OxygenOS Zen Mode notification

  1. K1561383325620
    Donut Sep 9, 2019

    K1561383325620 , Sep 9, 2019 :
    Hi, by mistake I clicked on the Zen mode which is showing in the notification panel, now it keep sending me notifications to put phone and enjoy life, I purchased this phone to enjoy my life otherwise I will stick on my Nokia 3310, I don't know what these manufacturer want these day, they spend millions of money to advertise their products and then they send notifications don't use product and enjoy life WTF and how the hell the users appreciate these bloatwares FTW..

    Btw there is no option to uninstall this crap and in notifications settingsno option to stop the notifications, and if I press and hold the notification it shows you don't have permission to disable these system notifications.

    I'm really frustrated with this crap, much appreciated if anyone helps me.

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  2. the_o2
    Marshmallow Sep 9, 2019

    Best Answer
    the_o2 , Sep 9, 2019 :
    Slide down the notification panel and click on the Zen mode
    Click on next next and then enjoy life option (I'm sure you never clicked on it otherwise you get the option of turning off the notifications and don't worry by clicking on enjoy life your phone not gonna in Zen mode for 20min it just a initial stage)
    Now click on the settings icon on the top right corner
    And disable the Zen Mode notifications.

    That's all.;)

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  3. K1561383325620
    Donut Sep 9, 2019

    K1561383325620 , Sep 9, 2019 :
    Thank you so much sir, I was really afraid to click on the Enjoy life, I checked now no notification showing, better if I can uninstall this bloat.
    By the thanks again.

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