Zoom level / scaling option via OnePlus 9 Pro

  1. Karrppu
    Froyo Jun 13, 2021

    Karrppu , via OnePlus 9 Pro , Jun 13, 2021 :
    With the aspect ratio being so tall, i have run into some problems with some apps. Mainly tiktok and my local newspaper's app. The apps try to fill in the screen vertically at the cost of cropping in the sides, and i know this is mainly because of poor implementation on the app makers part, but it would still be nice to have an app specific option to bring the top of the phone down to a more conventional aspect ratio, like how you can fit 16:9 video nicely without losing content by creating black bars at the top and bottom.


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  2. the_o2
    OnePlus 9 Series Expert Community Expert Jun 14, 2021

    the_o2 , Jun 14, 2021 :
    Go to settings
    Apps to display in full screen
    Check if these two apps are showing there (if not showing that's mean these apps already support full screen)
    Press and hold on the app (if showing) and try to use the given options.

    BTW you can always give feedback to OnePlus here

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  3. Karrppu
    Froyo Jun 14, 2021

    Karrppu , via OnePlus 9 Pro , Jun 14, 2021 :
    Hi! Sadly there are only 3 apps in the menu you mentioned, none of which are the ones with problems. Thanks for the link, I'll be sure send this there.

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