Yellow band software fix (no UV)

  1. Elpatii
    Cupcake Nov 8, 2016

    Elpatii , Nov 8, 2016 :
    Yes, you're right. I have ask a replacement.

  2. Aaahh
    Marshmallow Dec 7, 2016

    Aaahh , Dec 7, 2016 :
    I wrote layers and horizontal sizing of the layers, as well as a much better orientation detector and notification, and patched almost all the possible memory leaks (only one left is when closing the app so I whatever)

    I did that like 2 months ago, infact, right after the reply above me

    Layers is kind of a shitty implementation, need to change some stuff
    Time seems bleak, so I dunno

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  3. mj_diamond
    Gingerbread Dec 24, 2016

    mj_diamond , Dec 24, 2016 :
    Thank you so much for your work! i have a problem of uniformity in my OP3 (the lower left corner is a little more purple than the rest), and since i live in Argentina i really can't RMA (oneplus doesn't ship here), so.. your app helped me a lot!

    One question though, you say that you "wrote layers", does this mean that i can use two layers of colors? (i need that to properly compensate the corner), because in the app i don't see the option to add another layer, i do see a "ignore for now" field next to 3 boxes "1 2 3" but it doesn't do anything, excuse me if i understood wrong.

    Thank you so much again!

  4. Aaahh
    Marshmallow Dec 30, 2016

    Aaahh , Dec 30, 2016 :
    Dyanmic so any ammount of layers you want
    Some bugs i need to clean uo before i ship

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  5. mj_diamond
    Gingerbread Dec 30, 2016

    mj_diamond , Dec 30, 2016 :
    Got it now! i'll be looking forward to the update!

    Thank you so much again! if you need some help for testing just let me know, i'm using OP3 with current stable OTA 3.2.8


  6. lutti
    KitKat Dec 30, 2016

    lutti , Dec 30, 2016 :
    Why are people even talking about this anymore? The yellow band issue was with some OnePlus Ones. There was never a software fix as it wasn't a software issue. Also they have not sold One for quite some time now so if you have One with that issue you should just accept it already.

  7. Xenus70
    Cupcake Jan 1, 2017

    Xenus70 , Jan 1, 2017 :
    This is relevant for most phones, not just opo or oneplus phones in general. Not necessary the yellow band, but it's almost impossible to find a screen without some kind of uniformity issues. Its really annoying once you notice it. Even after RMA it's not guaranteed to get something better. This software is the only decent solution for masking (not fixing) this problem for Android. Would be really great to see an update.

  8. lutti
    KitKat Jan 1, 2017

    lutti , Jan 1, 2017 :
    You still can't fix hardware issue with software. Sure it might help but i would just suggest returning the faulty hardware.

  9. Xenus70
    Cupcake Jan 2, 2017

    Xenus70 , Jan 2, 2017 :
    Did you even read my post? You can visually compensate it which is enough. Replacement is not guaranteed to have better screen uniformity. Every screen that I've seen in my life had at least minor issues in this regard so it's not necessary "faulty" hardware, just our imperfect technologies. I'm not talking about yellow bands, just general color consistency across the screen. For example I have Xiaomi Mi5 with upper part of the screen being slightly brighter then needed and Screen Equalizer comes in handy.
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  10. lutti
    KitKat Jan 2, 2017

    lutti , Jan 2, 2017 :
    I did read it and that's why i said you still can't fix it by software means ...masking it just doesn't cut it.
    As for the "every screen that you have seen" thing... I have seen couple of Ones and i haven't seen that yellow on any of them. That's why i would suggest anyone to trade in the faulty hardware for a not faulty one. It just doesn't serve anyone if people take this "i can live with that" attitude. That means the companies think they can get away with faulty devices and i'm sure the customer wants the device he/she was promised and not just something they need to fix ...mask ...what ever.
    So i say it again. If you get a faulty device get it replaced! But it's i guess a nice exercise to try to mask it. :)

  11. Xenus70
    Cupcake Jan 2, 2017

    Xenus70 , Jan 2, 2017 :
    I haven't seen yellow opo screen, maybe its actually really noticeable and considered faulty, but I know that any modern display is uneven, more or less, which most people might not even notice, but once you've seen it can't be unseen. If you can't spot that just check any monitor review that include uniformity analysis and make sure there is little to none perfect displays at all. Thats why on some professional monitors there is uniformity compensation function.

  12. lutti
    KitKat Jan 3, 2017

    lutti , Jan 3, 2017 :
    But what you are talking about is seen only by the programs and devices not human eyes in most cases. I know this is more of a hobby for some people to get better things that they even can sense but my personal take is that if it looks good it's good. As you said there is no perfect anything but as far as people can sense there are quite a lot of perfect things. In my view no point going further. :)

  13. zayeshk
    Cupcake Jun 2, 2017

    zayeshk , Jun 2, 2017 :
    Hi..I too bought an OP3T from india and this also has a pink tint over the top right corner..currently i live in sri lanka where i do not have support from one plus..your app does the job very well in the top half but the difference at the to the corner is slightly visible..its great if you could add an option to change the gradient towards the corners as well.. Thanks a lot..