Zen Mode 2.0 with Brand New Theme Sounds

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    Gary C. , Dec 3, 2020 :
    Hey everyone, how's your day going?

    We've got some news for you! Zen Mode was recently updated to the latest version with a brand-new addition. Now, there are theme sounds available for OnePlus 5 and newer devices. What's that, you ask? Keep on reading to find out more about the new feature.

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    The brand-new “white noises” allow you to have more immersive experience while in Zen Mode. Free from social media, phone calls and notifications, with the relaxing theme sounds, we create better conditions for you to stay alert, concentrated, or to simply ensure a better sleep. The newly added music on basic themes helps you relax, while you want to focus on more productive work or even want to take a nap.

    OnePlus & TIDE
    This update brings you the new white noise, co-designed by OnePlus and TIDE App. Like we aim to bring a better digital well-being experience, similarly, TIDE is a physical and mental health app for sleep, mediation, relaxation, and concentration. We worked together to create an immersive space in which you can soak in and concentrate.


    Five New Theme Sounds
    The perfect combination of Zen Mode and theme sounds can transport you to another world, away from the hustle and bustle. In Zen Mode, we present five theme sounds named Jellyfishes, Light-Years, Country Mornings, Meditation, and Sunrise. Each one of them corresponds to the five original themes of nature: Ocean, Space, Grassland, Meditation, and Sunrise.

    During Zen Mode, the sound will change automatically while you swipe between different themes; you can swipe left or right to find the theme you prefer. Here are some situations you can try out the theme sounds in!

    For instance, when you want to go dive in the ocean or are at the beach, you could pick the Ocean theme and let the melody lead you forward with the ocean waves.


    If you like traveling or are on a drive, you could choose the theme "Space" and feel like taking off in a spaceship to a planet that is hundreds of light-years away from Earth in just a second.


    Want to escape from the suffocating concrete jungle or are stuck in traffic? Try Grassland and wander over the countryside morning for a breath of fresh air.


    Down with stress and in the mood to meditate? We highly recommend the theme of mediation to create your own space in your mind.


    Early bird? Try out the Sunrise's theme to start your day right, in the warm glow of the morning sun, for a great day ahead!

    How to Use
    All you need to do is update to the Zen Mode and above version in Play Store and then enter Zen Mode as usual: pull down the quick settings panel. On the top right, there is a spinning music note icon. You can mute the music by clicking on the music note if you prefer to make room for some "me time" without distractions.


    Moreover, if you decide to maintain silence during the Zen Mode, you can also turn off the theme sounds in the settings. By doing so, there will be no music when you start Zen Mode.

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    What are you waiting for? Open Zen Mode, and embrace nature with the beautiful music! Come try it out and tell us which theme sound is your favorite.

    As always, feel free to go to the Community-Feedback section to share ideas or suggestions for the product. Your constant feedback is appreciated and significant in making the best product. Thank you for your support!

    Never Settle.

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    *Written with all due respect. Not trying to generalise but simply expressing my opinions out loud*

    Hey @Gary C., while I'm all up for marketing hype and announcing exclusive features, it is also imperative (and I'm sure a lot might agree to this) for Oneplus to address software issues, or thereof, and something more interesting for users rather than dull topics that merely seem like a forced interaction with the community.

    Or maybe, you can dissect the Announcement section under "Official Announcement" and "Feature Announcement" because...I mean, who really cares about Zen Mode, Game Mode, etc. etc.?

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