlus' received Chinese variants which had to have CyanogenMod manually flashed and are unable to receive OTA updates.

    Strange that you received your One with such old firmware though. Mine came with 44S when I ordered back in January.

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  8. camohan Marshmallow Moderator Jun 9, 2015

  9. ShadowCodeGaming Gingerbread Jun 9, 2015

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  10. Adrián Daraš Ice Cream Sandwich Jun 9, 2015

    Adrián Daraš, Jun 9, 2015 :
    Unfortunately, you need to use fastboot to do this. You need to install ADB Drivers (Windows only) and ADB and Fastboot from SDK Tools. Use this link to install ADB and Fastboot.

    Then download factory image from http://cyngn.com/support for OnePlus One. It is fastboot package and has codename bacon (if the filename of the .zip doesn't have this codename mentioned, you're downloaded wrong image).

    After download is complete, you need to extract this image and you need to enter these commands to device (your bootloader must be unlocked, if you haven't unlocked yet, use "fastboot oem unlock"):

    fastboot flash modem NON-HLOS.bin
    fastboot flash sbl1 sbl1.mbn
    fastboot flash dbi sdi.mbn
    fastboot flash aboot emmc_appsboot.mbn
    fastboot flash rpm rpm.mbn
    fastboot flash tz tz.mbn
    fastboot flash LOGO logo.bin
    fastboot flash oppostanvbk static_nvbk.bin
    fastboot flash system system.img
    fastboot flash userdata userdata_64G.img (userdata.img in case of 16GB device)
    fastboot flash boot boot.img
    fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
    fastboot flash cache cache.img
    fastboot reboot
    Then, it should normally boot. You need to reflash your chosen ROM as this is factory image (Cyanogen OS 12).

    OnePlus preinstalled it by mistake and it's leaked build...

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  11. gringoboy Lollipop Jun 9, 2015

    gringoboy, Jun 9, 2015 :
    Noobish question. Why can't he just flash another CM 11 using recovery? Not doubting you, just wondering.

  12. mmrbest Jelly Bean Jun 9, 2015

    mmrbest, Jun 9, 2015 :
    Stock recovery is not that versatile you know...

  13. Adrián Daraš Ice Cream Sandwich Jun 9, 2015

    Adrián Daraš, Jun 9, 2015 :
    Because Cyanogen Recovery is crap to these things...

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  14. addam KitKat Jun 9, 2015

    addam, Jun 9, 2015 :
    What is up with this build? I just seen where someone else received it on his phone. Its stable from what I hear but how is a known test build being sent out?

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  15. Adrián Daraš Ice Cream Sandwich Jun 9, 2015

    Adrián Daraš, Jun 9, 2015 :
    It's leaked build. It got leaked to their official OTA servers and OnePlus decided to preinstall it there.

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  16. mikeszekely Froyo Jun 9, 2015

    mikeszekely, Jun 9, 2015 :
    While I'm sure that the method outlined by @Adrián Daraš will work just fine, if it seems a little intimidating check out @DaxNagtegaal's awesomely detailed, awesomely easy guide to unlocking your bootloader and installing TWRP right here. Once you complete the first 4 steps (step 4 might not be entirely necessary, but better safe than sorry), go to the second post here (credit to @vigneshvar1) and download the zip file from the second post, where it says "Try this if twrp shows error" in red. Put it on your phone if you didn't download it there already, boot into TWRP (turn the phone off, then hold the volume down button and the power button), and use it to flash the file. When the phone reboots, you'll be on 5Q and able to get OTA updates.

  17. ShadowCodeGaming Gingerbread Jun 9, 2015

    ShadowCodeGaming, Jun 9, 2015 :
    I have a theory I'm going to try out before I unlock and nuke my data:
    1. Flash the official 33R zip through stock recovery
    2. Immediatly apply all the OTA's to 05Q without rebooting
    3. Pray

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  18. ShadowCodeGaming Gingerbread Jun 9, 2015

  19. addam KitKat Jun 9, 2015

    addam, Jun 9, 2015 :
    I would think they would have fixed
    I would think that they would remedy this rather than send a leaked build out on their devices. Its one thing for a customer to try a leaked build but to factory install it. I'm always amazed:)

  20. ShadowCodeGaming Gingerbread Jun 9, 2015

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