year 2030... the story of a crate

  1. camasapa
    Gingerbread Jun 14, 2014

    camasapa , Jun 14, 2014 :
    Portugal, june 2030,

    somewhere in the atlantic sea a hooverboat drives by a crate,...
    curios captain ordered a stop, and says to all the droids, to pull the crate aboard
    when the droids begin to scan the crate, they dont find anithing hazardous, so captain decides to open it.

    when it opens, suprise suprise!!
    full os small pieces of paper, apparently looking to a business card, whit a symbol 1 and strangely a plus sign.
    wondering about it , it begins the stratosphereshearch engine, and in an pretty old an abandoned program , called "google" he begins to find traces os the logo.

    strangely it leads him to a site with ton´s os images of the logo, and sees the diary that the population of the time writes down.

    he doesn´t understand why , but seems that 400.000 people were waiting for a Phone..strange device,
    he begins to read about people jumping over bridges, robbing banks, eating horse sh..., all about a contest.
    captain thinks... - well this must be the best device ever on planet, for sure!!
    the he start seeing another journal were people seems to dislike all the marketing behind it, and buying other brands, and living hapilly ever after!!

    strange world.. i´ll keep investigating...if the power instaled doesnt cut me off.

    edit: for some reason , captain request for mores investigators!!!
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  2. don-doe
    KitKat Jun 14, 2014

    don-doe , Jun 14, 2014 :
    Funny story. Nice read!


  3. BilalBahamani
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jun 14, 2014

  4. don-doe
    KitKat Jun 14, 2014

  5. BilalBahamani
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jun 14, 2014

    BilalBahamani , Jun 14, 2014 :
    Yeah... I didn't quite understand the last line... "If the power installed doesn't cut me off"???

  6. camasapa
    Gingerbread Jun 14, 2014

  7. DblArhRah
    Eclair Jun 14, 2014

    DblArhRah , Jun 14, 2014 :
    Cool story. Not really that far off into the future for el capitan's bemusement of the logo or Google or phones... Keep writing, if that's what you like to do, and work on your grammar. I'd like to think the droid element is that near in the future though. Sci-fi is my mistress.

  8. camasapa
    Gingerbread Jun 14, 2014